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FAQ/Walkthrough by BobTheFish

Version: 0.75 | Updated: 09/10/04

   __  ___/_______ ______ ___      _____  /_ ______ ______ _______________  /
   _____ \ __  __ \_  __ \__ | /| / /__  __ \_  __ \_  __ `/__  ___/_  __  / 
   ____/ / _  / / // /_/ /__ |/ |/ / _  /_/ // /_/ // /_/ / _  /    / /_/ /  
   /____/  /_/ /_/ \____/ ____/|__/  /_.___/ \____/ \__,_/  /_/     \__,_/ 

                        ______ _______ _________        
                        ___  //_/___(_)______  /________
                        __  ,<   __  / _  __  / __  ___/
                        _  /| |  _  /  / /_/ /  _(__  ) 
                        /_/ |_|  /_/   \__,_/   /____/  

                        Snowboard Kids FAQ/Walkthrough
                                By BobTheFish
                                 Version 0.75

                              Table of Contents


1.0 Introduction

2.0 Game Menu
    2.1 Battle Race
    2.2 Skill Game
    2.3 Time Attack
    2.4 Board Shop

3.0 The Basics
    3.1 The Simple Stuff
    3.2 Simple Tricks

4.0 Characters
    4.1 Slash
    4.2 Nancy
    4.3 Jam
    4.4 Linda
    4.5 Tommy
    4.6 Shinobin

5.0 Boards
    5.1 Freestyle
    5.2 All Around
    5.3 Alpine
    5.4 Shinobin
    5.5 Special

6.0 Items
    6.1 Weapons
    6.2 Items

7.0 Courses
    7.1 Rookie Mt.
    7.2 Big Snowman
    7.3 Sunset Rock
    7.4 Night Highway
    7.5 Grass Valley
    7.6 Dizzy Land
    7.7 Quicksand Valley
    7.8 Silver Mt.
    7.9 Ninja Land

8.0 Secrets, Hints & Unlockables
    8.1 Unlockables
    8.2 GameShark/Action Replay

9.0 Skill Games
    9.1 Speed Game
    9.2 Shot Game
    9.3 Trick Game

10.0 Review

11.0 End/Legal Stuff
     11.1 Version History
     11.2 Credits
     11.3 Contacting Me
     11.4 Copyright
     11.5 Final Words


                                2.0 Game Menu


There are 4 different modes in Snowboard Kids. Battle Race, Skill Game, Time 
Attack and the Board Shop......

2.1 Battle Race

Battle Race is the bulk of the game. This is where you'll spend most of your 

In Battle Race, you choose a course out of the starting 6 (you'll unlock more
later) on which you'll compete against 3 other riders in a simple race to the
finish line. This is the best place to come if you're looking for money, as
getting 3rd or higher, you are rewarded with a fairly large cash prize, as well
as a gold cup for 1st, silver for 2nd, and bronze for 3rd.

Not only that, but this is where you unlock the 3 extra courses.... see the
unlockables section...

2.2 Skill Game

Skill Game is where you can earn more money by doing "mini-games". These are
Speed Game, Shot Game & Trick Game. See the skill games section for more info.

2.3 Time Attack

In time attack, you select any of the courses you have unvailable to try and
get the best time on. You start a race with a speed fan which you can use at
any point in the course, but it can be important where you use it. There's also
the cool replay feature when you complete the course of what you just did from
a 3rd person point of view.

Lap Times to beat for each course:


Rookie Mt.

Slash, 00'36"00, Alpine 1
Nancy, 00'40"00, Alpine 1
Jam,   00'45"00, Alpine 1
Linda, 00'50"00, Alpine 1
Tommy, 00'55"00, Alpine 1


Big Snowman

Slash, 02'15"00, Alpine 1
Nancy, 02'20"00, Alpine 1
Jam,   02'30"00, Alpine 1
Linda, 02'40"00, Alpine 1
Tommy, 02'50"00, Alpine 1


Sunset Rock

Slash, 02'12"00, Alpine 1
Nancy, 02'15"00, Alpine 1
Jam,   02'20"00, Alpine 1
Linda, 02'30"00, Alpine 1
Tommy, 02'38"00, Alpine 1


Night Highway

Slash, 01'47"00, Alpine 1
Nancy, 01'50"00, Alpine 1
Jam,   01'56"00, Alpine 1
Linda, 02'00"00, Alpine 1
Tommy, 02'08"00, Alpine 1


