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    FAQ/Walkthrough by KeeperBvK

    Version: 1.08 | Updated: 03/17/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    AirBoarder 64 Guide
    by KeeperBvK aka Burkhart von Klitzing
    Contact: KeeperBvK@web.de
    Started on the 12/20/2005
    Dedication: I dedicate this work to my beloved dad who passed away on the  
                I always loved you and I always will. Thank you so much for the  
                time we had.
                                   0.1 Legal Stuff
    This Guide may not be posted on any other website other than 
    without my permission and it may not be used commercially in any possible way.
    If you want to post it on another site please contact me via E-Mail or via 
    the Message Board.
    Do not claim this guide or any part of it to be your creation.
    If you find any mistakes (even regarding the language as I'm German) please 
    let me know.
    Copyright 2007 Burkhart von Klitzing
                                 0.2 Version History
    0.1: Finished on 12/23/2005, 11 KB large
    - The whole framework and sections 1, 2 and 3 are finished so far.
    0.25: Finished on 02/03/2006, 28 KB large
    - Added Alpine to section 1.
    - Added some more info to the tricks section.
    - Added sections 4 and 5 (all starting characters and boards are complete).
    - Green Park 1, 2 and 3 and Lost Forest 1, 2 and 3 are complete.
    0.30: Finished on 02/21/2006, 33 KB large
    - Updated the on-road tricks part.
    - Added Snow Festival '64 1, 2 and 3 in Street Work.
    0.33: Finished on 03/03/2006, 48 KB large
    - Experimental got its own section.
    - Added Search Keys.
    - Tweaked the layout a bit.
    - I created separate sections for every stage.
    - Improved 6.3.
    - Completed Street Work.
    - Changed the Introduction to Street Work a bit.
    - Unlockables, Characters and Boards got new content as I unlocked Ellen, 
      Four, Crab Claws and Iron Plate.
    0.66: Finished on 03/10/2006, 66 KB large
    - Started and finished working on Time Attack mode.
    - Added another character and another board.
    1.00: Finished on 03/19/2006, 96 KB large
    - Corrected a few typos, improved on some points and gave the game a nicer  
      critique than before. ^^
    - Did the coin mode.
    - Added the last regular board and the last rider.
    - Also added the boards that can be unlocked pressing the correct buttons on 
      the board selection screen.
    1.05: Finished on 03/25/2006, 97 KB large
    - Greatly revamped the section about the four special boards.
    1.06: Finished on 05/13/2006, 97 KB large
    - Added www.gamerhelp.com.
    1.07: Finished on 03/12/2007, 97 KB large
    - Added www.honestgamers.com.
    1.08: Finished on 03/17/2007, 97 KB large
    - Added www.supercheats.com.
                                     0.3 Contents
                                                   | Latest Update | Search Key |
    0.1 Legal Stuff                                |      1.08     |            |
    0.2 Version History                            |      1.08     |            |
    0.3 Contents                                   |      1.08     |            |
    1.  What is AirBoarder 64? + Glossary of Terms |      1.00     |     AAA    |
    2.  Controls                                   |      0.33     |     BBB    |
    3.  Performing Tricks                          |      1.00     |     CCC    |
    4.  Characters                                 |      1.00     |     DDD    |
    5.  Boards                                     |      1.05     |     EEE    |
    6.  Street Work                                |      0.33     |     FFF    |
        6.1 Green Park                             |      0.33     |     FF1    |
        6.2 Lost Forest                            |      0.33     |     FF2    |
        6.3 Snow Festival '64                      |      0.33     |     FF3    |
        6.4 Sunset Island                          |      0.33     |     FF4    |
        6.5 Giant House                            |      0.33     |     FF5    |
    7.  Time Attack                                |      0.66     |     GGG    |
        7.1 Green Park                             |      0.66     |     GG1    |
        7.2 Lost Forest                            |      1.00     |     GG2    |
        7.3 Snow Festival '64                      |      0.66     |     GG3    |
        7.4 Sunset Island                          |      0.66     |     GG4    |
        7.5 Giant House                            |      0.66     |     GG5    |
    8.  Coin                                       |      1.00     |     HHH    |
        8.1 Green Park                             |      1.00     |     HH1    |
        8.2 Lost Forest                            |      1.00     |     HH2    |
        8.3 Snow Festival '64                      |      1.00     |     HH3    |
        8.4 Sunset Island                          |      1.00     |     HH4    |
        8.5 Giant House                            |      1.00     |     HH5    |
    9.  Unlockables                                |      1.00     |     III    |
    10. Closing Comments                           |      0.33     |     JJJ    |
    11. Experimental                               |      0.33     |     KKK    |
    To get to the desired guide section quickly, press Ctrl + F and search for 
    the section number or for the section name.
                    1.0 What is AirBoarder 64? + Glossary of Terms            AAA
    AirBoarder 64 is the ambitious, yet gone wrong, try to bring the Tony Hawk 
    gameplay into a future scenario where everyone's riding hover boards. They 
    look like snowboards, float above the ground and unfortunately control rather 
    bad. So you try your best to be the controlling part instead of the board and 
    either rack up lots of points, set time records or collect coins in five 
    levels. The only possibility of seeing another person on the track is to go 
    into 2-player mode. This game could have been really fun, but it's rather 
    frustrating, boring and in any aspect inferior to Tony Hawk's and Wave Race 
    e.g. On the other hand it's decent for a while with its one of a kind design 
    and it gets better as you play it. Shouldn't be that expensive anymore, so 
    you might pick it up with some other games. Just don't expect too much.
    Stance - Stance means which foot is where you're heading.
    Goofy  - Goofy is one of the two possible Stances; in a Goofy your left foot 
             is at the front. The opposite is simply named Regular. Every trick 
             in this guide is explained for going regular style, so if you are 
             using the goofy stance you just have to replace any C Left with C 
             Right and vice versa.
    Body Facing - This determines in which direction you are heading.
    Fakie - Fakie is one of the kinds of body facing and it means to move into 
            the direction of the board's backside. The opposite is again called 
    Lip - The lip is the highest point of a half-pipe or of anything similar.
    Alpine - When a board is equally fast when using it the fakie way, it is a 
             free-style board. Otherwise it is called alpine, thus being fakie on 
             it makes you lose lots of speed.
                                     2.0 Controls                             BBB
    The control scheme you see here is the standard setting; A, B and Z can be 
    freely set.
    Control Stick: Change direction; move the stick down to brake.
    C Buttons: Perform Tricks; press C Left or Right to determine which foot to  
               be in front and which end of the board to be the front and the 
               backside; C Up lets you grab poles and such.
    A Button: Jump; the longer you hold A before jumping, the higher you go.
    B Button: Use a turbo boost.
    Z Button: Accelerate.
    Control Pad Up / Down: Zoom out / in
    L Button: Toggle map
    R Button: The camera can be moved via the Control Stick
                                3.0 Performing Tricks                         CCC
    Besides getting used to the sloppy controls, the most important thing for 
    Street Work (the main mode of the game) is to know how to perform tricks. The 
    main place for scoring is high up in the air, so I'll begin with...
    Air Tricks:|
    As the name already shows, these tricks are air-bound. While it is possible 
    to jump off a railing or even just off the ground and perform an air trick, 
    the real place to do this is at a ramp, a half- or quarter-pipe, or a high 
    platform. Hold the Jump Button for a few seconds, release it near the very 
    last moment you would normally stay on whatever you are floating over at the 
    moment, and hold the control stick into either direction to automatically 
    perform a Backflip, Frontflip, Backside or Frontside. The first 180 degree 
    will make the move count as a trick (not for flips though) and already give 
    you 180 points. Do not let the control stick go, to prolong the trick as long 
    as possible, since every 360 degrees you perform, will grant you 360 points. 
    Changing direction in mid-air doesn't give you any points, so for example 
    beginning with a full Backflip and turning it into a full Frontside makes for 
    a total of 360 points, as the game only counts the first trick.
    I recommend using the Backside or the Frontside for the beginning. They have 
    the same value as the Flips, but they're easier to land safely. Once you feel 
    comfortable with the controls and the feel of the game, use the Backflip or 
    the Frontflip as these allow for way bigger degree amounts.
    The meat of air tricks are those tricks controlled via the C buttons. Press 
    any C button in mid-air to either perform a Nosegrab (C Up), Tailgrab (C 
    Down), Indygrab (C Left or C Right) or a Melancholy (C Right or C Left). The 
    longer you hold the button, the longer is the trick and hence the more points 
    you get, but it's even better to hold the trick only for a short while and 
    create a combo with another one. The more tricks you add in a single jump, 
    the more points you rack up and it's more worthwhile than prolonging a single 
    trick for a whole jump.
    The best thing to do in the air is to perform either a Back- or Frontflip 
    from beginning to ending and to add as many C-Button tricks as possible; Both 
    kinds of tricks can be combined not only one after another but also at the 
    same time. Do so. The time to stop your posing is, of course, when you've 
    come close to the ground again. Not landing on your board properly causes all 
    points earned in the last jump to go to waste.
    Note that Flips and Sides do not fill up your boost meter whereas the other 
    Air Tricks do.
    On-Road Tricks:|
    These are performed while normally floating above solid ground with at least 
    medium speed. The "real" on-road tricks vary from character to character, so 
    you can find the button combinations in the characters section. The manual 
    actually names six actions as tricks, although they really don't give you any 
    points. Instead they help you with various more or less important actions as 
    listed here:
    C Up             : FS 180 Nollie: Switch from Fakie to Regular or vice versa.
    C Down           : Crouch       : Well...crouch. ^^
    C Right          : Slip Slide   : Switch from Goofy to Regular.
    C Left           : Switch Step  : Switch from Regular to Goofy.
    C Right + C Right: 90 degree Right Turn: Do you really need an explanation 
                                             for this? ;)
    C Left + C Left  : 90 degree Left Turn : See above.
    Use the real on-road tricks whenever you are on your way to some easy-to-
    reach place to gather some more points. Unfortunately they cannot be used for 
    An important thing to note is that you should hold the last button involved 
    in an on-road trick a bit. This way you are more likely to perform the trick 
    you want to, instead of e.g. switching your stance accidentally.
