Review by Xyaena

Reviewed: 11/30/16

This game is underrated!

It's true on some levels that this game is underrated, with the main problem being framerate issues.

Gameplay: Technically, the game is all about racing. Extreme racing. The gameplay in general has neat level designing, amazing powerups, a nice level of health and energy, and neat bike/character designs to add along with that. Some players can have difficulty keeping the pace up with speeds over 400, and it is not recommended for those who easily get dizzy to try those parts of speeds that the game provides.

Story: The story of racing. There isn't a detailed description of the story in general.

Soundtrack Quality: Outstanding for a N64 game. The OST is always rememberable, and no veteran should ever forget the OST that the developers made.

Graphics Quality: The fact that the graphics is very well made leads to some graphics flaws, but not anyone should blame the developers nor their console, their work of graphics is simply easy to notice and back in the era of the N64, many players would agree XG-2 was one of the most highly detailed games of all time.

Amazing graphic design
Killer OST that you want to listen for hours straight
Racing isn't as difficult as it seems
Bike descriptions to better choose what's best for racing
Variety of power-ups

Some framerate issues, mainly due to graphics designs that the developers unintentionally had in there
Would love a story to tell what caused the need of racing

The game lacks some proper lighting, even with a power up to assist
Battle mode = No bots to spar against

Personally, I had loved and had this game for years, ever since I had it for the first time, I just could not stop for even a second to race against my rivals. If the game was the world's best game or even a rare game, I'd be really accomplished like I had the game 6 years ago. The game is still able to be played, even if it has been some set of years. I would highly recommend this game to anyone in your family, and I'd also like to say that the battle mode is fun to play with friends and families. Unlike XG-1, XG-2 remastered its graphics and used it in the game. Acclaim, you're a genius in creating this, but you could do better with the graphics designing overall. Now that you read this review, it's time to go hell on wheels!

Game: Extreme-G 2 (XG-2)
Systems: N64/PC
ESRB Rating: Everyone
Players: 1-4
Genre: Futuristic Racing

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Extreme-G 2 (US, 10/07/98)

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