Pokemon Stadium 2 (Nintendo 64)

How do you connect Red/Blue/Yellow?

  1. It keeps telling me "game data not found - warp to present time" What does that mean?
    How do I connect my Pokemon Yellow/Red/Blue to Pokemon Stadium 2 so I can trade/battle with Crystal/etc.?
    TeeOneZee - 6 years ago - report

Top Voted Answer

  1. Late to the game but,

    It might be something to do with your Transfer Pack. N64 controllers and the N64 itself are really finicky about detecting it and the game inside. Additionally, if you want to remove Pokemon or items from the game to transfer them then you need to ensure your save file is saved inside a PokeCentre.

    So keep trying as it is possible. One thing I find helps me is that on each attempt I insert the Cartridge into the Transfer Pak, the Transfer Pak into the controller and then turn the game on. If it doesn't work then I seperate each component and try again.

    Hope this helps mate, best of luck!!
    JohnathanHyde - 2 years ago - report
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  1. If it says Game Data not Found, that suggests that you're GB game has no save on it, likely due to a dead save battery. Check with a GB(C/A) to make sure the file is still there.
    blastoise75 - 1 year ago - report
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  2. The game is telling you that it doesn't support the first gen games, you have to trade the pokemon into the second gen games to use them.
    Deutschewolf - 2 years ago - report
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  3. Wrong, the Gen 1 games are compatible with both Pokemon Stadiums
    JohnathanHyde - 2 years ago - report
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