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Reviewed: 05/15/01 | Updated: 11/09/02

"Curse your infernal web slinging Spiderman!"

Whenever you hear about video games based on movies, cartoons, or comics, you can bet 90% of the time it will not live up to it’s counterpart in ANY way. However, Spiderman not only feels like a Spidy comic, but it has some cool gameplay and graphics. Up in the sky! It's a bird? it's a... oops, wrong super hero.

(Note. I’m not a comic book kind of guy, but I know what I’m talking about.)


Bow down and give thanks to the 4meg expansion pak, because not many games use it to look this pretty. My god! Character models are so smooth, without a jag in sight! Don’t know how it looks without it, but I bet it’s nice. Character designs are juts like a living comic book version of themselves.

Textures, to my surprise, are top quality as well. I was worried, this being a port of a PSX game, buts it’s nice that the artists revamped the game for the 64.


First off, Spiderman controls very well. However, the fighting engine could have been better, and more interesting. I miss the old Ninja Turtle days of just beating the crap outta bad guys. Not many villains assault Spidy at once, and his punchs and kicks are awkward. And the baddies pose little to no threat, aside from those unfair, blasted symbionts....

Web slinging across roof tops is fun, and actually, really cool. But, where the heck does the web stick to? The clouds?!

Spiderman also suffers from “PSX Port” syndrome, in the fact it’s far to short. Like Resident Evil 2 before it, a few hours and your done. And the slide shows replacing the FMV was a quick fix, because with a little elbow grease they could have animated them in real time.

SOUND 8/10

Nothing major.. Mostly techno and gutair rifts. But there are a few cool tunes. Oh, and the voice acting is quite good, considering their uttering lines like “Curse your infernal web sliging antics Spiderman!”

STORY 7/10

Wasn’t expecting Shakespeare on this one, but I’m guessing Spidy nuts think it’s true to the comic. As for me, even knowing it was a comic story, felt it tried to do to many things at once. Like it’s a “Let’s see how many villains we can but in here at once.” If the game was longer, it would have been fine, but the only villains to be used in the correct was Venom and maybe Carnage.


Short length and awkward web attacks. What’s up with the female characters? All their breast are anti gravity powered or something...


It’s a fun game to be sure, but why play it again right away? They try to put more replay by adding extra costumes and hidden stuff, and it might work for some. I suggest renting.


Although better than its PSX counter part, Spiderman 64 still reeks of it’s roots. It’s short quest, while fun and a great game, is not used to it’s fullest potential. But Spiderman is unlike other half arsed cash ins: It has everything a game should have, and it never seems rushed or without heart.

And if I were Spiderman, I would hide on the ceiling and shoot people with webs then swing out the window while their trying to brake free. No reason, just sounds cool.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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