    Later on in the game, after you have gotten a feel for the controls, 
    completely ignore on-road tricks and substitute them for simple air tricks on 
    the road.
    Lip Tricks:|
    Before you get to know what these are, I want to suggest you already forget 
    about them. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to use them. Seriously. 
    Anyway, Lip Tricks can be performed at the highest point of a half- or 
    quarter-pipe or something similar like a signboard. When doing one of these 
    you will hang on to the lip for as long as you want to. Since you always get 
    the same (low) amount of points without any possibility of building combos or 
    making these tricks more valuable, they only use up a possibility of jumping 
    up high and enjoying some Air Tricks. If you really, really, REALLY want to 
    use them, press the C Button when you begin driving upwards or a bit later: 
    Even if you start this a few seconds before reaching the lip you still do the 
    trick perfectly.
    C Down : Alley McTwist: 500 points
    C Right: Handplant    : 500 points
    C Left : Invert       : 500 points
    Oil Drum Trick:|
    Jumping onto an oil drum both gives you 100 points and an automatic jump off 
    it that can be used to build a combo. Jumping onto a second drum adds up to 
    300 points, then 600 and 1000 for the fourth drum. Maybe it is possible to 
    jump onto a fifth one but I couldn't do it so far. While this trick certainly 
    isn't a top-notch possibility to reach a high score, you shouldn't completely 
    forget about it. When there are drums along your normal path: Use them. Also 
    if you are experienced enough to combine the drum jumping with a Pole Trick 
    or a Slide Trick you might get some neat points there. Mind you that it is 
    really difficult to build a combo with this trick and a pipe will always get 
    you more points, so use it only with a good opportunity at hand and with good 
    Pole Trick:|
    A Pole Trick is done by grabbing a pole via C Up. Just close in on one, drive 
    by closely and jump up before pressing the button. You will swing around the 
    pole (or whatever you grab onto) until you release the button but no matter 
    how long you do this you only get 300 points. Only do this in combination 
    with a Slide Trick and/or Oil Drum Trick.
    Slide Trick:|
    Simply jump onto a railing or something similar and you will automatically do 
    a Slide Trick (usually called grinding). There is a number of different Slide 
    Tricks, but actually I have still to find out how to determine which one you 
    perform. Anyway, every one of these tricks only grants you either 100 or 200 
    points, so nothing that would arouse too much interest. Only use these in 
    combination with a Pole Trick and/or an Oil Drum Trick or when there is a 
    rail along your normal path.
    Crouch to drive under an obstacle and you will be richer by 250 points. 
    Nothing spectacular and it cannot be used in building combos, so only use it 
    when it doesn't make you lose time.
                                    4.0 Characters                            DDD
    Here you can see every character's specific on-road tricks as well as any 
    info on the characters. Although one might think there would be major 
    differences between them, there aren't. They all play nearly the same. If 
    there are any differences they can be found in the description of a character. 
    If you have any info I might be missing, please feel free to send it in and I 
    will add it, giving you credit for it.
    The poster that comes with the game states that Bobby can do nearly as much 
    tricks on fakie as on normal, but why? I mean, ok, both the manual and the 
    poster are full of misspellings and crude grammar, but this is simply down-
    right false as every character can do any trick both on fakie and on normal 
    Max Speed on even ground in regular body-facing on Air Rider: 78 km/h
    Max Speed on even ground in fakie body-facing on Air Rider  : 40 km/h
    Heel Flip       : C Up  , C Up           :  50 points
    Kick Flip       : C Down, C Down         :  50 points
    FS 180 Heel Flip: C Left, C Right        : 100 points
    Heel Flip to Pop: C Down, C Up           : 150 points
    FS Super Pop 720: C Down, C Right, C Left: 200 points
    Somersault      : C Down, C Down , C Up  : 200 points
    Super Back Flip : C Up  , C Up   , C Down: 250 points
    S.S.FS Pop 720  : C Down, C Left , C Up  : 300 points
    Max Speed on even ground in regular body-facing on Air Rider: 78 km/h
    Max Speed on even ground in fakie body-facing on Air Rider  : 32 km/h
    BS Pop Shove-It  : C Up  , C Up           :  50 points
    FS Pop Shove-It  : C Down, C Down         :  50 points
    BS Pop 360       : C Left, C Right        : 100 points
    Heel Flip to Pop : C Down, C Up           : 150 points
    BS 180 FS Pop 360: C Down, C Right, C Left: 200 points
    Monkey Flip      : C Down, C Down , C Up  : 200 points
    Monkey Pop 720   : C Down, C Left , C Up  : 250 points
    Air Plane 1080   : C Down, C Right, C Up  : 300 points
    Max Speed on even ground in regular body-facing on Air Rider: 79 km/h
    Max Speed on even ground in fakie body-facing on Air Rider  : 36 km/h
    Kick Flip             : C Up  , C Up           :  50 points
    Pop Shove-It          : C Down, C Down         :  50 points
    BS 180 Kick Flip      : C Left, C Right        : 100 points
    BS 180 FS Pop Shove-It: C Down, C Up           : 150 points
    Circle                : C Down, C Up   , C Down: 200 points
    FS 180 FS Pop 360     : C Down, C Right, C Left: 200 points
    Moonsult BS Pop 720   : C Down, C Right, C Up  : 250 points
    Walk on Board         : C Up  , C Down , C Up  : 300 points
    Max Speed on even ground in regular body-facing on Air Rider: 77 km/h
    Max Speed on even ground in fakie body-facing on Air Rider  : 49 km/h
    Pop Shove-It            : C Up   , C Up            :  50 points
    BS Pop Shove-It         : C Down , C Down          :  50 points
    FS 180 Heel Flip        : C Left , C Right         : 100 points
    Kick Flip to FS Pop     : C Down , C Up            : 150 points
    Super Pop 720           : C Down , C Right, C Left : 200 points
    Power Back Lip          : C Down , C Down , C Up   : 200 points
    FS Pop 720 to BS Pop 720: C Up   , C Right, C Left : 250 points
    Cyclone                 : C Right, C Left , C Right: 300 points
    Max Speed on even ground in regular body-facing on Air Rider: 79 km/h
    Max Speed on even ground in fakie body-facing on Air Rider  : 35 km/h
    Heel Flip          : C Up  , C Up            :  50 points
    Kick Flip          : C Down, C Down          :  50 points
    FS Pop 360         : C Left, C Right         : 100 points
    Kick Flip to FS Pop: C Down, C Up            : 150 points
    FS 180 Pop 360     : C Down, C Right, C Left : 200 points
    Candy              : C Down, C Down , C Up   : 200 points
    Cookie             : C Down, C Down , C Right: 250 points
    Ice Cream          : D Down, C Down , C Left : 300 points
    Max Speed on even ground in regular body-facing on Air Rider: 79 km/h
    Max Speed on even ground in fakie body-facing on Air Rider  : 39 km/h
    Pop Shove-It       : C Up  , C Up           :  50 points
    FS Pop Shove-It    : C Down, C Down         :  50 points
    FS 180 Heel Flip   : C Left, C Right        : 100 points
    Kick Flip to FS Pop: C Down, C Up           : 150 points
    BS 180 FS Pop 360  : C Down, C Right, C Left: 200 points
    Shadow             : C Down, C Down , C Down: 200 points
    Shi-Den-Kai        : C Up  , C Up   , C Up  : 250 points
    Ya-Ma-To           : C Left, C Left , C Left: 300 points
    Max Speed on even ground in regular body-facing on Air Rider: 78 km/h
    Max Speed on even ground in fakie body-facing on Air Rider  : 45 km/h
    Heel Flip             : C Up   , C Up           :  50 points
    FS Pop Shove-It       : C Down , C Down         :  50 points
    FS 180 Heel Flip      : C Left , C Right        : 100 points
    Heel Flip to Pop      : C Down , C Up           : 150 points
    FS 180 Super Pop 720  : C Right, C Left , C Left: 200 points
    FS Super Pop 720      : C Down , C Right, C Left: 200 points
    Hand Flip             : C Down , C Up   , C Left: 250 points
    Half Flip to Half Flip: C Down , C Down , C Left: 300 points
    Is it just me or is this ugly pile of flesh meant to be a German character? 
    The Germany stereotype for games has often been an ugly guy making up for it 
    with his height and his muscles (like Hugo from Street Fighter Alpha 3 e.g.). 
    Also, I think the word on Genoce's jacket is meant to say "Welt" which is the 
    German term for "world". If my theory is correct, the name Genoce probably is 
    an allusion to the term genocide, hence the people at Human Entertainment 
    created just another German Nazi-character. *sigh*
    Of course I might be making stuff up, but in my opinion this would make 
    perfect sense.
    Max Speed on even ground in regular body-facing on Air Rider: 79 km/h
    Max Speed on even ground in fakie body-facing on Air Rider  : 39 km/h
    Kick Flip         : C Down, C Down         :  50 points
    Heel Flip         : C Up  , C Up           :  50 points
    FS 180 Heel Flip  : C Left, C Right        : 100 points
    Heel Flip to Pop  : C Down, C Up           : 150 points
    FS Super Pop 720  : C Down, C Right, C Left: 200 points
    Juckknife         : C Down, C Down , C Up  : 200 points
    Super Flip        : C Up  , C Up   , C Down: 250 points
    SS Kick BS Pop 720: C Down, C Left , C Up  : 300 points
                                     5.0 Boards                               EEE
    Generally always go for the quicker boards. Acceleration is handy, too, but 
    speed can often be built up somewhere to compensate a poor acceleration, 
    whereas low max speed cannot. A high speed is essential for both getting good 
    times and for jumping higher to build larger combos. A free-style board is 
    nicer than an alpine one control-wise, of course, but when being given the 
    possibility of choosing between a free-style board and a slightly faster 
    alpine board, always go for the latter one. Furthermore a free-style board 
    might have the same speed rating as an Alpine board in the game, yet it is 
    slower in fact.
