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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

So many wrestlers, so much excitement.

Virtual Pro Wrestling 64 is the best N64 Wrestling game available now. With 99 playable wrestlers, you never run out of people to chose from. They have just about every available wrestling style. Lucha, garbage/hardcore, American, and Puroresu, even UFC. But what sets this game apart from it's American cousin (WCW/nWo World Tour) is the Wrestler Edit. Most people have upwards of 100 alternate costumes to chose from. Some people even have masks from their failed or old gimmicks (IE Chris Benoit, Mitusharu Misiwa). Others have alternate faces. You can change up to 3 colors per outfit to make your own custom wrestler, or just make someone look really stupid. You can even change the names to English. The modes are basically the same as World Tour, Exhibition (Vs, Tag Team, Handicap), Champion Road, Battle Royal, Tournament, etc. But what is really great in the game is the added moves. You can do new things such as the Nodowa Oganoshi (Chokeslam off the apron), the Fire Bird splash (450 splash), Star Dust press, fire breathing, and mist spitting.

This game is simply great. Gameplay is identical to World Tour. Moves are done using AKI's infamous grappling system. A wrestler's spirit is measured by the spirit meter, for added realism (unlike games like Warzone). Also added in this game is the cartoon ref (similar to the one in Revenge). He will count pins and ringouts, and ask if you submit, and tell you to break a hold if you're in the ropes.

Overall this is one of the best N64 games you could invest in. If you liked Revenge and World Tour, you will like this game. In my opinion, this is the best wrestling game for N64, even better than Revenge.

Rating: 8

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