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Guide and Walkthrough by AstroBlue

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 02/02/2003

   ###########################                   ###########################
   ###########################                   ###########################
   ###     ###     ###     ###                   ###     ###     ###     ###
   ###     ###     ###     ###                   ###     ###     ###     ###
   ###########################                   ###########################
   ############   ############                   ###########################
           ####   ###
           ####   ###           ####             ############   ####   ####
   ############   ###########    ###   #         ############   ####   ####
   ############   ###########      ## #                         ####   ####
           ####   ###               ##         ################ ####   ####
           ####   ###              ##   #####  ################ ####   ####
   ############   ###########     ##  ######                    ####   ####
   ############   ###########     ######         ############   ####   ####
           ####   ###                            ############   ####   ####
           ####   ###                                           ####   ####
     ##########   #############                  ############   ####   ####
 ##############   #############                  ############    ###   ####
 #####    #####   ###                                                  ####
        ######    ###                           ##############         ####
    #########     ###                           ####      ####         ####
    ######        ###                           ####      ####      #######
    ###                                         ##############      ######

                          罪と罰 - 地球の継承者
                 Sin and Punishment : Successor to the Earth
                           for the NINTENDO 64
                     FAQ / Walkthrough  Version 1.3
            Written by AstroBlue (tetsuwan_blue(at)yahoo.com.au)

                   Last Updated: February 2nd, 2003

This FAQ uses Shift-JIS encoding to display Japanese kana (characters).
Browsers such as Mozilla Firefox (www.mozilla.org/products/firefox) support
CJK encoding inherently, but common browsers such as MS Internet Explorer
require you to update your system (windowsupdate.microsoft.com). Otherwise,
I recommend you download a Japanese-English word processor called JWPce.
It is available from: http://www.physics.ucla.edu/~grosenth/jwpce.html

  ii)Gameplay Overview
  i)Main Menu
  ii)Pause Menu

See bottom of document.

(Translation of Japanese story)

It's the dawn of a new century, mankind has succeeded in maintaining peace
and has prospered like never before. However, from this newfound prosperity
has come a population explosion. This increase in mouths to feed has caused a
strain on the food supplies of the world. Shortages of food became critical
in all regions of the world. Mankind needed a new food source, one that could
breed even under the most abnormal conditions; and so scientists began
creating a "New Species" of life. After some time, the scientists succeeded
in creating this "New Species" of life, and Hokkaido (The north-most Japanese
Island) was chosen as the huge nesting pasture. The humans who succeeded in
obtaining the new source of food expected their new found prosperity to
continue again.


From the midst of the "New Species" came mutated beasts which suddenly began
to devour their human hunters. The attacking hoards which formed a loose
group henceforth became know as "Ruffians", they travelled south through the
Japanese Islands and gained control over all of north-east Japan. In Tokyo
the Ruffian began invading in front of the very eyes of the city's
inhabitants, large-scale riots of confused citizens occurred frequently. This
situation led to dispatch of an international peace organization called the
"Armed Volunteers", but they began to use their military force to suppress
the people of Japan.

As expected, the future of Japan has become again... bleak. And possibly so
has the future of humanity.

On the other hand, a mysterious rumour began to circulate among the people of
Tokyo, where the battle for the survival of mankind is being lost day by day.

The rumour...

The arrival and appearance of an organization of citizens which call
themselves the "Saviour Group"...

The "Saviour Group" were formed from a group of people who recovered from
illness, injury & sorrow due to the miracles of a mysterious holy woman
called "Achi". The "Savour Group" is a self-defense organization of Japanese
citizens who support themselves by hunting Ruffian, they oppose the Armed
Volunteers who they consider hypocritical masses.

Exhausted and wounded people began to gather to the holy woman Achi one
after another, and ask for "salvation".

However, her "salvation" was not without a price.
In compensation the healed must "fight" in the name of the holy woman.
Many weak people became involved in many unnecessary disputes, and began
following a path to despair...

(Translation of Japanese character profiles)

S A V I O U R  G R O U P (救済グループ)
The group of citizens who carry out salvation missions to help people who
have nowhere to go in Tokyo (where the invasion of Ruffian has begun).
Now they are scheming to escape from this metropolitan area.

Saki Amamiya (サキ アマミヤ)
The group leader of Ruffian hunting in the Saviour Group. Although he was
seriously injured by an attack from a Ruffian once, after Achi shared her
blood with him he recovered fully and began to demonstrate unusually high
physical strength. His optimistic demeanour makes him stand out as a hunter.
And even if he suddenly finds himself in a bad situation, he will keep his
cool and not panic.