    |Air Rider| Alpine +   +Acceleration: C+   +Speed: C+                       |
    |---------O+++++++++   +++++++++++++++++   ++++++++++                       |
    |Don't bother about this board.                                             |
    |Wind Mill| Free-Style +   +Acceleration: C+   +Speed: C+                   |
    |---------O+++++++++++++   +++++++++++++++++   ++++++++++                   |
    |Don't bother about this board.                                             |
    |Air Walker| Free-Style +   +Acceleration: B+   +Speed: C+                  |
    |---------O++++++++++++++   +++++++++++++++++   ++++++++++                  |
    |This is a decent choice for a beginner as it is free-style, thus easy to   |
    |handle. On the other hand it is way to slow to get big points so you really|
    |should only use it to get used to the game.                                |
    |Scorpion| Alpine+   +Acceleration: B+   +Speed: B+                         |
    |--------O++++++++   +++++++++++++++++   ++++++++++                         |
    |This is the best of the boards available from the get-go, simply as it has | 
    |the highest maximum speed and at the same time the best acceleration. In   |
    |addition it is alpine which makes it even faster by sacrificing a bit of   | 
    |comfort.                                                                   |
    |Crab Claws| Free-Style+   +Acceleration: B+   +Speed: B+                   |
    |----------O++++++++++++   +++++++++++++++++   ++++++++++                   |
    |For an unlockable board, this is a pretty lame choice. While it seems to be|
    |as good as Scorpion, yet even a Free-Style board, it really isn't. As I    |
    |mentioned in the introduction to this section Free-Style boards always are |
    |slower than Alpine boards with the same speed rating. This makes the Crab  | 
    |Claws only somewhat recommendable to use in areas with small half-pipes    |
    |like in the Lost Forest. Outside the Street Work mode there is no reason   |
    |whatsoever to use this board.                                              |
    |Iron Plate| Free-Style+   +Acceleration: A+   +Speed: A+                   |
    |----------O++++++++++++   +++++++++++++++++   ++++++++++                   |
    |Now this is one great board! It's extremely fast and it speeds up in no    |
    |time. The only down-side is its speed...sounds stupid? Well, what I mean by| 
    |that is that it takes quite some practice to get used to Iron Plate as     |
    |every move and turn feel pretty different than the slower boards.          |
    |Parts| Alpine+   +Acceleration: A+   +Speed: S+                            |
    |-----O++++++++   +++++++++++++++++   ++++++++++                            |
    |Woohoo! I'd choose Parts (pretty stupid name, but eh) over Iron Plate any  | 
    |day of the week. It's a bit faster and its handling is a lot less awkward. | 
    |The only somewhat bad thing about Parts (besides the name of course) is    |
    |that it's an Alpine board, but on the other hand you should be experienced | 
    |enough to compensate that when you've unlocked this board.                 |
    |Sword| Alpine+   +Acceleration: S+   +Speed: S+                            |
    |-----O++++++++   +++++++++++++++++   ++++++++++                            |
    |This is the last board you'll unlock in Airboarder 64, so what do you      |
    |it to be? Believe me: It's all that and more...but also a bit less. ^^     |
    |Sword accelerates incredibly fast and its top speed even surpasses the     |
    |turbo boost speed of other boards. Plus, it doesn't control as extremely   |
    |directly as e.g. Iron Plate does. In fact it can be too slow in corners    |
    |sometimes, but you can make up for it by steering cleverly. One really bad |
    |thing about Sword, though, is its fakie speed. Never ever use this board   |
    |the fakie way.                                                             |
    Boards that can be unlocked by using a button combination:
    I really don't get why these four boards are rated S in both categories. They 
    don't accelerate all that great and they surely don't have a great maximum 
    speed. At least each of them has an interesting special ability...which still 
    doesn't make any one of them worthwhile. Sword is way better than any of 
    these special boards.
    |Ika-Chu| Alpine+   +Acceleration: S+   +Speed: S+                          |
    |-------O++++++++   +++++++++++++++++   ++++++++++                          |
    |Ika-Chu (not affiliated with Pikachu...at least as far as I can tell ;))   | 
    |offers an incredible jumping ability in combination with a double-jump.    | 
    |Simply press A again in mid-air.                                           |
    |Father| Free-Style+   +Acceleration: S+   +Speed: S+                       |
    |------O++++++++++++   +++++++++++++++++   ++++++++++                       |
    |This is pretty similar to Ika-Chu: It hasn't got a great speed, but it can | 
    |jump really high. Father is even a bit better than Ika-Chu, since it is a  |
    |Free-Style board and since you will slowly float back down after a jump,   |
    |allowing your for longer jumps and hence for bigger combos.                |
    |J-B| Free-Style+   +Acceleration: S+   +Speed: S+                          |
    |---O++++++++++++   +++++++++++++++++   ++++++++++                          |
    |Terrible, just plain terrible. This board is slow and has a rather crappy  | 
    |special ability: Press A and B at the same time to jump really high.       | 
    |Unfortunately, though, this will waste a nitro. The only good aspect might | 
    |be its controls as it converts your controller input into actual moves     | 
    |extremely quickly. Sadly, though, Iron Plate also does and it is a lot     | 
    |faster.                                                                    |
    |J-Arm| Alpine+   +Acceleration: S+   +Speed: S+                            |
    |-----O++++++++   +++++++++++++++++   ++++++++++                            |
    |The first one to tell me why this board has got an S rank for speed, wins a|
    |date with Hilda. Seriously, J-Arm accelerates nicely, but makes a maximum  |
    |of, let's say 80 km/h. The special thing about this board is that the boost|
    |meter fills up automatically, allowing for nearly a permanent use of       |
    |nitros. While this sure sounds nice, it doesn't make the board worthwhile. |
    |Even when boosting, J-Arm isn't faster than Sword and it also accelerates  |
    |a bit slower. Furthermore you still can boost when using Sword, making it  |
    |even better in comparison to J-Arm.                                        |
                                   6.0 Street Work                            FFF
    In Street Work you need to score points by performing tricks. Depending on 
    how many points you get, you are awarded a rank; either C (0 - 14,999 pts.) 
    or B (15,000 - 19,999 pts.) or A (20,000 - 39,999 pts.) or S (40,000+ pts.). 
    Getting an A (or an S) in a level unlocks the next difficulty setting for 
    that track. Reaching a checkpoint grants you precious time on your countdown 
    before a run ends. The order in which you come across these is left to you, 
    but there's always an optimal one which you should either find out or simply 
    take from this guide. After going through the last yellow circle, the run 
    ends automatically and you are given 100 points for every second that's left 
    on your timer. As there are better ways to rack up points in the time you 
    have left, I'd say you better leave out the last checkpoint.
    Sticking to my guide will earn you an S ranking for every stage (and most 
    often even way more than the required 40,000 pts.). To get an A you can leave 
    out lots of tricks mentioned here. Just don't worry: The game seems 
    overwhelmingly hard at the beginning (mainly because of its controls) but it 
    isn't in fact.
    When you get to a checkpoint and you still have some time left, position 
    yourself in a way that you can use the checkpoint and don't need to turn or 
    break afterwards in order to reach your next destination.
    I'll tell you where to use on-road tricks in the first few stages, but not 
    throughout the whole Street Work mode, since you should get a feeling for the 
    controls and such, so you can see for yourself where to use 'em (basically 
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-6.1 Green Park-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-FF1
    Green Park 1:|
    Drive down the ramp (without a power start) and jump high up into the air 
    where you perform a 5 or 6 trick combo. Try to land on the water fountain as 
    it heaves you back up for a short while so you can prolong the combo a bit. 
    Turn around and drive back up to the starting place (use a turbo boost to 
    quicken this) and use the ramp again for an equally long combo as at the 
    You should have at least about 10,000 points now.
    Move to the first checkpoint and drive through the fountain to be lift up, 
    allowing for a Flip. Drive up the stairs and perform a few on-road tricks on 
    the way until you reach the half-pipe. Perform at least two air tricks-combos 
    here before moving on. Building up on decent speed in the pipe is essential, 
    so you better concentrate on speeding up and on two really good combos 
    instead of trying to hard to do three combos.
    You should have at least about 18,000 points now.
    Get out of the ramp and move on to checkpoint #2 before using the quarter 
    pipes in the background. Stay here for the rest of the level.
    Green Park 2:|
    Again, ride down the ramp, but steer to the left or to the right so you won't 
    hit the fountain and the checkpoint behind it after landing your 5,000 points 
    jump. Get back up to the starting position and repeat. This time fly straight 
    to the fountain to reach the checkpoint with a total of about 10,000 to 
    11,000 points.
    Follow the track while performing a few on-road tricks, skip the big half-
    pipe and go to the long half-pipe section where the next checkpoint awaits. 
    Use the half-pipe to rack up as many points as possible, always keeping an 
    eye on the time left. Once you're down to about 10 seconds, go to the 
    From now on it's just you and the pipes: Make big points and have fun.
    Green Park 3:|
    In your final points-seeking venture into the Green Park you only need to 
    ride down the large ramp once. Make good use of it by getting about 5,500 to 
    7,000 points. Go straight to the near-by checkpoint (don't forget those on-
    road tricks!).
    Completely skip the large half-pipe by simply riding through it once and use 
    the pipe-area behind it for the rest of the stage. Jump high up for a 5,500 
    points combo, land, ride under the railings and jump up again at the other 
    side. Repeat this until you have about 12-15 seconds left, then get to the 
    second checkpoint right up the stairs and get back to the pipe-area to go on 
    as before.
    It is tempting to take a left at the beginning of the stage, thus skipping 
    the large ramp, but don't do it.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-6.2 Lost Forest-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=FF2
    Lost Forest 1:|
    Drive ahead and turn a few degrees to the right. Jump off a few feet before 
    the end of the platform and do a combo worth about 3,000 points. Ignore the 
    large cave and the pyramid. You can't make big points here and you need quite 
    some time to reach the next checkpoint even by directly aiming at it. Do an 
    on-road trick while following the tunnel. Jump down thrice, each time 
    performing a simple air trick worth about 450 points. Move along the way, 
    while doing lots of on-road tricks, until you reach a small cave with the 
    first checkpoint. Instead of activating it just yet, drive up the walls twice 
    to score 2,000 points.
    Now skate through the yellow ring, use a few on-road tricks and ride on the 
    river outside. Follow it to the left. Get up again at the first wooden pole 
    on the right side. Here you have enough space to ride up the hill, jumping 
    high up and scoring 2,000 points over and over again until you have around 15 
    seconds left on the clock. If you are to low on time to reach the checkpoint, 
    that's the grand moment of the turbo boost. Otherwise do some on-road tricks 
    on the way.
