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Reviewed: 11/09/01 | Updated: 11/09/01

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Well to start this off I'll just have to say, this is my first review. Anyway if your a comic book fan, or if you like Action/Adventure games, you'll probably like Spiderman for N64!

GAME PLAY: I think this is a fun game that can be played through several times and still be fun. Even though the game is fairly easy on the easy difficulty, it can be tough at times in the harder difficulty's. This is a very unique game, as the box says ''You don't just play it, You live it'' that is almost true, in this game you can do almost every singal thing that Spidey does in the comics and in the animated series, it is like your controlling a robot Spidey.Overall you would be very impressed with the game play, I know I was.Another cool thing about this game is the collection theme, there are comic books scattered all through the stages of the game, some are hidden and some are right there, but it is a good idea and I liked it.
There are a few different training modes in this, Item Collection and Zip Line Training. In Item Collection you run around and grab the coins as fast as you can, if your fast enough you can unlock a costume. And in Zip Line Training you drop down from the ceiling and collect the coins, and quickly press B to zip back up, otherwise you hit the electric floor and die if you get enough points points before the time is up you can unlock a costume.The training is not to bad though Zip Line Training is very hard to beat.

GRAPHICS: This game features 3-D graphics that is to an exact scale of what the comics featured, also I've been told that the buildings look exactly like the ones shown in the Spiderman 3-D ride at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure in Florida. To be more descriptive, they are very impressive and very well done, Edge of Reality really did a great job when they designed these, and the only thing that could have made this better would have been if they designed it so you could see the street below, instead it is just fog and when you fall and don't save yourself by slinging to safety you die.Other than that these graphics are very cool.

SOUNDS: The sounds are really good in this game, they feature the voices used in the Animated Series and they cover the sounds for everything, form the foot steps to the sound of helicopters and even the sound of Spidey shooting the webs.The bosses all say a few phrases each during the fight, if it's a long battle you'll hear them over and over but besides that the sounds are done well. The music is pretty good too, it doesn't seen to get annoying or repetitive in any way, so that is always a plus.

STORY: There is a unique story involved in this, it is a mixture of things that happened in the comics and things that are for the story of the game only.For example when you unlock some of the costumes it tells you how it pertains to the comic story, then it has things that are basically why you are doing all the stages, however I'am not going to tell you that, I don't want to spoil it. But Activision put a pretty basic story on the game and it isn't anything to amazing, but it helps make the game good enough to be interesting, so you can't complain to much.

REPLAY: Though many people would disagree, I don't think this game ever gets old, it is a action packed game no matter how much you play and I'd seriously recommend that you either rent or buy this game.The best thing to do would be rent it first, even though I didn't, if you want to be assured that this game is fun it is a good idea.

CONCLUSION: I said once and I'll say it again Spiderman is an awesome game please play this if you haven't if you don't like this game that's fine everyone is entitled to an opinion but I would definitely recommend this game to anyone from the ages 5-21 that's right all the way up to 21, because it is just that good and entertaining!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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