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  1. The Pokémon that you carefully raised on Game Boy will be rendered as 3D images by the NINTENDO 64 exclusive software "Pocket Monsters Stadium" and will appear in the electrifying Pokémon League tournament battle!

    First, dock your Game Boy "Pocket Monsters" cartridge on the NINTENDO 64 controller with the included "64/GB Transfer Pack"!
    Of course, the "Pocket Monsters Stadium" cartridge must be set in the NINTENDO 64 main unit and ready. This will finally open the door to Pokémon League participation!

    There are various animations of moves that are rendered on-screen, and even the sound is realistically reproduced. With the addition of live announcements, you can experience the excitement of the Pokémon League in your own room!

    In addition, the picture book function allows you to view all of the in-game Pokémon at a glance, and there is even a mechanism for the appearance of "alternate colors" of Pokémon, which is full of fun!

    Pocket Monsters Stadium; where your Pokémon raised on Game Boy becomes a realistic 3D image and engages in red-hot battle on the screen. Raise strong Pokémon with Game Boy so that your Pokémon can make an outstanding performance!

    If the Pokémon you have now does not meet the rules, or if you do not have a Game Boy "Pokémon", you can participate in the battle using the "Rental Pokémon" prepared in the game. (However, for 100% enjoyment, we recommend that you participate with the Pokémon that you raised yourself).

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