Airan Jo (アイラン ジョ)
Ever since she was rescued from rioters by Saki she has participated in
the Saviour Group. She is quite rough and speaks in a very overpowering
manner, this is only because her trust in strangers collapsed after the
incident in which she was attacked. She does show hints of obedience and
trust towards Saki. Airan excels in the knowledge of many machines.

Achi (アチ)
The leader of the group who expresses various supernatural powers, she
gave herself the title of "holy woman". Through her sharing of blood, many
wounded civilians have recovered, and occasionally those who have been
healed acquire a special capability as a result. But because of her
egocentric character and militant prophecies, little see her as godlike.

A R M E D  V O L U N T E E R S (武装ボランティア)
The private international peace organization dispatched from the United
States. They are armed with new arms supplied by G&R. Confrontations with
rioting civilians and Ruffian is common for them. The leadership consists
of juveniles with strange powers.

Brad (ブラッド)
He is the commander of the Armed Volunteers and he also has supernatural
powers. He belonged to the lower stratum of the organization, but was
promoted due to the moral network which made him the center. He believes in
the ideology of the centralization of a new world security organization and
is known to say thing such as "military pressure will cause world peace".
Those whom he has given blood to are allotted as close attendants.

Kachua (カチュア)
Through a certain method, she can use her extra sensory power to
telekinetically lift things for a tactical advantage. Although the evaluation
of her special abilities was the reason for her promotion as one of the
commander's close attendants, she never stops fighting with other close
attendants. She commands the present Radan capture unit which recently landed
in Tokyo, and she will expose her body as a bait to capture it.

Leda (レダ)
A girl who transformed into a small beast after sharing blood from Brad. She
is considered a rare case of beast transformation, as she still retained
human thinking and speech. The method for curing beast transformation still
has not been found. Currently she is the favourite beast of Brad, Kachua and
other close attendants. Although she is young, she has a strong rebellious

R U F F I A N (ルフィアン)
The frenzied attacking beings derived from an artificially created beasts.
They travelled south from Hokkaido, which was their nesting pasture, and
began a metropolitan invasion. Ruffian mimic the structure of existing
natural life-forms from the land, sea and air to develop a new artificial
ecosystem to replace the old.


Control Stick - Move the crosshairs of Saki's/Airan's Gun.
Control Pad   - * Move Saki/Airan left and right (Left Position).
                * Roll, tap the direction you want to roll twice (Left

Start Button  - * Start game.
                * Open Pause Menu.

A Button  - Toggle between the two Aiming Types, Manual (Red) and Lock-On
            (Blue-Inactive & Yellow-Active).

C Buttons - * Move Saki/Airan left and right (Right Position).
            * Roll, Tap the direction you want to roll twice (Right

L Button  - * Jump, tap once (Left Position).
            * Double Jump, while in mid-air press the L Button again (Left

R Button  - * Jump, tap once (Right Position).
            * Double Jump, while in mid-air press the R Button again (Right

Z Trigger - * Shoot, fire a gas pressure repelled bullet from your gun.
            * Sword, slice with your gun's in-built "night stick".

ii)Gameplay Basics

Sin and Punishment is a rail-shooter essentially from the same vein as the
Panzer Dragoon and Star Fox (Starwing/Lylat Wars) series, but the greatest
difference between S&P and them is that in S&P you are on foot. That is why
its closest resemblance would be the boss mode of Jet Force Gemini.

You play as a Ruffian hunter called Saki and a rebel girl called Airan, they
are both armed with a police issue gun, which is specifically called a
"G&R-M64-JPC DOLPHIN Police Standard". The DOLPHIN is capable of shooting
gas pressure repelled bullets and has two aiming modes; Lock-On which causes
the cross-hairs to follow any close targets, and Manual which shoots
considerably more powerful shots, but you will have to do all the aiming on
your own. Also the grip near the bottom of the gun is equipped with a "night
stick" aka the Sword. The Sword causes extreme damage but only can be used
in close quarters combat. However, direct contact is not the only way it can
cause damage. It is possible to hit certain projectiles at enemies with the
Sword. This is called a "Counter Attack" and it can be the most damaging form
of attack Saki and Airan can do.

Saki and Airan are very athletic, you can Double Jump and Roll quite easily.
This is very helpful for collecting items and dodging attacks.