Grass Valley

Slash, 01'56"00, Alpine 1
Nancy, 02'00"00, Alpine 1
Jam,   02'12"00, Alpine 1
Linda, 02'21"00, Alpine 1
Tommy, 02'25"00, Alpine 1


Dizzy Land

Slash, 01'52"00, Alpine 1
Nancy, 02'00"00, Alpine 1
Jam,   02'05"00, Alpine 1
Linda, 02'09"00, Alpine 1
Tommy, 02'13"00, Alpine 1


Quicksand Valley

Slash, 01'53"00, Alpine 1
Nancy, 01'56"00, Alpine 1
Jam,   02'00"00, Alpine 1
Linda, 02'04"00, Alpine 1
Tommy, 02'10"00, Alpine 1


Silver Mt.

Slash, 01'59"00, Alpine 1
Nancy, 02'02"00, Alpine 1
Jam,   02'11"00, Alpine 1
Linda, 02'17"00, Alpine 1
Tommy, 02'20"00, Alpine 1


Ninja Land

Slash, 00'28"00, Alpine 1
Nancy, 00'33"00, Alpine 1
Jam,   00'36"00, Alpine 1
Linda, 00'40"00, Alpine 1
Tommy, 00'42"00, Alpine 1


2.4 Board Shop

The board shop allows you to buy and paint boards.

Buying: You may buy boards at any time, but you must own all of the level two 
boards before the level three boards become available. Special boards only
become available after you have unlocked them (see unlockables section). For
more info and prices on boards see the Boards section.

Change Board Color: You can paint all 12 boards individually, choosing from 14
different styles. NOTE: The paint won't save until you leave the shop.

These are the 14 different styles...

1. Dolphin
2. Blue Sky
3. Snow Hill
4. Dead Zone
5. Rasto
6. Aquamarine
7. Emerald
8. Sound Wave
9. Dog
10. Jack Frost
11. Cat
12. Sakura
13. Wood
14. Pinwheel


                                3.0 The Basics


This is what you need to know before rushing off into a race. You can choose
LEARN on the Main Menu to do a run-through tutorial.

3.1 The Simple Stuff

Wow... isn't this obvious. To turn, usually used to go round a corner (funnily
enough), simply tilt the control stick left or right. It may be simple, but
it's important. You wouldn't want your character banging into the walls.....
or would you? *laughs evilly*

This is very important. Use this whenever you come to a very sharp corner. And
guess what it does, it turns sharply! *huge gasp* Just tilt the control stick
down-left or down-right. For those without common sense, down-left does a sharp
turn left. Left being the direction the tip of this arrow is pointing <--. And
down-right does.... ok, ok, no-one's that stupid. Just remember about cornering
don't overdo it all you'll find yourself going backwards on your board!

You need to know how to do this. It's fairly simple. I say fairly simple just
in case people start having trouble jumping. Who am I kidding, this is basic
stuff. Wait.... that's why its in the basics section..... Anyways, to do a
small jump, just tap the A button. To do a higher one, hold the A button down
and release at the edge of the jump or whenever you want to. When you're in the
crouched position you wont be able to turn so make sure you're lined up with
the jump before you press A. Jumping is also a good thing to do when you stop,
when you've just been hit by a weapon etc.

"Shooting Weapons"
To shoot a weapon, simply press Z. Not all weapons home in, so make sure you're
lined up with the opponent well. Obviously, to shoot a weapon, you need to have
obtained one at the shops around the course. The weapon appears in a RED box at
the top of the screen.

"Using Items"
To use an item, simply press B. Obviously, to use a weapon, you need to have
obtained one at the shops around the course. The item appears in a BLUE box at
the top of the screen.

"Item Boxes"
The only way to get items, the items boxes always appear on the track. They do
re-appear in a few seconds after someone has just gone through them. Red shops
give weapons, blue shops give items. You pay 100G when you go through one. If
you dont have enough money, then you will just bounce off the shop to the
annoying ones "Not Enough".

These are at the end/bottom of each lap. These take you back to the start of 
the course. When someone enters the chairlift, it turns green for a few
seconds, at which point you won't be able to enter, you'll just crash. On
different courses, the chairlift entry is in different sides at the end of
the course. The side is signalled by a large arrow, so you can't go wrong.
Well you can...