    Go up the hills and climb the tree stump giving you the chance to get inside 
    the wooden half-pipe. Stay in the small section before the checkpoint and get 
    some precious air-time until you need to fill up your timer.
    Go on using the half-pipe for some neat combos, but move on while doing so to 
    have the last relevant checkpoint close-by. When the timer is down to about 
    15 leave the half-pipe and boost to the checkpoint.
    Return by using another boost and enjoy the half-pipe for the rest of the 
    Lost Forest 2:|
    Up to the second checkpoint Lost Forest 2 should be approached the same way 
    as Lost Forest 1.
    Then activate the second checkpoint which is a bit further away than in the 
    previous stage.
    Get back to the place you just built some nice combos and go on as before. 
    When the timer is down to about 30 seconds, drive up the steep hill a bit 
    more to the left and jump off a few feet below the peak, pulling the control 
    stick back all the time. A true aim will get you onto one of the wooden 
    platforms from where you can reach the next checkpoint. This requires quite 
    some practice and since it really is hard to pull of, you might want to 
    choose this one as being your second checkpoint instead of the third one. If 
    you fail reaching it, you don't have to repeat that much this way.
    Again, go back to the hill section you used to score big time and do some 
    more combos. At about 30 seconds left, you better get moving to the left. 
    While doing this, use the hill for two more combos on the way. Ride to the 
    end of the river valley and fill up the timer at the upper end of the ramp.
    Go down the ramp and make a small leap by steering to the right, although it 
    seems tempting to make full use of the ramp. Jumping straight off will only 
    let you hug the wall, so refrain from doing it. Cross the small bridge, move 
    up the ramp and enter the wooden half-pipe where you stay until you've got 
    about 20-25 seconds left. 
    Go to the next checkpoint, return to the half-pipe and use the last minute to 
    your favor.
    Please note that obtaining an S ranking in this level is extremely easy. You 
    can even fulfil this task by reaching only two checkpoints, although there 
    are five in total (not counting the worthless last one). So if reaching any 
    checkpoint is too much of a hassle for you, don't bother activating it and go 
    to another one.
    Lost Forest 3:|
    Act the same way as in Lost Forest 1 and 2 up to the first checkpoint.
    Then ride into the fossil of some big and (fortunately) long dead creature 
    where the best you can do is to perform as many single air tricks as possible. 
    Given the second checkpoint is close-by you don't need to put a lot of 
    thought into when to approach it. Simply go there when you're down to about 
    10 seconds or less.
    The next area is a bit better in terms of combo building: Ignore the ramps 
    and carry out a lot of 2 tricks combos by riding up the wall and jumping off 
    of them. As before, close in on the checkpoint when you've got 10 seconds or 
    so left.
    Stay here a little longer and do the same as before: Go up the walls and do 2 
    tricks combos. You might also do so on the ramps, but there's no need to. 
    Leave the cave at about 15 seconds left and carefully cross the bridge, so 
    you don't bounce off it, and clear the fourth checkpoint.
    You know what to do next, right? Ride to the wooden half-pipe and show off 
    some nice combos. Leave that place at about 20-25 seconds left and activate 
    the second-to-last checkpoint.
    Return to the half-pipe, do some more combos until you're down to about 30-35 
    seconds and steer into the small, not that lost at all, forest where the last 
    important checkpoint awaits.
    Get back to the wooden half-pipe and bring the level to a point-loaded end.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=6.3 Snow Festival '64=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=FF3
    Snow Festival '64 1:|
    This city-based level is a real feast for the eyes with a reproduction of the 
    Tokyo Tower, a big area for you to explore and some neat moving objects like 
    the monorail. Unfortunately, though, the only place allowing for big combos 
    is a double-ramp construction in the centre of the stage. The remaining city 
    ground only serves as a connection between the ramp and the various 
    Luckily, you start right in front of the crucial ramp, so start by heading to 
    it and jumping high up. Perform a 6 trick combo (for about 6,000 points) 
    every time you are in midair over the ramp. After landing steer to the left 
    of the temple and use a turbo boost to quickly reach the checkpoint that's 
    far-off in the yard of some red building.
    Get back to the ramps and do three more 6 trick combos before riding to the 
    checkpoint at the igloo-meets-icy-quarter-pipes area.
    Return to the ramps again for three more combos. Then activate the near-by 
    Guess what: Use the ramps a few more times until your time runs out.
    Snow Festival '64 2:|
    Just like in the first run on this map you need to head for the high ramp 
    first (and do a 6,000 points combo as always when leaping off it) and 
    continue towards the furthest checkpoint. Follow the street to the left of 
    the ramp, take a left at the end of the street and then a quick right. Jump 
    over the fence and through the yellow circle.
    Turn around, use a turbo boost and jump off the snow pile at the pond to get 
    back onto the street. Head for the ramps again and perform 3 combos. Now turn 
    right and aim for the checkpoint at the end of the street. Check the 
    countdown to see if you need a turbo or if you can reach it by normal means 
    in combination with some on-road tricks.
    Return to the ramps and carry out 4 more combos, before steering to the left 
    side of the Tokyo Tower. Take aim and jump into the checkpoint which floats a 
    few feet above a snow pile.
    With a bit of luck and skill you can turn in mid-air, with your front-side 
    aiming at the ramp, bouncing off the invincible wall to get a free boost. 
    Otherwise simply use one of your own nitros (or whatever they are). In any 
    case you should do three more combos before turning right and proceeding to 
    the small subway station entrance next to the checkpoint. Ride it up to reach 
    the time-giving goodie.
    As you might have guessed you should return to the ramps one more time and 
    make as many points as possible in the remaining time. 
    Snow Festival '64 3:|
    Stay on one spot and repeatedly do simple air tricks for about 12 seconds. 
    Ride up the good old ramp to reach the checkpoint as well as to perform a six 
    trick combo.
    Repeat this jump twice, then do not turn around and instead follow the street 
    and take a left at the first intersection and then a right turn at the next 
    one. Ride up the building to your left and jump through the checkpoint back 
    onto the street.
    Return to the ramp (use a turbo boost to speed things up) and perform two 
    airborne combos before steering off to the right side of the temple and 
    straight to a subway station entrance that's necessary to reach the third 
    Boost back to the ramp and carry out two combos. Turn left, follow the street 
    a few yards and take a right until you reach the building with the next 
    yellow ring floating high up. Drive up the wall and jump into the ring back 
    onto another street.
    Boost again to make a quick return to the ramp where you should do... how 
    many combos? Two, correct. Now move along the left wall of the temple and get 
    into the igloo behind it where the second-to-last checkpoint awaits.
    Use one last boost to reach the ramp in time for three more combos before 
    activating the near-by checkpoint.
    From now on it's just jumping high and scoring really high. No more 
    checkpoint hassle. Yeah, I know there are still two checkpoints left, but you 
    don't want to deal with them. Trust me on this. The one on a roof relatively 
    close-by is neat to have, but it is plain unfair to reach, because of the 
    fence all around the roof. Sometimes you are lucky and land on the fence so 
    you can grind a bit and jump off as you will, but most of the time you will 
    only fall down the building. The other remaining yellow circle is far-, far-
    off AND also hard to reach. Obtaining an S ranking is easy even without them, 
    so don't bother.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=6.4 Sunset Island=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=FF4
    Sunset Island 1:|
    Boost off the small platform (either with a turbo start or via nitro) and 
    ride up the hill to your right. Go to the ramp area and perform two combos, 
    each worth about 5,000 points. Then leave the area by hopping over the ramp 
    and get to the first checkpoint.
    Choosing your path from here on is the most important factor in this stage. 
    Usually you would think, following the road across the bridge and into the 
    tunnel to the next checkpoint would be the right thing to do, but it isn't: 
    The path there is very long and it offers nearly no possibilities for racking 
    up points. Instead jump off the bridge to the left (don't do this at home) 
    and perform combos on the two wooden ramps in the ocean. When approaching 
    them, steer off a bit to either side, so you don't land on the other ramp, 
    thus endangering your combo. The best possible combo here consists of five 
    tricks (worth about 5,000 points), yet don't overdo it; doing four-tricks 
    combos is way easier here, especially as the orange water makes it hard to 
    see how high you still are. When you're down to about 20 seconds, leave the 
    ramps behind and aim for the island up ahead, where you ride up the bridge 
    and touch the next checkpoint. You might need to use a turbo boost.
    Return to the ramps in the water and go on as before until you have 15 
    seconds left on the clock. Move to the island again and use the third 
    Get back to the ramps and try to make as many points as possible until the 
    stage ends.
    Sunset Island 2:|
    Like before, boost up the hill, but this time you can even perform three 
    combos (although it makes reaching the first checkpoint a close call). 
    Afterwards jump back down where you came from and boost towards the 
    checkpoint on the beach.
    Return to the ramp area on top of the hill and execute four 5,000 points-
    combos. Again, jump down to the left. Then move to the opposite side of the 
    hotel and ride up its wall to reach the second yellow circle floating in the 
    Return one last time to the ramp area and collect points until your timer is 
    down to 15-20 seconds. Leave the hilltop by jumping down at the right end of 
    the ramps, but watch out not to jump too far, since you need to land on the 
    street. Drive through the third checkpoint.
    Hop over the bridge railing to the left and perform 5-trick-combos on the 
    wooden ramps in the ocean, like you did in Sunset Island 1. The next 
    checkpoint is close to where the last one was in the previous stage, but it's 
    a bit harder to reach. Because of this, get on your way there once you've got 
    15-20 seconds left, use a turbo boost if necessary and hold A pretty long to 
    make it on top of the first hut where the next time spender lies.
    Carry out some more neat combos on the wooden ramps and start heading for the 
    last checkpoint when you're down to about 20-25 seconds. Remember the bridge 
    I told you to ignore in stage 1? Ride beneath it and use some nitros to reach 
    the checkpoint awaiting you on a small hill with a big sign on it.
    Afterwards, return to the two ramps in the water (the single one that's near-
    by isn't worth your time) and get some more points.
    Sunset Island 3:|
    Boost up the hill to your right and do three 5-trick combos on the ramps, 
    then jump through the first checkpoint and perform another combo while you're 
    at it.