During play you will encounter 3 different Recovery Items, they are:
* Life  : A Green Heart, which once collect will recover 30 HP in Easy Mode
          and 20 HP in the Normal and Hard Modes.
* Time  : A Purple Circle, which once collected will add 30 Seconds to your
          Time Limit.
* Point : A Yellow Diamond, once collected will add points to your score.
          The first one you collect will be worth 1000 points, but as you
          collect more their value will increase until they are worth a
          maximum of 50000, at that point their increase will stop.

The only other item is a Target Bonus, which is a red/orange circle that once
shot will add 50000 pts. to your Score.

At the middle of the top of the screen is a "Time Limit" display, this counts
down and once it reaches 0 Saki/Airan's Life Points will slowly diminish. But
there is two ways of "topping it up"; you can collect the Time Bonuses (the
purple circles) or you can defeat a Commander (mini-boss or swarm leader) to
get a "Commander Bonus". Commander Bonuses will reset your time limit, not
to mention give you heaps of points.

Also after killing a Central Commander a bonus screen will pop-up, this is
the Central Commander Bonus (セントラル コマンダー ボーナス) which is
set out and calculated like so:

ヒット ボーナス | Hit Bonus  - Amount of Enemy Kills x 1000
タイム ボーナス | Time Bonus - Amount of Time Remaining x 1000
ライフ ボーナス | Life Bonus - Remaining Life Points (MAX 100) x 1000
トータル     | Total

And once you defeat the Final Boss, an extra bonus screen will come up.
This is the Earth Defense Bonus (チキュウ ボウエイ ボーナス) which has two
components, the Earth Life Bonus (チキュウ ライフ ボーナス) which is
calculated as: Remaining Earth Life Points (MAX 50000) x 100. And the
Perfect Bonus (パーフェクト ボーナス), which is achieved by hitting every
projectile shot out by the Final Boss, and is worth 5000000 points!

i)Main Menu
| _______  _______ |
||___A___||___G___||   Control Stick - Select (セレクト)
||___B___||___H___||   Z Button - Decide (ケッティ)
||___C___||___I___||   B Button - Return (モドル)

A. ゲーム スタート      - Select to begin playing Sin & Punishment.
   Game Start
   スタート/コンティニュー  - Select and two options will come up, they are
   Start / Continue           Game Start (ゲーム スタート) which begins a new
                              game and Continue (コンティニュー) which
                              continues a previously saved game.

B. トレーニング        - In this mode a Coach that resembles a little
   Training                   black blob will guide you (in Japanese) through
                              some training courses which will hopefully get
                              you more comfortable with Sin & Punishment's

C. ランキング         - This option displays all of your Results
   Ranking                    Information (結果報告) which is organised in
                              tables based on difficulty: Easy (イージー),
                              Normal (ノーマル) & Hard (ハード) and the type
                              of information, which is either:
                              Score (スコア), Clear Time (クリアタイム) &
                              Hit Number (ヒットナンバー).

D. シーン セレクト      - Watch a Tutorial (チュートリアル) which shows
   Scene Select               what all the on screen displays mean or watch
                              cutscenes which you have already seen such as
                              the Prologue Demo (プロローグ デモ), the
                              Epilogue Demo (エピローグ デモ), the
                              Staff Roll (スタッフロール) you can also replay
                              Stages (ステージ) you have already completed.

E. モドル           - Go back to watch the Title Screen.

F. OPT           - See Secrets.

G. ゲーム レベル       - Select the difficulty level, choose between
   Game Level                 Easy (イージー), Normal (ノーマル) and later on
                              you can choose Hard (ハード).

H. サウンド          - Select between Mono (モノ) & Stereo (ステレオ)
   Sound                      sound configurations.

I. キーコンフィグ       - In this option menu you can select between 3
   Key Config                 different Controller Types (タイプ), the Aiming
                              Mode (ショウジュソ モード) to either
                              Normal (ノーマル) or Reverse (リバース) and the
                              Aiming Line (ショウジュソ ライン) to either
                              On (オン) or Off (オフ).

J. セーブ データ       - This erases all save data. Choose Yes (ハイ) to
   Save Data                  do so, but if you accidentally selected this
                              option it choose No (イイエ) to save your data.

ii)Pause Menu
Press the Start button while playing to open the Pause Menu (ポーズメニュー).

ゲーム ヲ ツヅクル     - Resume playing Sin & Punishment.
Continue the Game

ショウジュソ コントロール  - Choose the Aiming Control,  Normal (ノーマル) or
Aiming Control               Reverse (リバース).