This is the money you use to buy things at the Board Shop. You can find gold
littered on the courses or you can earn it by doing tricks.

12.1 Simple Tricks

These are the everyday tricks that don't earn too much dosh. They are simple &
can be done on most jumps.

To do a grab press one of the C buttons. Each C button does a different grab
but in the end, they all get you the same amount of points. This is really
simple and a quick grab can be done with just a bump in the course.

"Front Flip & Back Flip"
Hold down A before a jump and press UP or DOWN before releasing A. Needs a real
jump to execute most of the time.

"360 left & 360 right"
Hold down A before a jump and press LEFT or RIGHT before releasing A. Needs a
real jump to execute most of the time.


These are combinations of the above

Grab and Flip: Do a flip and press a C button whilst in the air perforimg the

Grab and Turn: Do a turn and press a C button whilst in the air perforimg the

Flip and Turn: Hold down A and push the control stick to one of the diagonals.

Flip, Turn & Grab: Do a Flip and Turn and press a C button whils in the air
perforimg the Flip and Turn


                                 4.0 Characters


There are 5 characters to begin with with 1 unlockable character (see

How to read tricks

-> right
<- left
U  up
D  down
o> rotate full circle counterclockwise
 upper right
D< lower left
D> lower right

4.1 Slash

Full Name: Slash Kamei
Age: 10

Slash is an excellent choice for beginners! He is squarely in the middle when
it comes to top speed, cornering and trick-pulling skills.

Speed: 2
Corner: 2
Trick: 2

Slash's Banzai Bash
(A)   <-   ->   (A)

The Slash Spin
(A) U D U (A)

The Slash Dynamite
(A)-> <-  -> <-(A)

Slash is a good all round character. Anyone new to the game should start off
by using him. His tricks are also very simple so you can grab that extra gold
you need.

Reccommended Board: All Around: An All Around character should have an All
Around Board, and thats exactly what I'd suggest.

4.2 Nancy

Full Name: Nancy Neil
Age: 10

Tiny Nancy is a first rate trickster who's cornering abilities more than make
up for her lack of top speed.

Speed: 1
Corner: 3
Trick: 3

Nancy's Spinning Star
(A)   <-     ->   (A)

The Nancy Cross
(A)  U<  U> (A)

The Nancy Grab

Nancy's Best
(A)U D <-(A)

The Nancy Groove
(A)<- -> U D (A)

If you like money and weapons, go for Nancy. Otherwise, don't. You can't expect
to win with her ridiculously low speed, unless you're using an Alpine or a 

Reccommended Board: Alpine: As above, it sort of makes up for her low speed 

4.3 Jam

Full Name: Jam Kuehnemund
Age: 10

The hair gives him away! Jam's dedication to being the cool-cat of the slopes
means his tricks and cornering are second to none!

Speed: 1 1/2
Corner: 2 1/2
Trick: 2 1/2

Jam's Spinning Moon
(A)   <-   ->   (A)

The  Jam   Jam

The Strawberry Jam
(A) U  D  U  D (A)

The Blueberry Jam
(A)  D  U  <- (A)

The Boysenberry Jam
(A)  D   (A)

Linda's   Spinner
(A) <- -> U D (A)

Linda's      Leap
(A) U D U D <-(A)

She's wearing that top? On top of a freezing mountain? Anyway, Linda is a very
good character to use. Her downside is the lack of tricks and the fact that
they're hard to remember but hopefully you can pull them off with enough skill.

Reccommended Board: Freestyle/All Around: Depends what you want. All around if
you want to keep up with Tommy but Freestyle if you want to concentrate more on
her cornering and trick.

4.5 Tommy

Full Name: Tommy Parsy
Age: 10

First to the dinner table and last to leave - the Tubster's extra weight gives
him the best speed around, but his cornering and tricks are bottom of the

Speed: 3
Corner: 1
Trick: 1

Twirling   Tommy
(A) -> <- -> (A)

The Tommy Shake
(A)<--> <-->(A)

The Tommy Tumble
(A) U  o>  U (A)

Not a very good character to use. He has incredible speed and on straightaways,
he'll race faster than anyone but apart from that, you won't do too well with

Reccommended Board: Freestyle/Alpine: If you want to make him an All Around
character, go with Freestyle, but if you really want to race ahead, choose

4.6 Shinobin

Full Name: Shinobin
Age: ??