    Stay in this area and carry out some more combos until you're down to 20 
    seconds. Jump down the hill to the left of the ramps and follow the road 
    until it splits up. Hop onto the small yellow-black railing in the centre and 
    drive down into the opening. It is crucial not to be to fast or to slow, so 
    you fall directly through the checkpoint. You better practice this a few 
    times before attempting to do a good complete run through this stage.
    Ride to the two wooden ramps in the ocean and perform lots of 5-tricks combos 
    like in the previous two stages. About ten seconds ought to be enough to 
    reach the yellow circle between the ramps.
    Go on doing combos and leave towards the island with the ramp leading up to 
    the road when you've got 20-25 seconds left. Move along the road and clear 
    the next checkpoint.
    Return to the ramps and continue performing five-trick combos. When you're 
    down to 20 seconds, ride under the bridge, left to the hotel island, and get 
    to the next checkpoint.
    Do as before until the timer says 30 seconds. Now move the same way as when 
    aiming for the previous checkpoint, but go further. Jump up onto the pole 
    platform and drive up the hut to reach the last relevant checkpoint.
    Return to the watery ramps and drive up your score a bit more before the 
    level ends.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-6.5 Giant House-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=FF5
    The Giant House is nice in terms of exploration and neat little gimmicks like 
    cookies, but gameplay-wise...it's abysmal in my opinion. It is very well 
    possible to get lots of points here; unfortunately only by ignoring elements 
    like ramps and pipes. These are set so poorly within the level that you most 
    likely hit a wall, a cupboard, the bed or anything else in case you want to 
    use them. Instead you need to use the walls for good combos.
    Giant House 1:|
    Boost down the long blue ramp and jump high to land a five-trick combo on the 
    sideboard. Then skate to the right and up the wall next to the sideboard. 
    Jump off the wall well below the ceiling and perform a five-trick combo. This 
    requires both tight trick performance and the right timing for the jump, but 
    it's by far the most important move you're going to do in this level. 
    Continue doing this until you're down to ten seconds before steering to the 
    checkpoint on your left.
    Do some more combos on the same wall once again until you've got ten seconds 
    left, then use the checkpoint under the bed.
    Skate to the mouse hole in the opposite wall and enter the kitchen. Make a 
    right and perform a few more five-trick combos on the wall. When the timer is 
    down to ten seconds, proceed to the yellow ring under the table.
    Enter the next mouse hole and enter the corridor. Drive up the wall to the 
    left of the door (but still the same wall the door is in) and carry out some 
    more combos. The last relevant checkpoint also should be aimed at once you've 
    got ten seconds left.
    Continue doing combos on the wall left of the door.
    Giant House 2:|
    Boost off to the right of the blue ramp, jump down and home in directly on 
    the wall you used in the last stage to perform combos. Do some 5-trick combos 
    until the timer says 20 seconds. Then either use the wooden block on the 
    right as a ramp or drive up the right wall. Both ways should get you to the 
    first checkpoint located on the shelf beneath the window.
    Return to the left wall and carry out combos until you're down to 15-20 
    seconds. Now ride up the wall again, but don't jump off it this time. Instead 
    ride down on the left so you land on the sideboard where the next checkpoint 
    awaits you.
    Do two more combos before entering the mouse hole on the opposite wall. When 
    you've entered the kitchen, jump onto the table and make some points via easy 
    air tricks prior to touching the checkpoint.
    Ride through the ring and keep moving in that direction to drive up the wall, 
    enabling you to perform some more 5-trick combos. When you've only got about 
    15 seconds left ride up the left wall and enter the window opening to reach 
    the next checkpoint.
    Ride through the next mouse hole and use the same wall as in the previous 
    wall for another set of combos. Ten seconds are more than sufficient to get 
    to the last checkpoint in time.
    Return to the wall you just used for combos and make some more points until 
    you're out of time.
    Giant House 3:|
    Like before, boost past the blue ramp to the right and perform one combo on 
    the opposite wall. Right after that quickly move to the checkpoint at the end 
    of the blue ramp and jump through it.
    Get to the often-used wall and execute five-trick combos until you're down to 
    20 seconds. Ride up the wall again and let yourself fall onto the bed where 
    you find the second checkpoint.
    Go on as before until you're down to 10-15 seconds. Skate to the shelves on 
    the right and don't worry upon seeing the checkpoint on the mid-level shelf: 
    You don't need to find a way to get up there in time, just ride onto the 
    lowest shelf and jump through the lower end of the yellow circle.
    Do one more combo before entering the near-by mouse hole rather than (as 
    before) the one on the opposite wall. Once you've reached the corridor get up 
    the cupboard and ride down the railing to activate the next checkpoint.
    Perform lots of five-trick combos on the wall to your left, then (when being 
    down to about 10-15 seconds) move in on the next checkpoint to the left. 
    Afterwards leave the room through the other mouse hole and try your best to 
    perform a few combos inside the kitchen until you've got 20 seconds left. 
    Ride towards the small set of stairs, climb them by skating up the wall 
    besides them, and get up to the sink unit in which you'll find the last 
    Get back to the area with the table and perform as many combos on the walls 
    as possible until the stage ends.
    Congratulations: You've just beaten Street Work mode. ^^
                                   7.0 Time Attack                            GGG
    Time Attack is self-explaining...no, you don't get attacked by time. You're 
    one of the funny kind, right? Ok, getting back to being serious. ^^
    In Time Attack you have to pass a few checkpoints as quickly as possible, 
    since only your time matters in the end. Unlike Street Work the order in 
    which you pass the checkpoints is mandatory.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-7.1 Green Park-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-GG1
    Green Park 1:|
    This is an easy one: At the beginning just press the Acceleration button when 
    the word Go appears. This will boost you down the ramp, guide you through the 
    first checkpoint, across the spring well and onto the railing.
    Now it's time to press the second button already. Woohoo! Hop off the railing 
    by pressing left once. Boost towards the half-pipe, ride down and up right 
    into the second checkpoint.
    Take a left, boost through the pipe area left of the railing, take a left 
    again at the end and boost towards the finish. Ignore the set of stairs near 
    the pipe area or else you'll only waste precious time.
    Green Park 2:|
    Do exactly the same as in the previous stage and you should have no problem 
    getting a good time on this one.
    Green Park 3:|
    Up to the long ramp-area you need to do the exact same manoeuvres as in the 
    other two Green Park stages. Then, however, take a left in the middle of this 
    area and ride up the stairs (to the left of the railing) to reach the second 
    checkpoint. Stay on the left side of the railings, skate up the second set of 
    stairs and boost to the left to find the finish.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-7.2 Lost Forest-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=GG2
    Lost Forest 1:|
    Do not use a turbo start, but steer a few degrees to the right with normal 
    speed. Drop off the platform and show a few tricks on your way down to fill 
    up the turbo meter. Use a turbo boost and jump up in combination with a few 
    tricks while riding along the tunnel. Once you're on the lowest level, turn 
    right and ignite another turbo. In the next somewhat larger hall take another 
    right to reach the first checkpoint.
    Skate up to catch the first rays of day light and immediately steer a few 
    feet to the right so you can move over the bridge and activate the second 
    Ride up the two hills ahead, but watch out for the checkpoint which lies 
    close-by at the top.
    Do not climb up the tree stump. Instead skate on the solid ground left to the 
    wooden half-pipe, use your last turbo boost, perform a few easy tricks to get 
    another turbo and go for the next checkpoint at the end of the passage.
    Move on into the forest and stay left as you have to take a left turn shortly 
    after. Now use the fourth boost and get to the goal up ahead.
    Lost Forest 2:|
    Up to the first checkpoint, the suggested path is absolutely the same.
    Then take a left after leaving the cave and ride through the checkpoint and 
    up the wooden stairs.
    Somehow, though, you'll be pushed back as if you would have hit a wall. Don't 
    get startled by that, just keep on trying to get up the stairs. On your 
    second you should succeed in that. Move along the walkway and eventually it 
    will go down to the left. Take a left at that point, but rather than skating 
    down you ought to jump over the railing and land on the other walkway on the 
    right. Here lies the third checkpoint.
    Move on to the next platform, go around the pole on the left side and boost 
    through the next walkway. Soon you approach a ramp going down to the next 
    After crossing the checkpoint jump up and onto the solid ground in 
    combination with an air trick, but don't jump too late or else you will jump 
    way too high and crash into the wall. Turn right, boost over the short bridge 
    and reach the second-to-last checkpoint.
    Enter the forest section and keep left as you need to take a left corner. 
    Then stay on the right side in the trench and proceed to the large hall with 
    the giant tree. Here you'll have to go right a few seconds and drive into a 
    small opening in the tree to find the goal.
    Lost Forest 3:|
    Do not use a turbo start, but steer a few degrees to the right with normal 
    speed. Drop off the platform and show a few tricks on your way down to fill 
    up the turbo meter. This time around, do not use a turbo, but only ride on 
    and do a few tricks on your way down. Then turn right and use a nitro. In 
    this stage the first checkpoint is not on the right in the small cavern, but 
    on the left.
    Move on until you can see the second checkpoint. Now it's time to use the 
    second boost.
    Again, move on and ignore all ramps and grinding places as they would only 
    waste time. Follow the trick until you see the third checkpoint floating on a 
    ramp. Skate up on it without jumping off. Simply drop down instead or else 
    you might risk losing a lot of time by either crashing into the ceiling or by 
    bouncing off the ramp.
    Pass up on the second ramp and ignite a turbo to quickly leave the cave and 
    reach the next red ring lying behind a narrow bridge.
    When you've skated through it, watch out for the little bush behind it. 
    Either steer off to the right a bit or simply jump over it. Cross the next 
    bridge and get to the checkpoint awaiting you up ahead on the left at the 
    entrance to the forest.
    Enter the forest and keep left as you did in the previous stages. Use the 
    fourth boost upon entering the trench and clear the next checkpoint on your 
    Proceed a few feet and you'll already reach the second-to-last checkpoint.
    Now comes the tricky part: Ride up the walkway leading around the giant tree 
    and try your best not to hit the railing or the tree. To do this you'll have 
    to practice a bit so you know how hard you have to hit the control stick and 
    where you have to start steering. Near the top is an opening on the left in 
    which the goal lies.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=7.3 Snow Festival '64=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=GG3
    Snow Festival '64 1:|
    Make a turbo start and move right directly after passing the subway entrance 
    to reach the first checkpoint.