ゲーム ヲ オワル      - Select Yes (ハイ) to quit playing and to go back
Quit Game                     to the Main Menu, and select No (イイエ) to

セーブ シテ オワル     - Save your current progress for resumption later
Save and Quit                and go back to the Main Menu.


Q: Is "Sin and Punishment" going to have an English Version release?
A: No, so if you want a copy you will have to get it imported. This game is
   very import friendly, as most of the dialogue is spoken by English
   speaking voice actors. I suggest the following sites to get it from:

   * eBay (www.ebay.com)
   * National Console Support (www.ncsx.com)
   * Burn Game Station (www.burn.com.au)
   * Japan Video Games (www.japanvideogames.com)

- - - - - - - - - -

Q: How do I play this game on my US/European/Australasian Nintendo 64?
A: Well if you have a US Nintendo 64 the problem is a physical lock-out
   which you can overcome one of two ways:
   1. Use a "Bridge Adapter" such as the "Super 64 Adapter" or an "Interact
      GameShark", as these types of plug-through cartridges will provide a
      slot that will allow for the insertion of Japanese games.
   2. Physically modify your N64, this is done like so:

   But if you have a European/Australasian Nintendo 64 the problem is a
   difference in the TV systems and hardware used. So you will need a
   "Passport Plus 3" Converter. The following BOOT CODE is needed to load
   "Sin & Punishment" with the "Passport Plus 3" Converter:

    E1100304 00000000
    E93D0054 0000003F

   If the image rolls, try hooking your Nintendo 64 up to a TV with NTSC

- - - - - - - - - -

Q: How come on the bottom corner of the "Sin and Punishment" Box there is a
   label which says 1-2 Players (1〜2人用) yet I have seen no 2 Player
   Option in the game?
A: There is no option for the 2 Player mode, simply plug a Controller in
   Controller Port 2 and an extra player will be able to use it to aim.


 S T A G E  0 - 0  - Saki's Dream
This stage is basically a warm-up to get you acquainted with the controls.
Anyway, shoot down as many Beetle Ruffians as you can. Amongst the
formations, shoot down the Beetles with orange wings for "Commander Bonuses".
Use your sword to cut down the dead trees for extra points. Eventually there
will be a long swirl of Beetles, follow it with you gun for major points and
hits. Then your first Boss aka. "Commander" will appear, the Bee Seemer:

Bee Seemer / Ruffians in Memory - 100
Simply keep shooting at it. If it turns around to face you, jump and whack
the white orbs with your sword that it shoots at you to "Counter Attack".

Now the Centipede Ruffians will appear, firstly aim and shot along the length
of their bodies to destroy their "legs" for big points and hits. Then aim for
their head and shoot until the explode, giving you a Time Bonus in the
process. Eventually you will meet this stage's Final Boss aka "Central
Commander", the Centipede Seemer:

Centipede Seemer / Ruffians in Memory - >100
Treat it like the ones you killed previously, destroy its legs then attack
its head. If any Millipede Ruffians come near you slice them. Sometimes the
Centipede Seemer will shock all the Beetle Ruffians from the sky, it will
then proceed to pick up their bodies and throw them at you. Counter Attack
by hitting them back at him with your Sword. Soon enough he will be toast.

 S T A G E  1 - 1  - Escape from Tokyo
Shoot the Armed Volunteers ahead. If you juggle the orange barrels ahead
with bullets you will get Point Bonuses. Next comes a pseudo-"Commander":

Crane / Constructive Device - 25
Shoot it until it explodes, it's not really a Commander at all.

Shoot any Armed Volunteers you see, if you shoot the two overhead beams ahead
you will destroy/kill anything underneath and maybe any Armed Volunteers on
them. Shoot the front of the Transport Carrier to destroy it, another one
will come from behind with troops on it, dispose of it the same way. Follow
Airan and Achi for bonuses while shooting the Target Bonuses and slicing the
Troops that appear. Shoot down the two gun ships, troops will now start
pouring out of the base ahead. Dispose of them with well aimed shots while
moving around constantly. Eventually the base will open up:

Temporary Armed Camp / Armed Volunteers Base - 15
Simply shot at the yellow circle or hit a missile shot from a Bazooka
wielding troop with your Sword into it.