Speed: 2 1/2
Corner: 2 1/2
Trick: 2 1/2

Shinobin's   1080°
(A)-> <-  -> <-(A)

Shinobin's Quick Draw
(A) ->   (A)

Shinobin's Special Flip
(A)  U  o>   o>  U  (A)

Shinobin's Double Dash
(A)  <-  U  ->  D  (A)

Extremely annoying to play against, but extremely fun to play with. He has the
best stats in the game. Unfortunately, you can only use him once you have
unlocked him (see Unlockables).

Reccommended Board: Any: Although he has his 3 own boards, depending on what
you want more speed or cornering or whatever, choose yourself.


                                   5.0 Boards


There are 15 different boards in the game, each with 3 levels to buy. Each 
level is better than the previous level.

5.1 Freestyle

This is the board for tricks and cornering. Beginners may want to use this for
its cornering. But it can also be put to use in Animal Land, to obtain the
Feather Board (see Unlockables) or whenever you want to do tricks. More
importantly, this boards is great for the huge turn in Big Snowman and the many
in Quicksand Valley.

Level 1: Already Available
Level 2: 12,000 G, available to buy at the beginning of the game
Level 3: 24,000 G, available to buy after obtaining Level 2

5.2 All Around

A very balanced board. Another good one for newbies, but you should only use it
for a fairly balanced character. Don't stick Tommy on one of these. If you
don't prefer speed or anything, this is a decent board to use. For experienced
players, it isn't all that good until Level 3. Try and buy the Level 3 one
about halfway through the 9 courses. The higher levels are some of the 

Level 1: Already available
Level 2: 10,000 G, available to buy at the beginning of the game
Level 3: 20,000 G, available to buy after obtaining Level 2

5.3 Alpine

This is the board for speed. Best for experienced players and one of the best
when it comes to the last 2 levels, by which time you should be getting pretty
good. But beware, on a tight turn you could put the board into reverse, which
seriously slices your speed. The price of this board is average.

Level 1: Already available
Level 2: 11,000 G, available to buy at the beginning of the game
Level 3: 22,000 G, available to buy after obtaining Level 2

5.4 Shinobin

Yes, Shinobin has his own wacky, twisted boards. I don't need to go into much
depth here, Level 1 is equivalent to Freestyle, Level 2 to All Around and Level
3 to Alpine

Level 1: Already available
Level 2: Already available
Level 3: Already available

5.5 Special

Star Board: This is probably the best board to use when racing. It has amazing
speed and cornering, but you don't unlock it until the end of the game.

Feather Board: Best when you either want to have fun or to do tricks. This
board jumps loads higher than any other, you can do a front or back flip on
normal terrain! It makes it very easy to jump over enemy's weapons, too.

Ice Board: Worthless. There is no point to this board, unless you want a
challenge. Speed is ok, but the turning is absolutely awful and so is the 
trick. Try and beat Quicksand Valley with this piece of rubbish

Star Board: 80,000 G, Beat Ninja Land in 1st place
Feather Board: 100,000 G, Get 2,500 pts+ in Animal Land
Ice Board: 1,000 G, Get all 9 non-secret boards

Level 1: Already available
Level 2: 11,000 G, available to buy at the beginning of the game
Level 3: 22,000 G, available to buy after obtaining Level 2


                                   6.0 Items


There are 2 different items. Weapons, which you shoot at other people and
items, which basically do anything else

6.1 Weapons

Probably the most inaccurate weapon. However, it can wipe out more than one
opponent at once. As soon as it comes into contact with anything, be it wall or
snowboarder, there is an explosion which hits anyone within a small radius. 
When you're in first, you should pick this up all the time. Be warned when 
using it whilst behind though, never use it close to an opponent. You could 
find you're in that blast radius too!

"Slap Stick"
Yes, its a big glove. Cool, huh? It doesnt travel too fast, but it is very
accurate, and can go round most corners. When this comes into contact with an
opponent, it will knock them over, and forward at the same time. When it
hits a wall though, it simply disappears and you've wasted it.

"Freeze Shot"
A fairly good weapon to have. on contact, it temproraily freezes an opponent.
After about 2-3 seconds, they will break out, landing on the ground. They lose
all their speed as well... Try not to use this while close to an opponent
because its easy to hit them while frozen, knocking you over too!

