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Reviewed: 12/27/00 | Updated: 12/27/00

Language means nothing

I wasn't really sure about this game at first. I have never imported a game before, and wasn't sure if the japenese would ruin it. Well, I can safely assure ANYONE that is doesn't matter what language you speak. It took me 10 minutes of gameplay to figure out everything I need to know. Of course, you do miss out on the story, but all dialogue can be solved my mashing the A button, then selecting 1 of 2 choices until you pick the right one. Menus are no problem. However, there are lots of parts to choose from, and knowing what does what can be difficult until you memorize what the weapons look like. Also, at first I didn't know were to buy imported games. The game itself can be bought at, and the converter need to play is cheepest at Okay now on to the details.

The engine looks a bit dated (by a year). In the main world, characters look hand-drawn and cartoonish. Easy to distinguish from other objects/characters. Backrounds are a bit plain, but are generally crisp and clear.
In battle mode, things are a bit different. While the robots stiil look kind of hand drawn, it isn't nearly as noticable. There are no jagged edges, but sometimes things get a bit blurry if far in the backround. The robots are quite colorful, and different parts are easy to distinguish. The animation is excellent, and the explosions are suberb. And that's a good thing, because just about everytime SOMETHING moves, it's followed by an explosion. In later battles, when the screen is constantly flashing, it is a bit hard to keep up with the action. However, after you get used to the speed and explosions, you can keep track easily. It's also good to impress friends, who will be amazed that you can keep up with everything.
The framerate is top-notch. It NEVER once dropped at all. Even with all the explosions, everything was super smooth. This is the obvious compromise for the graphics, but with a game like this, it's definatly the right decision.
Control is excellent and responsive. Always constant with the framerate, you will never balme losing a battle because your robot didn't execute correctly.
Now the real meat. Parts and gameplay.
There are 5 basic parts to customize. Bot, gun, bomb, pod and boots. With the exception of the boots (which has about 25) the rest have at least 40 different parts to choose from. You can really customize. And it all makes a difference. At one point you might be stuck on a hard enemy, but switch a couple parts and he's no problem. Most of the parts are generally different as well. Rarely are there multiple parts with the same basic function. Here's a description of what each part does.
Body/Head- Amount of armor on robot. Affects running speed slightly, and air dash style as well.
Gun- Your basic gun. Triple shot, gattling gun, homing, all sorts of good stuff.
Bomb- A large manual bomb. Holding down the B button brings a reticle on the ground so you can aim. These usually inflict massive amounts of damage. Can also be used to fake people out.
Pod- Your backpack. Usually some sort of fire-and-forget missle. Usually doesn't inflict as much damage, but hits more often.
Legs- Least useful part. Affects running speed greatly. Sometimes affects air-dash style. Also affects shoulder raming strength. Jump height.
After you jump in the air, pressing R again will preform a air dash. This can't inflict damage, but is used to get around quickly. Some robots can only dash once, while some teleport and others practically fly
Story- I have no idea. At all. You have some goofy friends who take you around, and a freaky scientist who provides battles for you. I don't really care.
Multiplayer- Almost forgot the most important. As with most N64 games, the multiplayer rocks. You can do 1vs1, 2vs1 or 2vs2. Unfortunaly, you cannot have 4 robots at once. 2vs2 are tag team battles. Everyting is always hectic, and you'll be screaming at your friends in near extasy (maybe). This is one of the best N64 multiplayer games to date.
Oh yea, I forgot to mention the A.I. While you can have a blast mashing all the buttons, the computer doesn't jump into lava, shoot missles into walls or do stupid stuff. Aside from the screaming, battles against the computer are excellent.

I gave this game a 9 because of no 4 robot battles (at once)and dated but effective graphics. However, I know nothing about story, so if you can read japenese, you could take or add a point depending on how good it is. I bet it's pretty crappy though. If you have some extra cash ($85 for game and converter), and you want a non-stop action game, don't hesitate to buy this game. I know you can't but it would be worth a rental as well.

Rating: 9

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