After it's destroyed, shoot the Target Bonuses and jump the burning remains
of the base. Ahead is a swarm of Flying Ruffians, shoot and sway the Control
Stick up and down to rack up major hits... Continues Ahoy! Then some Bipedal
Ruffians will stampede over the wall, now focus your attention on them
shooting as many as you can while slicing the ones that get too close.
Then the Crab Seemer will come along:

Crab Seemer / Ruffians Commander - 50
Shoot at its glowing eye while running back and forth to avoid being crushed
by its claws, eventually it will explode.

Shot the two soldiers behind the barriers and then shoot any mines the
Transport Carrier drops. Some troops will now jump out of it:

Colderon / Armed Volunteers Troophead - 100
First shoot the troops behind him, then shoot at him and slash him whenever
he lunges forward. You will have to do this while avoiding cover fire
supplied by numerous Gun Ships.

After he's gone a gunship called the Near Zero will suddenly appear...

Near Zero / Armed Volunteers Aircraft - 380
Firstly, shoot the pods underneath the wings for Life (or if you're at full
life, Point) Bonuses and shot at the blue panels near the missile launchers
for Point Bonuses. Now keep a steady stream of fire on it. It's quite easy to
dodge the electricity bolt and you can avoid the gun fire by staying between
the streams. Jump and hit back any missiles it shoots to cause major Counter
Attack damage. Soon it will explode.

 S T A G E  1 - 2  - Shinjuku Station
Shot the abseiling troops and hit a missile from the bazooka wielding soldier
into the round ledge below him, the ledge will roll down destroying the
security lasers either side of you, slice at the middle section rapidly to
avoid sustaining damage. Quickly shoot the Target Bonuses ahead and as many
troops that you see. Slice the steady stream of troops ahead before they can
lay mines, while taking out the security lasers which seem to regenerate.
Slice the Hover Bikers when you can, but otherwise just shoot their bikes
until they explode. Do not shoot the troops on the elevator platforms (unless
you want Hits) instead shoot the actually platform they are standing on, or
Counter Attack by hitting a missile shot from a bazooka wielding troop into
the elevator platform. Not only will you kill any troops standing on the
platform, but you will also net a Point Bonus. Soon the wall ahead will
explode, deal with any Armed Volunteers with Sword swipes and gun fire. And
then you will fight...

Lizard Seemer / Ruffians Commander - 140
Switch to Lock-On mode and lock it on the lizard, now Counter Attack by
slicing the fireballs shot from the Bat Ruffians into the Lizard Seemer.
Also shoot at it and slice whenever it leaps forward. Roll to avoid its
tail-whip. After killing him, make sure switch back to Manual mode.

Suddenly Kachua will appear, slice her bodyguards then run to the left to
avoid being squished by Radan (who is massive). Shoot the stream of Snake
Ruffians coming down the shaft. Not only will you net major hits & points by
doing this, but occasionally you will receive Life & Point Bonuses. When the
Moth Seemer appears keep shooting them and simply jump its lasers, only
attack the Moth Seemer once the stream stops.

Moth Seemer / Ruffians Commander - 20
Simply shoot it while jumping its lasers!

Now it's time to fight Radan on the rooftop of the Shinjuku Station:

Radan / Ruffians Commander? - 3000
Firstly, take out Kachua on the sideline. Now keep shooting at Radan's head
while getting close enough to slash her repetitively until she falls of the
edge of the station, causing major damage and a Point Bonus. If her "fin" on
her back sticks out quickly retreat to avoid her shock attack. To avoid the
red energy balls simply jump the low ones and stay grounded to avoid the high
ones, as for her charging laser attack simply double jump just before it is
released. You can also inflict harsh damage by slashing her in mid air after
she has jumped.

After Radan has been destroyed, you must fight Kachua.

Kachua / Armed Volunteers Captain - 10
She is invincible while she uses her telekinetic powers, so shoot all the
troops she throws at you. Once the Transport Carrier appears shoot its front
then slash it just before it falls on you. For the circle of troops, shoot at
it for points then when the circle "fans out" slash them all. Next run to the
middle of each group of three troops and slash to dispose of them, as for the
spinning bazooka troop? simply shoot at him or slash him when he's close.
Treat the Gun Ship like the Transport Carrier to destroy it. Now finally
Kachua will attack you directly, slice her once she pounces. What a One-Hit

 S T A G E  1 - 3  - Apocalyptic Battle

Kachua - 170
Jump and Teleport (Roll) to dodge Kachua's punches, horizontal and vertical
respectively. Her floating gun is best avoided by Teleporting (Rolling). Just
keep a steady stream of fire on her and she will eventually submerge into the
red sea that was once the lower islands of Japan.