A very hard weapon to use. Its fast, but extremely inaccurate. When it hits an
opponent, they turn into a snowman and cannot turn. They will keep going
straight until they hit a wall, at which point they will fall over. Fun to use
when the opponent is about to go off a jump with a gap in it... However, this
weapon bounces off all walls it hits, so you could find it coming straight
back at you!

In my opinion, this is the best weapon to use. When this hits an opponent,
they are shot high into the air, only to drift down again with a parachute...
slowly. If you can use this on the edge of a huge jump it could be 
devastating as they will take ages to hit the ground, leaving them (hopefully)
in last place, never to be seen again.

6.2 Items

"Speed Fan"
Very useful item. Speeds you up to about twice your normal speed. This lasts 
for about 7 seconds. Don't use this on sharp corners as you'll most likely
crash into the side and lose your fan. It can sometimes be annoying on jumps
too, as you have to go dead straight off most of them or you'll be heading
straight for a wall, unable to turn.

Best item in the game. All you do is press the B button and BANG! Every other
racer on the track gets flattened by a huge fan, leaving them unable to move
for a few seconds. The only way you can avoid this is when you are on the
chairlift or you are invisible. You're most likely to pick this up in last
place, funnily enough.

The name says it all really. It turns you invisible for a few seconds, at which
time you won't be hit or affected by anything. The exceptions are the rocks,
which you'll still trip over and the ghosts.

This is probably the worst, and unfortunately, the most common item to find.
Anyone who hits the rock will trip over, including invisible boarders. You're
even more likely to find this in first, but it can be put to some use. Place it
by an item box, before or after the chairlift for the best effects.

"Rat Face"
Steals all the money from anyone, leaving them broke and you filthy rich. One 
press of the B button and a mouse pops up, does a dance for you and boom! 
You're rolling in it. If you love money, then this is a great item to use. The 
downside is that it is VERY rarely found.

Very useful item. Slows down the racer in front temporarily. This cannot be
avoided, full stop. <<<*points to full stop*<<< It affects invisible
opponents. NOTE: If you use this while in first, it will affect the opponent
in second place.


                                  7.0 Courses


There are a total of 9 different courses, 3 of them unlockable... (see
unlockables (how many times can I say that))

7.1 Rookie Mt.

A very simple course. It provides everything you'd want in an introductory
course. Yes, it's on snow, surprisingly enough (you'll se what I mean later).
The surroudings and scenery are just basic snow but its good nonetheless. The
music ain't anything you're going to remember either but on to the actual

Because of it's short length, you've got a whole 5 laps. Don't worry
about which board you use, the course is simple enough for any board. The
course starts with a short straight (get the quick start and you should be well
ahead). There's lots of coins to pick up at this point, to give you enough gold
to get a weapon in the item shop which appears just after the coins. There's 1
or 2 sharp turns in this level so you might be best not going for the Alpine if
you're new to the game. You can also find plenty more coins and item shops,
make good use of them because they could be the difference between winning and
losing the race. Finally, the 2 jumps in the course. Stick with the basic
tricks on these, although it IS possible to pull off a special move, I wouldn't
reccommend trying it, crashing could lose you the race. A few extra notes, this
is the only course that follows one strict route. It also happens to be the
only one that drops your character off at the start banner.

There are no shortcuts in this course.

5 laps

Difficulty: *

Best Racer: Tommy
Best Board: Alpine

7.2 Big Snowman

I love this course, personally. It's set on a beautiful snowy mountain with
slaloms through trees, riding through lit tunnels before leaping off a huge
jump and much more. It also has great music which, if you play enough, could
soon be humming to yourself.

This is easily the longest course in the game. That's why it's only got 3 laps.
(Try sticking change lap on and change it to 9 :P). The course starts with a
straight on which there are heaps of coins and a weapon and an item shop. Ride
down a straight hill and into the tunnel round a bend. You can then prepare for
the huge jump straight after the tunnel where you can pull off something

To Be Continued...


                        8.0 Secrets, Hints and Unlockables


8.1 Unlockables

"Unlock Quicksand Valley"
Obtain a gold cup on all of the first 6 courses.

