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Reviewed: 10/21/05

One of N64's Greatest Wrestling Games

Virtual Pro Wrestling is the Japanese version of WCW vs nWo World Tour. Although WCW vs nWo World Tour was good...Virtual Pro Wrestling 64 was a lot better. Virtual Pro Wrestling had a rather good shoot fighting and not to mention it had a longer championship mode and more than 30 more wrestlers including characters from New Japan Pro Wrestling and All Japan Pro Wrestling. If you have hear of wrestlers like Masahiro Chono, Jushin Liger, Keiji Mutoh, and the Great Muta...they are in this game (except under different names due to copyright laws). None the less this wrestling game is in my opinion better than both WCW vs nWo World Tour and WCW/nWo Revenge is that good...


The game is made using the now famous AKI wrestling engine...which is commonly refered to as the best wrestling game engine. This game features over 100 wrestlers some of which are shoot fighters from UFC and PRIDE. The unique thing about this game is the fact that this was the first 3d wrestling game to feature an edit mode where you can change wrestlers appearance and profile.


Anyone who has played games such as WWF No Mercy or WCW vs nWo World Tour know how the wrestling games play. You tap the A button to have a weak grapple and you hold it down to strong grapple. The B button works in the same way except for strikes instead of grapples. Also when grappling or can preform different strikes/grapples depending on what direction you push the d-pad. The triggers in the game are used to dodge and block opponents strikes...also if you time it right you can counter attack your opponent.
The game has what you have come to expect such as exhibition, tournament, league, a career mode. The exhibition mode has singles, tag, 3 way, 4 way, and Battle Royal matches...the basics. Just like all of AKI's games you get to customise the match setup. The Career Mode puts you up against a whole lot of wrestlers in whatever league or weight division you are in.


Considering that this is one of the first n64 games to hit shelves in Japan...don't expect PS2 type graphics here. The game uses the same graphics as World Tour. This game also will allow you to rip of wrestlers masks and face paints like world tour. The arenas and crown are same as World Tour.
The move animations are all very accurate and couldn't be much better on the n64. Also the mat animations are very good so everytime you slam your opponent the ring will bounce a little.


The gameplay music is the same as World Tour. The sound effects in the game everything from the punches to grunts of pain from the wrestlers are more accurate and better quality.

Replay Value:

I could sit here and tell you about the game and how good it is, but man all the talking about ti makes me want to play it is honestly worth every dime you play for it. The career mode alone should take you more than 5 hours. If you have friends coming over to your house like I do and they like wrestling...they will have a blast for hours on end.


The game is better than WCW vs nWo World Tour and if you have like 20 to 60 bucks in your pocket go and get this game off ebay or at an online import store. This game is a must have for wrestling fans.

Rating: 8

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