Hiding Kachua - 120
Aim at the small blue-green sphere and shoot while: avoiding Tsunami by
jumping just before impact, dodging small crescent waves (attack the
white ones for bonuses), jumping about to avoid the purple lasers and
shoot the Cyclones to disintegrate them. Once her energy is depleted she
will resurface.

Kachua - 60
Jump about or Teleport (Roll) to avoid the purple lasers while shooting at
her. Easiest phase of this battle IMHO.

 S T A G E  2 - 1  - Armed Volunteers Flagship
Since Saki is now a mutated Ruffian wannabe, you get to control Airan. After
she strips down to a blue & grey little number and whips out her DOLPHIN
hand-gun the action will begin. Shoot all the mines and Trip Lasers ahead.
If you fail to destroy the Trip Lasers before they come to the foreground,
get ready to jump their energy stream. After the turn slash at the giant
rolling spiked gears to destroy them and then take out the mass of mines
ahead of you. Once Airan stops, jump and slash the two turrets on either side
of the passage way, then run to the middle and take out the two Trip Lasers.
A Guard Bot will now drop down to protect the beacon ahead, ignore the Guard
Bot as it is indestructible and will leave once you destroy the beacon. So
run from side to side while shooting at the beacon to destroy it. Collect
the Bonus in its wake then slash away to hit all of the Target Bonuses. Now
you must fight Leda.

Leda / Armed Volunteers Soldier - 200
Encircle her constantly and stop and shoot whenever she is in clear sight,
also whack any nearby floating mines into her. Stay behind a pillar to
avoid her flurry of bombs and simply jump the pink energy balls she
shoots. Once you get her down below 120, she will begin to jump from pillar
to pillar anti-clockwise, so run clockwise  and when you meet up with her
jump and slice. Brad will telekinetically produce waves of energy to defend
Leda, simply stay behind a pillar or jump them, really no' biggy. Eventually
she will throw a bomb and then high-tail-it, Kitty ran away :(

As before, shoot as many mines and Trip Lasers ass you can whilst slicing any
of those "giant rolling spiked gear" thingys. Once Airan stops, take out at
least one Trip Laser ahead, then stand in front of where it was to avoid the
other lasers. Take out the beacon ahead, then systematically destroy the
remaining Trip Lasers. After the next turn, quickly slice more of those
spiked gears whilst jumping back and forth over the blue energy streams, take
out the two pairs of turrets on either side of the passage way. Then focus on
destroying the swaying lasers, once they are destroyed avoid the crescents of
metal that are flung forward then shoot at the four Pellet Lasers, also shoot
the to panels on either side of the security system for bonuses. Now you can
finally destroy it..

Vigilanced System / Armed Volunteers Weapon - 200
Easy stuff, just keep a stream of fire on it while keeping to the sides of
the passage way. It should explode in no time at all.

Slice rapidly ahead to hit all the Target Bonuses, shot the mines around the
bonus ahead so you can collect it safely.  Once you begin to follow Leda down
the big steps (whilst she's making annoying kitty related sounds) your
highest priority is avoiding her bombs. The exhaust flares that litter the
descent on either side cannot hurt you unless you jump, the only ones you
have to destroy are the ones at the base of the steps, not to mention you
also have to destroy the mass of mines ahead. Time to fight a Ruffian...

Anemone Seemer / Ruffians Commander - 99
This is quite a tough battle, unless you know what you're doing. To destroy
this seemer firstly shoot at the suction padded limbs so it falls down,
you have to hit them all in a really quick time-frame as they regenerate.
Also any suction pad limbs that you hit will drop off and roll down exploding
near you, you must slash or jump before they do so. Once it falls, keep your
aim on one of the pink polyps and shoot it until it explodes, whilst avoiding
the projectiles it shoots. Make the seemer fall again and destroy yet another
pink polyp. Now finally make the seemer drop again. Initially don't aim at
the last polyp, instead just fire in it's vicinity while skipping ala jump
rope style the stream of projectiles. But once the polyp begins to change
it's direction it pauses, this is the time to destroy it, thus destroying
the whole seemer.

Now Achi will get caught in a giant green glob produced by a Ruffian and you
have to save her.