"Unlock Silver Mt."
Obtain a gold cup on Quicksand Valley

"Unlock Ninja Land"
Obtain a gold cup on Silver Mt.

"Unlock Shinobin to race as"
Obtain a gold cup on Ninja Land

"Make Star Board available to buy"
Obtain a gold cup on Ninja Land. You can then buy the Star board for 80,000G at
the board shop.

"Make Feather Board available to buy"
Get 2,500 points or more in the Trick Game. You can then buy the Star board for
80,000G at the board shop.

"Make Ice Board available to buy"
Get all 9 non-secret boards. You can then buy the Ice Board for 1,000G at the
board shop.

"Master Code: Unlock all boards, characters & courses"
Press Analog-stick Down, Analog-stick Up, D-Pad Down, D- Pad Up, C-Down, C-Up, 
L, R, Z, D-Pad Left, C-right, Analog-stick Up, B, D-Pad Right, C-Left, Start 
at the Start screen. Nancy will laugh to confirm correct code entry.

"Fast Start"
At the start of the race hold up and press A repeatedly to get a quick start.

"Animal Land Glitch"
This is extremely hard to do, but its worth it. Go to Animal Land and do all
the normal stuff and spend some time in the half pipe. Then make sure you're
ready. The aim is to land on the stick at the end at exactly 00'03"23. It's
hard to do, but instead of multiplying your score by 2 it will multiply it by


A GameShark or Pro Action Replay cartridge is required to use the codes 
featured below. 

8.2 GameShark/Action Replay

"GameShark/Action Replay (North American (NTSC) version)"

Infinite Cash
Enable Sinobin

1 Lap Race
Gold Medals             

Player 1 Coin Modifier
811222EA xxxx     

Player 1 Start On Lap Modifier
D0122288 0000     
80122288 00xx

Player 1 Always Have 1st Place
80122289 0000  

Player 2 Coin Modifier   
811228F6 xxxx     

Player 2 Start On Lap Modifier
D0122894 0000     
80122894 00xx

Player 2 Always Have 1st Place
80122895 0000   
Player 3 Coin Modifier
81122F02 xxxx     

Player 3 Start On Lap Modifier
D0122EA0 0000     
80122EA0 00xx

Player 3 Always Have 1st Place
80122EA1 0000 

Player 4 Coin Modifier    
8112350E xxxx     

Player 4 Start On Lap Modifier
D01234AC 0000     
801234AC 00xx

Player 4 Always Have 1st Place
801234AD 0000     


"GameShark/Action Replay (European and Australian (PAL) versions)"

Unlimited cash:
81122728 C350 

Only one lap to race:
811226C8 0009 

Enable Sinobin:
8110B29E 0100
Press Left at the selection screen to obtain Sinobin.
Gold medals:
810ECE62 0101
810ECE64 0101
810ECE66 0101
810ECE68 0101
810ECE6A 0101
810ECE6C 0101 

Open all tracks:
800ECE7C 0003 


"GameShark/Action Replay (Japanese (NTSC) version)"

Gold modifier for player 1:
811216DA ???? 
8112160E ???? 

Gold modifier for player 2:
81121C16 ???? 
81121C1A ???? 


Quantity Digits to Accompany Start on Lap Modifier Codes 
00 - Lap 1
01 - Lap 2
02 - Lap 3
03 - Lap 4
04 - Lap 5 

Quantity Digits to Accompany Right Weapon Modifier Codes 
00 - Nothing
01 - Fan
02 - Ghost
03 - Coin
04 - Rock
05 - Mouse
06 - Invisible 

Quantity Digits to Accompany Left Weapon Modifier Codes 
00 - Nothing
01 - Slapstick
02 - Parachute
03 - Freeze Shot
04 - Snowman
05 - Bomb 


                                9.0 Skill Games

9.1 Speed Game

Basically you just do a normal course in the fastest time possible but here
there are speed fans littered all over the track. You must get all of these for
the best time...


Rookie Mt.