    Follow the road and take a left at the first intersection. Use a turbo to 
    quickly reach the second checkpoint lying right on the street.
    Then take a right at the next intersection and use another boost to get to 
    the next checkpoint.
    Advance further and jump over the fence into the big yard. Now use your last 
    nitro and race to the goal which lies in front of the building.
    Snow Festival '64 2:|
    Do not use a turbo start, since you need to reach a checkpoint behind your 
    starting position. Turn right immediately and ride around the big block on 
    which the Tokyo Tower stands. On the other side you'll find the first red 
    Go on so you ride around the Tokyo Tower once and use a turbo boost on your 
    way. Jump up the high ramp ahead to both clear a checkpoint and perform lots 
    of tricks.
    Turn right to hit the street on which you turn left to reach a subway 
    entrance. Use it as a ramp but do not press the Jump button unless you want 
    to jump over the checkpoint.
    Now hop over the fence and go to the fourth checkpoint which floats in front 
    of the building ahead.
    Turn around, use a turbo and jump back over the fence. Take a right and then 
    a left at the first intersection and ignite another boost to get to the next 
    red ring.
    Take a left and use your last nitro to quickly reach the icy half-pipe where 
    the goal lies.
    Snow Festival '64 3:|
    Employ a turbo start and jump up the ramp to both clear the first checkpoint 
    and perform lots of tricks.
    Follow the street on the left, ignite a turbo and jump through the next 
    Now turn left and make use of the narrow path between the buildings to reach 
    another street. Move along it to the left and take a left at the intersection. 
    You can already see the third checkpoint but also a red car coming directly 
    for you. Use your second turbo and jump over the car and through the red ring.
    Ride past the icy half-pipe and turn around. You'll need to jump up the 
    backside of the pipe close to the lantern. Do so and activate the fourth 
    Move to the other backside of the pipe and repeat the jump to clear the next 
    red ring.
    Next, get back onto the street that's going parallel to the pipe and boost 
    left to close in on the next checkpoint. Take a right behind the building and 
    jump up to reach it.
    Move on between the high building in front of you and the fence to your right. 
    Once you hit the street, turn left and skate up the building. Try to get 
    beneath the checkpoint and jump up high to clear it.
    When you're back down on solid ground use your fifth boost and ride up the 
    subway entrance next to the start to reach the goal.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=7.4 Sunset Island=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=GG4
    Sunset Island 1:|
    This one's extremely straight forward; the only crucial aspects are where to 
    boost and where to do tricks so you can fill up your boost meter once.
    Start off with a turbo boost and clear the first checkpoint. Easy.
    Follow the slope to the second checkpoint. Exciting...right?...
    Next, enter the right side of the road when it splits up and use all of your 
    turbos to quickly reach the third checkpoint already.
    Keep following the road and do a jump at the short down-hill section. During 
    this jump you should perform one or two tricks. Take a left inside the tunnel 
    and activate the next checkpoint.
    This time take a right at the split-up and make good use of both jumping pads 
    to get another nitro before riding through the previous-to-last checkpoint.
    Turn left, ignite the nitro and race to the goal.
    Sunset Island 2:|
    The second time attack in the tropical paradise is also pretty easy to beat. 
    The optimal path is both easy to figure out and to stick to.
    Make a turbo start and skate up the slope until the railing on the right side 
    begins. Now jump down to the right and clear the first checkpoint.
    Turn right, hop over the railing onto the ocean and boost towards the second 
    checkpoint which can be easily found by looking at the mini map in the lower 
    left corner of the screen.
    Turn left and aim for the wooden ramp instead of the next red ring. Use it 
    for a great jump in combination with lots of tricks. Then you can (and ought 
    to) go for the next checkpoint.
    From now on all you have to do is locate the next checkpoint by checking the 
    mini map and directly aim for it as there are no obstacles that need to be 
    evaded. Time your remaining three boosts well and you shouldn't have the 
    slightest problems here.
    Sunset Island 3:|
    Start at normal speed and instantly turn around to find the first checkpoint.
    Turn back to the starting position and boost there. Pass up on the red and 
    white platform and ride up the hill to enter the ramp area. Turn left and 
    jump up the ramp to perform a big combo and to clear the second checkpoint.
    After landing, aim for the next red ring which is also located above the ramp. 
    Go there, jump up again and carry out another combo.
    Turn around upon landing and leave the ramp area by riding up the ramp and 
    pressing Up at the top. Hop onto the bridge and try your best to jump over 
    the left railing and onto the lower bridge afterwards. If you can't pull it 
    off, though, don't worry. No matter whether you are on the lower bridge or on 
    the ocean just move straight on and use a boost on your way to the fourth 
    checkpoint which lies on the ramp connecting the street and the small island 
    in front of you.
    Move down the ramp and you'll already see the next target. Close in on it and 
    jump through it.
    Then turn around and boost up the ramp onto the bridge. Do a few tricks on 
    the jumping pads and just before you would enter the tunnel, hop on the left 
    railing and onto the hill. Reach the peak and jump through the checkpoint.
    Now turn left and leave the hill for the street. Boost along and when the 
    street splits up jump onto the green-black section and ride into the opening 
    in the ground with low speed so you fall right into the next red ring.
    Turn left, aim for the goal (can be seen on the mini map) and ignite your 
    last nitro to end the level.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-7.5 Giant House-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=GG5
    Giant House 1:|
    Turbo start down the blue ramp, but don't jump at its end. Simply drop off 
    and steer left to reach the first checkpoint.
    Enter the mouse hole and try not to hit the walls too often, although this is 
    certainly no easy task. Once you see the exit, ignite a nitro and ride down 
    the stairs leading directly to another red ring.
    Boost towards the next mouse hole and clear the next checkpoint after having 
    traversed the tunnel.
    Turn right, use your last boost and use the wall right of the stairs to get 
    up. Now all that's left to do is to turn left and go for the goal.
    Giant House 2:|
    Drop down to the right (it doesn't matter if you use a turbo start or not) 
    and go for the first checkpoint. You'll need to hop to it since it floats 
    above your level.
    Turn around and simply ride through the near-by checkpoint.
    Now aim for the mouse hole you used in the last stage and boost, allowing you 
    to make a high jump over some obstacles and hence to reach the hole quickly. 
    On the other side of the hole ride up the cupboard and carefully activate the 
    checkpoint without falling down.
    Get back to where you rode up and this time skate down the stairs to pass 
    through the next checkpoint on your way down.
    Boost into the other mouse hole and upon entering the kitchen you should 
    ignite the last nitro and use the wall next to the stairs like you did in the 
    previous stage. Climb up the furniture to your right and pass the sunk to 
    reach another checkpoint.
    Turn left and jump onto another platform where the goal already awaits you.
    Giant House 3:|
    Turn around before accelerating, so you can ride along the wall to the right. 
    Ride down into the box where the first checkpoint is and leave via the small 
    Boost towards the green house up ahead and enter it from the right to find 
    another checkpoint.
    Leave via the other opening and enter the mouse hole near-by. In the corridor, 
    jump down at the right side of the stairs and position yourself beneath the 
    third checkpoint. Now ride up the wall next to it and jump off a few feet 
    above the ground to clear the checkpoint.
    Proceed to the lower end of the stairs and boost up and along the wall to get 
    back on top. Drive back through the mouse hole and aim for the far-off right 
    corner in the children's room. Move up the wall and onto the table from where 
    you're able to activate the next red ring.
    Traverse the mouse hole tunnel beneath you to get to the kitchen, where the 
    trickiest part of this stage awaits you: You'll have to jump onto the narrow 
    rope that goes through the room closely under the ceiling in order to reach a 
    checkpoint. You might want to practice this a few times before actually 
    attempting to achieve a great record time.
    Next, hop down and easily reach the next checkpoint located on the floor next 
    to the table.
    Ignite a nitro to get to the stairs in the opposite corner of the room and 
    ride up the wall like in the previous two stages. When you've passed the 
    stairs, use your last turbo and ride up the fridge. You'll land on a narrow 
    platform from where you need to jump up into the freeze...and don't ask me 
    why it isn't possible to simply ride up into it; I don't get it either.
                                   8. Coin                                    HHH
    Coin probably is the easiest and by far the most relaxing single player mode 
    in Airboarder 64. You get a generous time limit to collect some coins 
    scattered throughout the stage. Yellow coins are your standard fair whereas 
    red coins fill up your boost meter quite a lot more than yellow ones do. 
    Actually, though, this is pretty trivial in this mode. The only thing that's 
    being kept record of is how many coins you've collected; time doesn't matter 
    as long as you stay within the time limit. Hence, using turbo boosts doesn't 
    really help you.
    I'll tell you what route get you to every coin the fastest way and next to 
    every instruction I give you an outline on how many coins you ought to have 
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-8.1 Green Park-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-HH1
    Green Park 1:| 20 coins |
      1-4: Ride down the long ramp without jumping off; instead simply drop down.
        5: A single coin lies on the blue elephant slide.
     6-11: Move on until you reach the wooden half-pipe which is sunk into the 
           ground. Six coins wait on the bottom.
    12-13: Get out of the half-pipe and ride along to the left of the oncoming 
    14-15: Now move to the right side of the next railing...
    16-17: ...and again to the left side of the third railing.
    18-20: Get up onto the next level and take a left.
    Green Park 2:| 26 coins |
      1-4: Ride down the long ramp without jumping off; instead simply drop down.
      5-6: Move on to the fountain.
        7: On the centre oil drum, left of the fountain.
     8-10: On the railing behind the fountain.
    11-15: Jump to the bottom of the half-pipe.
    16-17: To the right of the first railing in the pipe section...
    18-19: ...to the left of the second railing and...
    20-21: ...to the right of the third railing.
    22-26: Continue upwards and take a left.
    Green Park 3:| 43 coins |
        1: Turn around and peek behind the ramp that says "Air Time".
      2-7: Ride down the long ramp.
      8-9: Behind the blue elephant slide.
    10-11: On two of the drums near-by.
    12-17: Hop onto the railing and grind along to the end.
    18-20: Drop down into the half-pipe and turn around 180 degree. Now Jump up 
           the pipe.
