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Reviewed: 08/04/01 | Updated: 08/04/01

Not too bad

This game never was talked about too much, and I got it for $5.00 and I heard someone got it for 3. But, it isn't that bad a game. It’s one of those underrated because it’s racing games I think. See, there are so many racing games nobody wants to try them because there’s already so many racing games. And some sound cool, but they aren’t too good. Anyway, on with the review.

Graphics 9- These are actually pretty good. They do the job, they look good, and there's lighting effects and stuff. They’re ok for a racing game. So the graphics are good.

Sound 7- I didn't pay attention to music much but I assume it’s techno (that seems to fit games like this.) There are voices when you get weapons and other goodies. The voices might get on your nerves though. At least it tells you what you got, which is important kinda. The sound effects weapons make are OK.

Gameplay 8- You race, and you pick up powerups (mostly weapons) to use against your opponents. You also have a basic gun that has limited ammo. The best part of this weapon thing is that you can actually destroy your enemies for during the race. This makes it easier to win and adds to the enjoyability. Other computer - driven enemies even attack each other. You can recharge your gun buy driving over a blue stretch. However, if you're really behind, you may have trouble catching up, but I guess it should be that way, otherwise it would be too easy. But all in all, OK.

Story- This is a racing game remember? It's a futuristic racing game. How much of a story could you get out of that? K, you might be able to get one out of it, but it would probably be pretty lame.

Extras and stuff 8- There are many modes of play in this game. You can do the real race, or you can play arcade mode where you shoot at things. There are several weapons and other assorted powerups, such as a headlamp to see in the dark with. I think there’s probably time trial too. Also, you can customive your bike/pilot with several options such as rename. They do fine with extras.

Rent/Buy- As cheap as you can buy this, there isn't much reason in renting it. So if you see it cheap, buy it.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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