No. of Fans: 10
Time Allowed: 1'00"00

Times to beat:

Slash, 00'36"00, Alpine 1
Nancy, 00'42"00, Alpine 1
Jam,   00'44"00, Alpine 1
Linda, 00'48"00, Alpine 1
Tommy, 00'53"00, Alpine 1


Big Snowman

No. of Fans: 20
Time Allowed: 2'30"00

Times to beat:

Slash, 01'58"00, Alpine 1
Nancy, 02'03"00, Alpine 1
Jam,   02'11"00, Alpine 1
Linda, 02'13"00, Alpine 1
Tommy, 02'21"00, Alpine 1


Sunset Rock

No. of Fans: 20
Time Allowed: 2'30"00

Times to beat:

Slash, 02'01"00, Alpine 1
Nancy, 02'06"00, Alpine 1
Jam,   02'13"00, Alpine 1
Linda, 02'18"00, Alpine 1
Tommy, 02'22"00, Alpine 1


9.2 Shot Game

The aim here is to shoot down as many of the snowmen littering the track as
possible. You press the Z button to fire a missile, which destroys a snowman
when it comes into contact with it. If you use too many in a row though, you
may be unable to use a missile for a short period of time.


Rookie Mt.

No. of Snowmen: 30
Time Allowed: 1'30"00

Snowmen to beat:

Slash, 20 Snowmen, Freestyle 1
Nancy, 15 Snowmen, Freestyle 1
Jam,   10 Snowmen, Freestyle 1
Linda,  5 Snowmen, Freestyle 1
Tommy,  0 Snowmen, Freestyle 1


Big Snowman

No. of Snowmen: 60
Time Allowed: 3'00"00

Snowmen to beat:

Slash, 40 Snowmen, Freestyle 1
Nancy, 30 Snowmen, Freestyle 1
Jam,   20 Snowmen, Freestyle 1
Linda, 10 Snowmen, Freestyle 1
Tommy,  0 Snowmen, Freestyle 1


Sunset Rock

No. of Snowmen: 60
Time Allowed: 3'00"00

Snowmen to beat:

Slash, 40 Snowmen, Freestyle 1
Nancy, 30 Snowmen, Freestyle 1
Jam,   20 Snowmen, Freestyle 1
Linda, 10 Snowmen, Freestyle 1
Tommy,  0 Snowmen, Freestyle 1


9.3 Trick Game

Here you must do as many tricks as possible, using the half-pipe and all the
jumps etc. There is only one course but it is wholely original. Here is how the
point scoring works...

Grab =                  1 point
Back Flip =            10 points
Front Flip =           10 points
360 Left =             10 points
360 right =            10 points
Flip & Turn =          10 points
Flip & Grab =       15-20 points
Turn & Grab =       15-20 points
Flip, Turn & Grab = 15-20 points
Any Special Trick =    40 points


Animal Land

Time Allowed: 3'00"00

Scores to beat:

Slash, 400 Points, Freestyle 1
Nancy, 200 Points, Freestyle 1
Jam,   100 Points, Freestyle 1
Linda,  50 Points, Freestyle 1
Tommy,   0 Points, Freestyle 1



                                  10.0 Review


I really don't know how I came across the game, but I know now, my N64 
wouldn't have been the same without it.......

Graphics: 9/10 

At first glance, they don't look like the best graphics on N64 what with the 
cartoony effects, such as the characters huge noses, but when you get playing, 
you'll experience the true amazement. Ride across beautiful snow-covered 
mountains, dodging trees or ride through tunnels where the sunsets filter 
through. There's even a course that takes place at night-time which is lit 
up.... its truly stunning what they've done with the N64.

Sound/Music: 10/10 

The music is classic. Simple. Atlus managed to get music to fit with each 
level perfectly and not only that, its some of the best music on any game! 
You'll find yourself humming the tunes to yourself all the time and I enjoyed 
them so much, I downloaded Snowboard Kids MIDIs to listen to! Its like dance 
music, but better. I'd turn the game on while doing something else instead of 
getting out a radio/CD Player. Its that good.

The sound effects let it down a bit, nothing more than grunts or "Yeah" 
or "Ha!" etc. but it isn't really that important, its not something you'll 
notice while playing and start complaining about!

Gameplay: 10/10 

First we have the characters. It isn't a huge selection, in fact, there's only 
5 to start with, with 1 secret character available to unlock, but they've 
designed them well (apart from the big noses). They are Slash, Nancy, Jam, 
Linda and Tommy, plus the secret character which you should go and earn 
yourself. Each character has different stats, based on Speed, Turn and Trick. 
To begin with, its best to use an all-around character like Slash but when you 
become more experienced, you might be better to go for someone like Tommy when 
going for speed.