Crawfish Seemer / Ruffians Commander - 800
This battle is fought whilst Airan is in pursuit of the Crawfish Seemer. Aim
for the Crawfish's head (it's running backward by the way) and keep a stream
of gunfire on it. The best way of causing it damage is actually done by
hitting those floating mines into it with a sword swipe. You have to do this
while jumping crevaces, rolling over gaps between paths (unless there is a
Bonus you can collect by jumping) and while avoiding the pink sonic waves
shot out of the Crayfish's mouth. Eventually it will trip and Achi will be
free! Tsk... tsk... Gee Airan is stupid, of course it's dangerous to
teleport, I though everyone knew that!!! It's common sense, I mean just the
other day I was about to teleport but then I realised the risk. So I Stopped!

Now you must take on Brad and his kitty!

Leda / Armed Volunteers Soldier - 80
Brad / Armed Volunteers General - 3000
You can shoot down the moniters behind Brad for extra points. Anyway,
ignore Brad. Although the occasional cover fire may prevent him attacking.
Instead focus all your attention on Leda, you must keep shooting her and
slicing her when she's close, whilst avoiding Brad's green crosshairs (easier
said then done). After Leda is dead, Brad will want to start fencing with
Airan. Simply keep repetitively tapping the Z Trigger. If you do it well
enough Brad will fly through the windscreen of the bridge on the third
whack. Damn that laminated glass.

 S T A G E  2 - 1  - The Blue Raid
Achi has dislodged the floor of the Flagship's Bridge, to use it as a flying
platform to raid the Armed Volunteer Fleet (as you do), this is one helluva
stage. Shoot any of the scrambled fighters that fly into you way. Soon the
deck of a Aircraft Carrier will come into view, try to destroy as much
equipment on it as you can, you will get Bonuses for you trouble. Your
platform will stabilise over a Frigate, shoot any soldiers onboard and fire
at the back of the bridge to explode it, netting you a bonus. Whack any
missiles shot from the launchers into the Personal Water Craft (PWC) Riders
on either side of the Frigate, until a big red gun ship (a Near Zero Minor)
comes into view, in which case you should whack the missiles into it, to
destroy it.

Once the platform begins to move again, shoot the Target Bonuses that appear
on the side of the Frigate. Now shoot at the Plasma Turrets while whacking
missiles shot at you into the PWC Riders and into the Plasma Turrets. Shoot
the Sea Bird Ruffian that appear and then begin to tackle the next Frigate
using the same modus operandi (method) as you did before. Except this time
Merman Ruffians will appear around the time the Target Bonuses do, shoot the
ones that spring up and slash any of them that land on your platform. Also
when the Helicopters appear, systematically whack missiles into them. After
fighting more Merman Ruffians you must destroy another Near Zero Minor.

Near Zero Minor / Armed Volunteers Aircraft - 250
Avoid its Blue Pulse Beams at all costs, they're real bitches IMHO. Remember
when avoiding them "rolling" is your best friend. Shoot at the artillery on
its wings or shoot at its cockpit, eventually it will stop using its Blue
Pulse Beams and instead will use a scanning bolt of electricity, jump it
while shooting the cockpit and hitting it with Counter Attacks cause by
hitting the missiles it fires at you. After a couple of Counter Attacks it
will be down.

Dispose of the Merman Ruffian that jump on your platform with sword swipes,
then aim at the brown container on the back of the speed boat and keep a
steady stream of gunfire on it, it will explode and no more sea mines will be
dropped, which are quite hard to judge how to avoid. Shoot its guarding PWC
Riders and soon a Ruffian Commander will appear.

Raptor Seemer / Ruffians Commander - 100
It's invulnerable in its far away state, so shoot the Sea Bird Ruffian behind
it while dodging the gemini lasers it shoots. Once it charges up, roll or
jump at the last second, then slash at it rapidly. If you got enough shots in
and you were fast enough it will die, giving you a bonus in the process.

Shoot as much equipment on the Aircraft Carrier Deck that you can, to net
Bonuses. Make sure you destroy the stationary Helicopters before they take
off. Hit the missiles from the Frigate ahead into its Plasma Cannons, or they
will make mince meat out of you. Kill any soldiers on the deck and whack any
more missiles into the Helicopters and PWC Riders that appear. Three Sentry
Robots will drop down, shoot the two unshielded ones while rolling back and
forth. Once they are destroyed you must face the 3rd one.

