Review by buddanath00000

Reviewed: 09/12/05

This game is better than Revenge and World Tour

Hi this is my review of a great wrestling game that sparked up one of the greatest series of wrestling games ever.

Game-play 9.5/10

The game play is based on a one button grapple system with varying attacks giving each character plenty of moves at their disposal without the need to memorise large combinations for each character. There are many modes of play. They are: Singles, Tag, Handicap, Battle Royal, Tournament, League, Elimination and Championship mode with over 10 belts to choose from. There are also plenty of characters with about 100 characters in the WCW, nWo, DOA, NSW, WOU, EWF, LPW and many legends to choose from with the option to create new costumes for characters or change faces to old gimmicks (eg. Chris Benoit as Wild Pegasus). There are also 3 levels of difficulty giving you a challenge when there is nothing to do on the easier levels. The only flaw in the game-play is the absence of interference from other players or having only 4 people in the whole battle royal match. But other than that the whole game-play system is great. The player's names can be translated to English thanks to the character edit mode making it easier to distinguish good Japanese stars from jobbers.

Graphics 8.5/10

The characters in the game are based on a polygon system making the movements of players more evident as you do the final pull in a submission hold. But this makes the characters slightly "blocky". The arenas are extremely well done with the only flaw here being the cardboard crowds. The way your player moves around the ring and interacts with the environment is very well done with the ropes moving as you vault off them or run into them. The referee is a cartoon drawing like in Revenge and Wrestle-mania 2000 so there is more interaction in the matches.

Sound 8/10

The sound of the player's falling on the ground, aching in pain and also their other sound effects are done really well in the game with the referee (optional) also making effects when he calls a two count or calls for various other things. There are only basic BG-Ms in the game while you wrestle though which can get repetitive after a while. But they can be turned off if you want. The crowd noises are also done really well as you can hear when a dirty trick has been done by the crowd's booing.

Replay Value 9.5/10

This game can never get boring due to the many different changes in stipulations or difficulty with many things being able to be unlocked in the championship mode. This game is also fun to play with friends making it even more great (It that was divinely possible!!!)

Game-play 9.5
Graphics 8.5
Sound 8
Replay Value 9.5

TOTAL 9/10

In closing you should get an importer and this game as this is a game everyone should have!!!!!!!!!!!

Rating: 9

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