Then there's the boards. There's a board that excels in Turn, one which is 
average, and one for pure speed. Its a small selection but you can buy an 
extra 2 levels for each board which are better than the originals. Special 
boards are to be unlocked, one which is great in all aspects, one which gives 
extra jumping power and one which was designed to be bad, if you want a real 
challenge. In the board shop, you can customize your boards by changing the 
patterns etc.

The courses. Amazing. There may only be 9 of them, but they sure are stunning. 
There is absolutely amazing design on the levels, it really brings the game to 
life. Sometimes, you aren't even riding on snow, on some courses you'll find 
yourself riding on normal land, grass or even sand! Ride through tunnels, over 
huge cliffs on a mountain, through a gorgeous misty mountain setting and much 
more. They don't even get boring. Even after you've played them so many times, 
you'll still be coming back to them again and again!

But racing isn't the only mode of play. There is a speed game where you have 
to pick up fans along the course to keep your speed up. Shot game where you 
have to shoot down snowmen littered around the course with missiles and 
finally Trick game where you must earn as many points as possible doing tricks.

There's many weapons and items you find in shops along the course. These range 
from parachutes which send your opponent high in the air, to float down 
slowly, fans which power you along the course, a mouse which steals opponents 
money, even a pan, yes a pan, which crushes all your opponents.

Multiplayer doesn't come much better than this. This is where Snowboard Kids 
really shines. The thrill of suddenly launching a weapon at your friend who 
was leading the whole time, only to make them finish in last as you race to 
the finish line is great. Get some friends over and you're in for a great time.

Finally the unlockables. There's many things to unlock. 3 of the 9 courses 
have to be earned by beating the previous courses, there's the secret boards 
and the 1 secret character. It isn't loads, but it'll keep you playing longer 
than you think.

Difficulty: 10/10 

Perfect. For beginners, there's a tutorial to guide you through the basics of 
the game and the levels range from a simple beginning level right through to 
very hard challenges, which you'll find yourself playing for ages to beat, but 
still not getting frustrated.

Bob's Grade: 10/10 (NOT AVERAGE) 

Rent or buy? 

Obvious. Buy it now. NOW! *pulls out knife* GO YOU IDIOT! BUY IT!!!!


                               11.0 End/Legal Stuff


This is the final section and it's just for the stuff that has to be mentioned.

11.1 Version History

Version 0.75 - 10th September 2004

Most of the FAQ has been done in the first version. I've done the following...

Game Menu
The Basics
Secrets, Hints & Unlockables
Skill Games

Most importantly, the course guide is still incomplete...

11.2 Credits

Probably the shortest credit list ever.........

GameFAQs.com/CJayC       -   For accepting my FAQs and for having a great site.
My Family                -   For putting up with me on the computer.
My Brother, Dan          -   For introducing me to Snowboard Kids.
Atlus/Racdym             -   For making the game. 
Everyone from GameFAQs   -   Just in case I forgot someone.

11.3 Contacting Me

If you wish to send me any comments, criticism or anything on your mind, you
may contact me via email. All e-mails must be in English too... Any e-mail
that you send must be written politely. I will simply ignore people with
ignorant or strange messages. I will not answer anything that is answered in
the FAQ.


11.4 Copyright

This document is protected by international copyright law. You may use this 
document for personal use, print it and/or put it on your homepage/site.
However, this document may not be altered in any way whatsoever, it may not be 
published in any magazine and/or sold for profit. It may only be displayed in 
ASCII text (.txt). All credit must be given to me, Joe Denniss (BobTheFish), 
the sole owner of this document.

In short, any site can use this FAQ as long as everything in it remains intact.

11.5 Final Words

Thank you for reading!

                       __                     _           
                      / _\_ __   _____      _| |__   ___  
                      \ \| '_ \ / _ \ \ /\ / / '_ \ / _ \ 
                      _\ \ | | | (_) \ V  V /| |_) | (_) |
                      \__/_| |_|\___/ \_/\_/ |_.__/ \___/ 

                                     _     _     
                                /\ /(_) __| |___ 
                               / //_/ |/ _` / __|
                              / __ \| | (_| \__ \
                              \/  \/|_|\__,_|___/

Copyright (c) 2003-2004 BobTheFish

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document 
are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

- End of Document -

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