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Reviewed: 01/22/02 | Updated: 09/03/02

Spider-Man for the N64 is in a way remarkable

Spider-Man is an icon loved by many. Spider-Man is a superhero unlike any other superhero. Spider-Man got most of his early and late success through comic books, but video games have also been Spidey's stronger strength. However, the game’s never really got a good vision of what it is like to actually be Spider-Man, to go around web-slinging building to building, to taking down more an alliance of criminals. Not one of game ever got a good vision of this. But now developers Neversoft Entertainment are hoping to change this. Neversoft, who have done the amazing title Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater are about to change Spidey’s world and make it as real as the comic books and even to make Spidey’s world look more realistic by adding a large dose of villains and criminals. With the game’s release we see it was mostly everything we expected and more.

Spider-Man for the Nintendo 64 is right about the only game that can keep up with Spidey’s pace and make him a true hero. The game has a pretty simple story and it goes like this. One night at a science expo a convention was held. Many were there including Peter Parker, who is Spider-Man and even Eddie Brock, who is the super villain only known as Venom. At the convention people were witnessing an uprise to civilization as Doctor Otto Octavius (who is also Dr. Octopus) is about to bring a new machine that can change everything. As it is being held something happens backstage. Soon an imposter Spider-Man captures Octavius’s machine and gets rid of all the footage that was taken by Eddie Brock. As Peter Parker gets out of there to change into his gear, Eddie Brock goes through a mutation as it look’s like. Now Eddie Brock has been turned to the villain Venom, but that’s not all. Now a mysterious figure puts fog all over half of New York City and the only one who can put an end to this is Spider-Man.

As Spider-Man you must now stop everyone who gets in your way and to get rid of all your big enemies as well as the hazards they cause. During the game you will be helped out by your female adversary who is only known as Black Cat. Black Cat will give you many hints and strategies to help you learn the basics of the game and also to learn all the different controls. To get Black Cat’s help you will need to go to a question mark and she will help you. However, note that Black Cat won’t be helping you through your whole quest. Black Cat will only be helping you at certain times.

The controls in this game are also fairly simple. Just pressing the X button will make you jump while Square and Triangle will make you attack your enemy’s. Since your name is Spider-Man you can also use many different web attacks. These include from trapping your enemy’s to using the web as an offenser and as a shield. You have a lot of web combinations you can do so this makes everything more worthwhile. Also Spidey’s moves take good advantage of the Nintendo 64’s controller by giving you all those moves and also by making those moves so easy to perform.

Spider-Man features many options and also many modes. Some of these options include from changing changing the controls and evenb the sound and/or music. This game also offers many difficulty modes such as Easy, Normal, Hard, and Kid Mode (which is basically a Very Easy Mode). These difficulty settings can stop people from saying that this game is too easy or to hard. Spider-Man also offers many features to unlock such as hidden costumes, comics, and storyboards. Also if you beat the game you can watch all the FMV sequences and you will be able too see every character’s bios. This game can probably be known as the game with many secrets.

We all know New York City is one big place and to maneuver around this place can be quite hard. Thankfully Spider-Man is now equipped with a Spider-Compass. The Spider-Compass allow you to figure out where you are and where you should go next. This helps moving around New York City really easily.

If you like many of Spider-Man’s villains then you will be pretty happy when I say that this game features many of Spidey’s greatest villains or civilians. Some of the villains included in this game range from Scorpion to Venom and yes even to Carnage. Also many of Spidey’s allies made their way into this game. Some of Spidey’s allies in this game include names such as Black Cat, Daredevil, and the Human Torch.

The graphics in this game are actually quite good despite what anyone says. While offering some bad textures and bad looking character models, this game makes up for it with its huge environments. The backgrounds are also nicely done and well modeled. Obviously Neversoft and Activision did not spend enough time with the graphics engine, but that’s ok. I mean not every game can look like a Final Fantasy game. The sound is well done too. Everything from the superb voice acting to the funny dialogue make the game’s experience worth a lot more than anyone expected. Good Job to the developers on the Sound area.

The game’s 3 main problems come in the form of this: camera, length, and fun factor. The game’s camera is well........really bad. The camera does a lousy job on telling you where you are and at the later levels this can be the reason why you will lose many of the times. Also this game is pretty short. While it offers many difficulty settings, this game is put down on length. And the game’s worst problem is its fun factor. This means on how fun this game is or will be. Well I’ll tell you. The early levels are all pure Spider-Man action, until you go to the sewers that is. The sewers will make the camera even more frustrating and it doesn’t all really plan out by having this part on the game.

Spider-Man features many Easter eggs and many secrets as I mentioned above. Many of the Easter eggs will mainly make reference to Neversoft’s title Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2. This is not only because the developers made that game, but it is that Spider-Man is actually a boarder in that game. So expect to hear funny quotes like “ Tony Hawk.......I skated with that guy.” Most of the quotes are hilarious.

If you learning Spider-Man’s moves is too hard then don’t worry. This is because this game features many practice modes that can make you learn those moves. There are modes like web slinging practice to modes like how many enemies can you beat up. These will not only make you learn Spidey’s moves faster, but they will mostly bring out people to getting the game’s engine much more easier.

Overall if you will like a solid gaming experience with average graphics and great sound, then well you found your game. But if you are looking for a game with good camera and actually satisfying levels, then best bet is for you to look somewhere else cause Spider-Man for the Nintendo 64 won’t be able to give you that type of gaming experience.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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