Review by MikeHaggar

Reviewed: 10/22/00 | Updated: 10/22/00

You'll have fun.

I've been playing Cruis'n Exotica for a whopping 4 days and I feel that is more then adequate enough time to share my feelings on how this game stacks up to the competition. If you have played the previous Cruis'n games and liked what you saw, you will really like Exotica. The opposite is also true. If you didnt like the Cruis'n games before Exotica, this offering is not going to change your mind.

Graphics 6/10
They don't look that good, but don't look that bad either. The cars are very grainy, but the tracks are quite stunning. Little effects like the Dinosaur running on the Amazon track and the Airplanes in Hong Kong are impressive. No choppiness and I don't see any pop up (the reviewer disagrees with me on this issue).

Sound 4/10
OK music and pretty good sound effects. My biggest gripe is that no matter what you do, the music never gets that loud. The music is so soft it sounds like it's coming from another room.

Gameplay 6/10
Fun while it lasts. There are 3 game modes and they all provide a pretty good time. The lack of challenge forces me to bring the score down quite considerably

Control 10/10
With over 36 cars to choose from, you will find a car that fits your driving style just right. I love the control on this game.

Lasting Appeal 4/10
I like this game a lot, but I am facing facts and admitting the lack of a real challenge in Cruis'n Exotica is getting to me. I don't think I'll be playing this game much next year. But for the time being I'm having a heck of a fun time.

Is it right for you?
If you just want to put the pedal to the medal in your racing games, yes this game is for you. If you love a challenge in your racing games, look elsewhere. This is a pretty fun multiplayer game, but only in small doses. I purchased my copy, but I think you should rent Cruis'n Exotica first and see if it's worth being in your N64 collection.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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