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Reviewed: 03/17/01 | Updated: 09/03/02

Spidy's In The House!

Let me tell you a good story about a good game. One i was in a blockbuster trying to find a game to rent, but what da ya know??? I found a game i leasted expected!!!! Spider-Man!!! I was ready to explode!!! But unfortunately, the game was looong gone. Spider-Man was taken!!!!!!!!!!

The Next day errr week i came hoping Spider Man was there but nope, what's new??. Finally the next week i came i got it, I finally got it, so i rented it out, and was ready to have the biggest adventure of my life, in the game of course. Let me tell ya, the second i got home i poped this baby in my 64 and started this 'adventure'.

Gameplay - The controls are a tid hard but understandable or easy to learn in less then 3 days!! There are also 'specail' moves were are hard to learn like Tony Hawk pro skater. Rating: 9

Story - The Comic books are not what you expect but at least you have something to collect in the game, like Zelda.
The plot is good too, but i'm not gonna tell you what it is.
Rating: 8

Graphics/Audio - The Graphics are very good and i'm pleased to say that the audio is very enjoyable too. Voices from the oringal Spider-Man and newies were there too. Rating: 8

Replayability - This is what destroys the game. First, the game was very short, but enjoyably, so you don't need a guide for that. Each level, takes you to beat in less then 10-20 minutes, excluding about 1 or 2 out of 20-25 levels. The bosses are a bit more difficult but they shouldn't take you more then 3-5 tries to beat. Second, the costumes are what makes this game back on track. With different ability in every costume Spidy has his way, maxed up. There isn't a multiplayer though but it was possibly to make it with the different costumes. Rating:7

Conculsion: Rent or buy: I recommend rent and buy a memory pak, because this game is soooo short, you CAN beat it in less then 5 days and save the winning stuff on your memory pak where you can load it at a friend's house on his/her game. There's also a secret 'word' which gives you all the levels+costumes if your having trouble, and trouble only.

This game is very fun, especially for little kids, and Spidy fans. This game is worthy buying but rent it to try it out first and to beat, if possibly.
Well this review is about over, so good-night peoples. Hoped ya liked it and hoped it helped ya if ya wanted to buy or rent this game but couldn't decide it. Good-Night,

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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