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its all very obtuse 05/25/01 certain to fail
The party is back! 05/16/01 digifan_
Expect sleepless nights and lots of cursing 05/13/01 Divinemaxim
It's Wonderful But Painful! 09/17/01 ExcaliburM
Mario Party 3…the last game of it’s series… 07/16/01 FrozenFusion
The parties go on! 05/26/01 MagnaMewtwo
This is a great game! 04/20/02 mario64
Let's still keep the party going like its 1999! 02/15/06 Megaman1981
Another fun Mario Party game =) 06/13/01 MONSTERMAN1960
Busted Controller- 30$; Dent in wall- 45$ Gaining 6 stars on chance on the last turn,- Priceless 08/14/02 mr pyscho
My First Review! And this game is great for parties! 09/18/01 Paper Luigi
Some change has happened in the Mario Party games. 05/27/02 Paulos
Trades some of the fun from the previous games for some extras. 02/17/10 Retroreviewer Productions
THE Party Game to Own 01/09/09 Roguesquad6
The new millenium brought one of my favorite all around games! 05/05/08 sheikan7
Three times a charm! 05/11/01 SSJinMatt
Good improvements, but not as fun as the previous 2 05/22/01 Steeldragon
One of the best Mario Party games on the N64 12/26/06 The Magnum Master
As a single player, it dies shortly after it starts, but as a multiplayer, it lives on boldly 07/17/01 WainioTheMaster
The best Mario party on the N64 11/03/09 wellington
"The Party Begins... With Mario and Company!" 05/30/03 wing2871x
A nice follow up 10/10/07 wolverinefan
Its really worth a try, especially if you have friends! 07/15/03 X Slayer007 X

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