    21-25: Jump up at the opposite side of the pipe.
    26-27: Jump up a few feet to the left of where you just leaped into the air.
    28-29: Repeat this a few feet to the right this time.
    30-31: Move on to the other pipe area and hop onto the top of the first ramp 
           on the right side.
    32-33: Repeat for the first ramp on the left.
       34: Behind the second railing.
    35-36: Jump onto the next ramp on the right.
       37: Ride up the first set of stairs.
    38-43: Ride back down, turn left, proceed to the higher level and turn left 
           once more. Collect a few more coins before closing in on the second 
           red ramp. You need to approach it with decent speed and in addition 
           you have to use a boost, so you get the correct height to pocket the 
           last coins floating in the air.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-8.2 Lost Forest-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=HH2
    Lost Forest 1:| 74 coins |
     1-21: Drop down the starting platform and advance through the caves until  
           you reach the first exit. Take it and cross the bridge to find the 
           first coins. Simply follow the trail of coins up the hill and along 
           the left side of the wooden half-pipe.
       22: Don't miss the one behind the wooden pole.
    23-27: Drop down the ledge and look around.
    28-29: Move on and pick these two up before taking a left leading you to the 
           river area.
    30-34: Ride back to where you found the first coins, skate up the hill again 
           and climb the tree stump, allowing you to enter the half-pipe. Here 
           you'll find a column of coins on the right, requiring you to jump up.
    35-37: Just a few feet further inside the half-pipe.
    38-41: Another coin column, this time it's on the left.
    42-45: On the ramp right after leaving the half-pipe.
    46-48: Ride up the wall to your left and hop onto the ledge.
    49-74: Simply follow the long trail of coins into the forest and to the huge 
    Lost Forest 2:| 89 coins |
        1: Hop off the starting platform and ride down to the first corner.
     2-15: Take the first exit to leave the cave system and follow a trail of    
           coins onto the walkways.
    16-18: When the trail ends, turn around and follow the walkway that goes 
           parallel to the one you just used.
    19-30: Simply follow the bridges on the highest level. You can't really miss 
           any of these, except maybe for the two red ones at the end.
    31-37: Hop down and ride up the ramp (actually being a broken bridge).
    38-49: Simply follow the path. Again, you can't possibly miss any of these on 
           the way.
    50-68: Return to the ramp and follow the long trail of coins beginning at the 
           green bridge and ending at the entrance to the forest. Watch out not 
           to pass up on the one that floats high in the air.
    69-89: Enter the forest to find another long row of coins that will lead you 
           to the huge tree and to the very last coin.
    Lost Forest 3:| 128 coins |
        1-6: Slowly drive ahead and come to a halt at the end of the platform. 
             You need to drop down at a really low speed to catch some coins 
             hanging in the air on your way down. If you miss these, there's no
             way of getting them later on.
       7-36: Move on through the caves to find a trail of coins. Follow it into 
             the left sidearm.
      37-48: Don't follow the tunnel any further; pick up the two coins nearby 
             instead and let them guide you down to a big watery cave where you 
             pick up the bunch of coins to your left first of all.
      49-70: Hop down from platform to platform (one of these can be overlooked 
             easily, so watch out) and pick up all the coins on your way to the 
             next cave where you ride up to reach the higher area.
      71-76: Ride up the tunnel to get to the cross point where you took a left 
             earlier in the stage.
      77-90: Take the same route as before to return to the point where you  
             nabbed coin # 36. Move further through the tunnel and let yourself 
             be guided by a row of coins again.
         91: Don't miss the red coin up in the air. It's basically on your way,  
             yet it can rather easily be missed.
      92-96: Again, follow the coins.
         97: Another goodie floating high in the air.
     98-109: Follow the coins some more, enter the forest and move on to the 
             giant tree.
    110-128: Ride up the walkway sloping at the tree. Near the top you'll have to 
             enter an opening on your left.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=8.3 Snow Festival '64=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=HH3
    Snow Festival '64 1:| 125 coins|
    1-4: Turn left and pick up the coins lying nearby.
    5-14: Now hop over the high ramp in front of you without actually jumping 
    15-18: These lie in front of the building on your right.
    19-23: Take a left at the intersection and a right at the next one.
    24-31: Proceed to the next intersection and take a right there.
    32-40: Go to the icy half-pipe and follow the row of coins up into the air 
    41: In the igloo.
    42-54: Get back out of the igloo and ride to the big yard behind it. There 
    you'll find a relatively long row of coins around the centre building.
    55-71: Leave this place via the open gate and approach the subway entrance on 
    your left. Some coins lead the way through the narrow alleys.
    72-79: Upon leaving the alleys, turn left and follow another trail of coins 
    beginning just behind a subway entrance (don't pass up on the two yellow 
    coins high above the ground and on the single red coin)
    80-93: Get to the left side of the Tokyo Tower and enter a small backstreet.
    94-102: Ride around the building and climb it up from the other side. On its 
    roof is a ramp you should use to reach the roof of the brownish building.
    103: Drop down where you rode up the building and pick up the single coin in 
    the small opening on the other side of the street.
    104-112: Drive to the top of the high building right of the igloo (when 
    facing the igloo's entrance). I mean the one with the yellow block saying 
    "happy board". Pick up the coins on there, hop down onto another roof on the 
    opposite side and get back up to the first roof.
    113-115: Jump down and climb the building next to the yellow block. From here 
    you can jump onto the block and back.
    116-122: Go to the other two coins on the roof and follow them down to a 
    bridge connecting two buildings.
    123-125: I hate this part. You have to get on top of the really high building 
    in front of you. Sounds pretty easy, right? It would be if it wasn't for the 
    fence around the roof. Simply ride up any wall and try your best to land your 
    board on the roof so you can grind and jump off the fence as you wish. This 
    may take several tries without actually doing anything wrong.
    Snow Festival '64 2:| 125 coins|
        1-5: Start your run by hopping on the small ramp up ahead a bit to the 
             right (without actively jumping).
        6-7: Just behind the snow pile.
       8-12: Enter the hall in the temple.
      13-15: Leave the hall and turn right to find these coins near the street.
      16-19: Follow the street to near the starting position and take a right at 
             the corner to find four more coins.
      20-23: Ride behind the Tokyo Tower.
         24: Climb up either one of the metal girders holding the monorail and 
             jump down near the Tokyo Tower to grab a red coin in mid-air.
      25-41: Climb back up and collect the right trail of coins prior to the left 
      42-46: Advance to the left on the girders and jump onto a tunnel.
      47-75: Simply move on and take a long tour through the stage.
      76-79: Drop down to solid ground near the icy half-pipe and perform a high 
             jump in it.
      80-83: Repeat on the other side.
      84-86: Enter the igloo.
      87-88: Leave this area to the left and aim for the subway entrance.
      89-91: At the entrance of the nice-looking building in the centre of the  
             big yard.
      92-99: Go to the open gate and grind along the right fence.
    100-102: Enter the right street and look out for a small yard on the left.
    103-106: Ride up the metal construction.
        107: Drop back down and ride up the violet building.
    108-113: Now jump from house to house on the right end of the map towards the 
             starting position. Soon you will see some coins on a roof as well as 
             on the wall going down just ahead of them.
        114: On the subway entrance at the starting position.
    115-119: Grind along the fence at the neat building located to the right of 
             the starting position.
    120-123: On the other side of the street is another fence to grind on.
    124-125: Return to the intersection and skate to another subway entrance down 
             the right street near the half-pipe area.
    Snow Festival '64 3:| 125 coins|
          1: Grab the single red coin on the subway entrance to your right.
       2-10: Hop over the big ramp (without actively jumping).
      11-15: Inside the temple hall.
      16-20: Ride on the snow pile in front of the temple.
      21-22: At the subway entrance behind the snow pile.
      23-24: Continue to the subway entrance near the icy half-pipe.
      25-28: Follow a trail of coins in the half-pipe up into the air.
      29-32: Jump up again at the opposite side of the pipe.
      33-35: Inside the igloo.
      36-37: Move to the entrance gate at the big yard.
      37-38: Follow the street to the north to find a single coin near a building.
      39-59: Move back a bit and use the iron girder to get onto the monorail-
             track. Take a left and follow the path.
    ! 60-62: Drop down in the short tunnel. This one can be missed extremely easy.
      63-66: Drop down to the lowest level and follow the track a bit further 
             until you see some coins on the right, building a row up a building.
      69-89: Get back onto the rail-track and move on until you reach a bar 
             connecting two buildings just above the track.
      90-93: Jump down and take a left at the next intersection. Soon you'll see 
             a single coin showing you the way up where a few more coins await 
      94-95: Get up the second roof, pick up the coin, ride up the higher 
             building on your left and grab the other coin from there.
     96-101: Return to the higher roof and aim for the coin floating on its other 
             end. Drop down to the bridge and pick up some more coins.
    101-103: Like in the first stage on this map this is a friggin' unbalanced, 
             unfair part. You have to try to reach the roof up ahead. To do so, 
             ride up and hope for the best to land on the fence allowing you to 
             drop down onto the roof.
    104-106: Grind on the fence around the neat building below.
    107-110: Grind on the railing on the other side of the street.
    111-114: Return to your starting position and take the street southbound.
    115-120: Move behind the buildings east of you and jump up at the snowy ramp.
    121-124: Behind the Tokyo Tower.
        125: When facing the neat red and white house near the start, turn left 
             and climb up the building there. From here you ought to ignite a 
             nitro and jump onto the smaller house to nab a red coin.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=8.4 Sunset Island=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=HH4
    Sunset Island 1:| 111 coins|
          1: Seriously, there's not really a way to pass up on this one.
        2-5: At the beach near the two-storey house.
        6-9: Next to the hotel on the parking lot.
      10-13: In the ramp area on the hill.
      14-19: Near the picnic tables on the hill.
      20-22: Get back to the parking lot and ride towards a sandbank nearby.
      23-25: Move on, on the sandbank.
      26-29: On the next small island.
      30-32: And again on the next island.
      33-37: Nearby is a "civilized" island. Look for some coins there.
      38-40: On the wooden bridge and beyond.
      41-44: Return to the starting island, but keep an eye open for these coins 
             on a small sandbank to the right.
