Review by bullet sword

Reviewed: 10/04/04

Sounds cool. Is cool. Not too good.

I am some sort of a Spider-man fan, but this game doesn't seem to be all that gripping at all. Get ready to web sling into this review.

Game play: 6/10

Sure. Web slinging is fun. Beating up guys on rooftops is better. This game doesn't have that very much to offer. Kick, punch, jump, and web slinging. Not enough. Although web yanking is fun, the boss battles are, well, easy. Not very challenging at all. Extra modes like Survival and Time Attack makes it extra fun, but the whole game itself is too repetitive. Throwing objects are here so grab what you need, then kill someone with it.

Graphics: 7/10

Since this is the N64, the graphics are a little blurry once up close. Buildings have great detail. Character models and other things in the background seem to be O.K. Even the explosions look good for once.

Control: 5/10

The really important buttons are all in the C buttons. It really mistakes you for the B button. Web slinging is easy. Just tap the R button and you swing for like, two seconds only.

Sound: 7/10

Pretty good. The music changes depending on the situation. Cause a lot of trouble and the music goes to some action packed music. Crawl around in stealth and the music is soft. The voices sound great. The enemies will alert the other enemies that you're here. It sounds realistic.


Worth renting. Keeping it means that you're taking up space in your house. 4-5 days should be the appropriate amount to finish the game smoothly.

Overall: 6/10

Sadly, this Spider-man game is not what I hoped it would be. Like I said: Too repetitive. Oh. I almost forgot. There are different costumes that have special abilities. Well. Spider-man should of had a lot more stuff, but this is okay if you're an N64 gamer.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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