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Reviewed: 07/30/01 | Updated: 07/30/01

Nice stab at a sequel

Well, Extreme G 2 (xg2) has been out now for quite awhile now, but there are still no reviews! So for those of you who have yet to play this game here is my review.

Gameplay: For those you who dont know, xg is all about racing futurist bikes on twisting rollercoster like tracks with various weapons thrown in the mix. The first time you race in xg2, you will, with out a doubt be running into some walls!!! But, as soon as you get the hang of using the L and R shoulder buttons to perform sharper turns you will be able to take hairpin turns at 400mph. After a little practice, and selecting a bike that suites your playing style you will be having a blast tearing around the vast array of locals xg2 takes place in. The game offers several different modes of play, so newbies can enjoy the game while pros can test them selves by racing against the hardest cpu racers. Fans of the original xg know that this racer wouldnt be complete with out weapons. When it comes to having a whole artillery of weaponry, xg2 delivers!! Xg2 has no rules against blowing you or your opposition up. Luckily, there are sheild replenishers to restore your armour. Over all the game play is very good considering the frightening pace at which this race takes place.

Story: xg2 doesnt have much of a story to offer. It, like the original, takes place in the future when the world gets its kicks by racing at super high speeds through twisting tracks. Unlike the original, xg2 has info on each of the bikes drivers, which gives the game a little more depth to its shallow story.

Graphics: The graphics have been completely revised from the original. The tracks are clear and the backgrounds convey the futurist setting with martian landscapes. The game has almost ZERO slow down, even with multiple missiles, bikes, and background anime going at once. Accliam has made a noticable effort in cleaning up xg2s graphics!

Audio: I have found memories of blasting my tv with the xg's thumping techno soundtrack. Sadly though xg2's techno track just isnt anywhere close to being as good as xg's. The music is too uninspired for this fast pace game. Sound effects on the other hand have been improved a lot. The most noticeable, and coolest, sound effect is when you break the sound barrior. Thats right you go faster than the speed of sound in this game!

Replayability: This is just a killer for this game. After you beat the game, earn some best times, and fidle around with some of the other modes, you wont want to play again for awhile! Earning fastest times on the courses is the only thing that will keep you playing, but not for very long.

So Elusive, do I rush out and buy this game or do i rent it first? That is simple enough RENT IT FIRST!!! No matter how much you like the original RENT IT FIRST! Trust me. This game is good, but not as good as it should have been. So there you have it, i hope this has been usfull to you. Peace to you and to XG's Team Elite.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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