      45-59: Skate along the street and onto the bridge (the lower one out of the  
             two). Simply stick with the row of coins.
      60-69: Take the ramp down onto an island with some huts on it.
      70-72: Hit the street again and move on over the second bridge.
      73-75: Leave the tunnel to the left.
      76-78: On the beach below.
      79-82: On the other side of the mountain.
      83-85: Further advance on the beach.
      86-96: Near the peak of the hill on the tunnel island.
     97-102: Get back onto the street and move on.
    103-107: Grind.
    108-111: Up ahead on the bridge.
    Sunset Island 2:| 116 coins|
        1-6: On the railings at the beach.
       7-10: On the balcony of the house on the beach. This requires just a plain 
             high jump and no fancy complex paths involving jumping from object 
             to object or anything similar.
      11-15: These can be found on the hotel roof.
      16-20: In the ramp area on the hill.
      21-25: On a railing nearby.
      26-27: On top of the right hotel building.
      28-29: Ride to the sandbank area, behind the parking lot.
      30-32: On a ramp in the water to the left.
      33-37: Move on to the civilized island up ahead and grind on the right 
      38-41: Cross the bridge and get onto the two huts.
         42: This one's on a really small island between your position and the 
             starting island.
      43-51: At the first island on the beach under the bridges.
      52-57: Nearby are two ramps in the ocean. Go there.
      58-60: Get onto the lower bridge and follow the right path to reach three 
             coins on some oil drums.
      61-66: Leave the bridge via the first ramp leading down and don't miss the 
             six coins, three on each side.
      67-69: These await you directly to your left upon leaving the ramp.
      70-72: Continue on the left path of the bridge.
      73-76: Take a left in the tunnel, just like in the previous stage.
      77-89: Take the opposite exit out of the tunnel and hop down onto the beach. 
             Here lie quite a few coins.
      90-94: Climb up the small hill with the huge sign on it.
     95-103: On top of the light house hill.
    104-108: Get back onto the bridge and either take the left or the right path 
             and grind on the railing.
    109-113: Now use the other path and grind again.
    114-116: In the western end of the stage is a ramp right in the ocean. Go 
    Sunset Island 3:| 129 coins|
        1-4: On the balcony of the house on the beach. Simply jump up there.
       5-10: Skate up the right side of the hotel.
      11-16: Repeat on the left side.
      17-23: Go to the backside of the hotel and ride up the wall.
      25-27: Get up the hill and hop up to some coins in the ramp area without 
             actively jumping.
      28-30: Repeat.
      31-32: One on each picnic table on the hill.
    !    33: Have a close look beyond the railing at the northern end of the hill. 
             There is a red coin to nab. This one can be overlooked very easily.
      34-36: Jump down and go to the parking lot. Pass it to find three coins on 
             a short beach strip.
      37-38: On a small island on your way to the civilized island in the north 
      39-42: On said civilized island.
      43-59: Grind over the bridge to the wooden platform where you will also 
             need to grind.
      60-67: Return to the starting island and head for the lower bridge. Take 
             the right track to find some coins.
      68-79: Get off the bridge via the ramp on the left and proceed to the huts 
             in the distance. Each of them has four coins floating on top so you 
             have to jump onto them.
      80-85: Continue skating on the bridge, but on the left path.
      86-88: Drop off the bridge and ride to the concrete pillar stabilizing the 
             bridge on the beach.
         89: Just ride to the other side of the pillar.
      90-93: This one's pretty hard to pull off: You have to climb the light 
             house hill and make a precise jump from there to grab four coins in 
             mid-air. Stay on top of the hill, take aim and think of where to 
             jump off and how high to jump off. There's not much else I can tell 
             you for that, but to practice it.
      94-97: Guess what? There's another one of these coin rows floating in the 
             air. Repeat what you just did, but keep in mind that this row is a 
             bit easier as three coins lie directly above one another.
     98-113: Continue along the bridge and when approaching the Golden Gate 
             bridge-like section, stand next to the left wall and jump up to 
             grind on it. If you try to jump onto it with your normal speed you 
             might very likely fall off the bridge as the game won't realize you 
             trying to grind. Then hop over to the metal rope (or whatever they 
             are called) and grab something to drink or stuff like that, because 
             you will grind up and down a few times automatically collecting 
             coins on the way.
    114-129: Repeat this on the other side of the bridge.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-8.5 Giant House-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=HH5
    Giant House 1:| 110 coins|
        1-6: Turn left and go to the chess board.
       7-11: Drop down the floor and look under the chair.
      12-16: Ride up the crate behind the blue ramp.
      17-20: In front of the small box in the south western corner of the room.
      21-26: On the lowest shelf nearby.
      27-31: Under the bed.
      32-33: At the lower end of the blue ramp.
      34-36: Between the toys on the left.
      37-43: Proceed to the clothes tree.
      44-51: Traverse the mouse hole and follow a trail of coins on the right.
      52-56: Climb up the book shelf.
      57-61: Carefully hop down from step to step on the stairs.
      62-73: There are two rows of coins here that nearly cannot be possibly 
      74-77: Go through the next mouse hole.
      78-82: On the floor at the eastern wall of the dining room.
      83-91: At the stairs leading to the kitchen section of the room.
      92-95: Behind the trash can.
     96-103: Ride up to the hotplates at the southern wall.
    104-110: Now drop down and ride up at the other side.
    Giant House 2:| 119 coins|
        1-5: Drop down onto the crate to your right and grind on the ruler.
       6-16: Ride down the blue ramp.
      17-20: Return to the start and hop onto the chair.
         21: Inside the small box in the south eastern corner.
      22-25: On the highest shelf. Either jump there via the wooden ramp or climb 
             up the wall.
      26-29: On the bed.
      30-35: Inside the toy house.
      36-41: Go through the mouse hole and ride up the cardboard box on the right. 
             Then move up the ruler.
      42-73: Drop down to the lower storey to find the sacred land where coins 
             flow like milk.
      74-79: Approach the next mouse hole.
      80-88: Traverse the mouse hole and use the cheese block up ahead to jump 
             onto the table. Pick up all coins here.
      89-91: On the south western chair.
      92-98: Climb up the wall under the mouse hole you did not come through and 
             hop onto another platform with a trail of coins on it.
     99-103: In the sunk.
    104-113: At the hotplates.
    114-119: In the fridge.
    Giant House 3:| 114 coins|
       1-11: Grind down the right railing of the blue ramp and hop to the drum at 
             the end.
      12-21: Grind back up on the other railing.
      22-23: In front of the box in the south western corner.
      24-26: Inside the box.
         27: In the previous two stages we had coins on the highest and on the 
             lowest shelf, so where might they have hidden a coin this time? On 
             the medium shelf, right. Getting there is a bit tricky, but when you 
             know what to do it isn't too hard. Get on the upper shelf and 
             carefully position yourself at the ledge above the book which lies 
             on the centre level. Drop down onto that and nab the single red coin.
      28-34: Some coins lie on various toy blocks and drums.
      35-42: On the cupboard near the bed.
      43-47: Go through the mouse hole and keep an eye open for a trail of coins 
             on the right wall.
      48-53: Return to the mouse hole and follow another trail of coins up to the 
      54-63: Now ride down the handrail of the stairs and especially watch out 
             for the red coin at the end.
      64-72: Get back up and pick up the other row of coins on your second way 
      73-79: Go to the side of the stairs and ride up the wall twice for some 
             more coins.
      80-83: Inside the flowerpots.
      84-92: Enter the dining room through the mouse hole and ride up the 
             opposite wall so you can jump onto the string and grind along it.
     93-102: Drop onto the floor and use the block of cheese to jump on the table 
             where quite a few coins await you.
    103-105: Again, climb up to where the mouse hole connecting the kitchen and 
             the children's room is and proceed to get on the top of the fridge.
    106-108: Ride up to the hotplates section and jump onto the chair from there.
    109-111: In the lower section of the fridge.
    112-114: Inside the fridge, ride up a side wall to reach the upper section of 
             the fridge.
                                   9. Unlockables                             III
    Boards and characters are unlocked in a set order, but you can choose which 
    requirement to do whenever you want to.
    Requirements to unlocking new boards:
    Beat Street Work at least with an A rank in every stage.
    Get an S rank in every stage in Street Work.
    Get a new record in every Time Attack stage.
    Collect all coins in coin mode.
    1st unlockable board: Crab Claws
    2nd unlockable board: Iron Plate
    3rd unlockable board: Parts
    4th unlockable board: Sword
    Four additional boards can be unlocked after having unlocked the four boards 
    I mentioned before. To do so, enter the board selection screen and press up, 
    up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A.
    These boards can be unlocked this way:
    Requirements to unlocking new characters:
    Beat Street Work at least with an A rank in every stage.
    Get an S rank in every stage in Street Work.
    Get a new record in every Time Attack stage.
    Collect all coins in coin mode.
    1st unlockable character: Ellen
    2nd unlockable character: Four
    3rd unlockable character: Genoce
    4th unlockable character: Hilda
                                10. Closing Comments                          JJJ
    When I put the cartridge into my beloved N64 for the first time, I thought 
    "Wow, looks like a neat game.", but when I finished the tutorial and started 
    my first street work run I was more like "WTF?!". The controls seemed totally 
    awkward, so I felt like not being in control of the game, but rather like 
    being at random control by the game. Even yelling at my low-polygon rider 
    wouldn't help. Well, eventually I got used to the controls more and more over 
    the time until I...still haven't found them to be on spot... but at least 
    could deal with them. Actually this isn't a really bad game; however it isn't 
    a great game either. Anyway, if you've already beaten Tony Hawk 1-3 and Wave 
    Race 64 you might want to take a look at Airboarder 64.
                                  11. Experimental                            KKK
    In some other guides I've seen the author implement the following and I 
    thought "Why not give it a try for your own guides?":
    If you really like this guide and you think it helped you or entertained you 
    a bit or whatsoever and you feel like rewarding me not only by writing a nice 
    e-mail, feel free to send some money to my paypal account at:
    Of course I don't want to make somebody send me money who doesn't really want 
    to (even if I could, I wouldn't ;) ), but (also of course) I'd appreciate any 
    Thank you very much for reading this guide and hopefully some more of my 
    stuff on gamefaqs.

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