Pokemon Stadium 2 (Nintendo 64)

Does the AI cheat in Stadium 2?

  1. I was using a rental Alakazam against an AI Stantler, somehow, the Stantler outsped and knocked me out, despite Alakazam having a higher speed stat. They were both Lv 100. The Alakazam in question has a speed stat of 294, while the Stantler, despite not knowing its stats from the game's end, can only have a max speed of 268 in gen II according to serebii. There's no choice scarf or salac berry in the game, and it didn't use agility, or any stat changing move. To me, it looks like the game straight up cheated. Any thoughts?
    Ethanxd205 - 4 months ago - report

Accepted Answer

  1. I believe the AI can sometimes cheat, yes. For example, in Pokémon Gold/Silver if your pokémon are put to sleep you don't know exactly when it will wake up, but somehow the CPU knows it and will use the sleep-inducing move again in the same turn your pokémon woke up.

    I experienced slower pokémon moving first in Stadium too, sometimes they did had a Quick Claw but there were times I'm pretty sure they cheated to my face.
    HighMaelstrom - 4 months ago - report
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  2. Yeah, I guess it had to have been a quick claw. I thought that was a gen 3 item, but I was never big on gsc comp, so I never would’ve knew regardless. I wish it just told you when quick claw activated that way stuff like this doesn’t just feel like a straight up cheat.
    Ethanxd205 - 4 months ago - report
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