Sentry Machinery / Armed Volunteers Weapon - 350
Keep a constant stream of gun fire on it at all times, you must do this while
running between the gaps in the falling mines and while rolling/jumping away
from the huge energy balls the Sentry produces. When the Sentry flies up in
preparation to land, run to a far edge of the platform. Once the energy ball
hits, roll into the middle of the platform and slice at the big phallic gun
in between the sentry's legs, ouch... that's gotta hurt >_< ... oh well, at
least it wont be able to make baby Sentries ^_^

Shoot the Target Bonuses and whack missiles shot at you into the PWC Riders
and Helicopters ahead. Merman Ruffians will appear, dispose of them in the
usual manner, now get ready to shoot a swaying line of soldiers on the deck
of the Aircraft Carrier your platform "buzzes". It's time to destroy the
mother ship of the air artillery.

Mother Crow / Armed Volunteers Aircraft - 200
Firstly, shoot the ring of Fighters encircled around the Mother Crow, but
take note their explosion is delayed from the distance. So just shoot at one
fighter for two seconds then move on to the next. Then fire at the Mother
Crow, hit the Fighters just above you if you wish but you should be focusing
on the Mother Crow. Keep the hang gliders alive as their missiles are
helpful, whack them into the Mother Crow or the Sentries that appear.

Now it's time to fight Brad on his Custom Aircraft the Malacia, or as the
description says "Aircraft for the Brad Custom", Oh how I love Engrish ^_^

Malacia / Aircraft for the Brad Custom - 250
Keep firing at and hitting the missiles shot from Brad's support aircraft
into the Malacia. Whilst jumping the machine gun fire. If he suddenly swoops
away, get ready to jump to avoid being slammed by the Malacia. The Malacia
should be crippled by now, but otherwise Brad will shoot projectiles and then
the camera will zoom out so the support aircraft can put a can of whip arse
on you. Don't let them do that :P

Now you must attack the giant orbiting rail-gun, called the "Earth Eyelid".
Shoot the orange stripped panels that almost cover the two font prongs of the
rail-gun,if they have shot out their energy ball ignore them and go to the
next ones that will pose the next threat. There also are two Blue Pulse Beams
like the ones from the Near Zero Minor. After your tour of the upper side of
the prongs you are taken to its exhaust.

Earth Eyelid "Rear Crater" / Orbit Defensive Initiative - 200
Jump between the red energy streams whilst shooting at the board between the
boosters, whack as many missiles as you can back into it as well. In no time
it will explode giving you a Bonus.

Now it's time to face the underside of the prongs, quickly shoot the Target
Bonuses that appear. Also shoot the harmless fins on the first section for
points and hits. All along the underside of the rail-gun are pairs of Blue
Pulse Beams like the ones on the Near Zero Minor, like before you best friend
is rolling. After that, you platform will swoop out and then between the two
prongs of the rail-gun, this gap is littered with bolts of red electricity
you must dodge. Once you make it to the base of the rail gun slash rapidly
with your sword to destroy it, you will get a Central Commander Bonus that
way. If you miss you will get a message saying No Bonus (ノーボーナス).
The rail gun will then charge up and shoot a heat-bomb targeted at Saki. And
you now have to "catch a bullet" if you know what I mean.

Pole Star / Limited Range Heatbomb - 380
Keep your crosshairs (and hence a stream of gunfire) on the Pole Star at all
times. Once Saki begins to fire at you, keep the Pole Star between you and
him so it becomes a shield. Just before it is about to hit Saki the Pole Star
will swoop past Airan three times "buzzing" her, in this crucial time you
must slash away at the Pole Star with your Sword. If you don't stop it by
then, it's good night nurse.

 S T A G E  2 - 3  - Long Island Subway
Keep slicing at the packs of Dog Ruffians which run towards you, in doing
this you will not only cut them down, but you will also Counter Attack by
hitting the white orbs they shoot back into them. Soon a boss will appear...

Mole Seemer / Ruffians Commander - 100
Stay away from its bad breath and keep shooting at it constantly while
hitting white orbs shot by the Dog Ruffians into it. It will retreat,
giving you a bonus once you have drained its energy.

Now slice the Dog Ruffians that run at you while you shoot any Target
Bonuses that appear. After two carriages Airan will stop, green Firefly
Ruffians will now appear, shoot rapidly at them and if they get close slash
at them. Make sure you shoot the Bat Ruffian in the background, as they can
cause you problems otherwise. Eventually another Mole Seemer will appear...

Mole Seemer / Ruffians Commander - 100
Hit the explosives it throws at you back at it, although this needs good
timing to cause damage. You may be better off jumping around while firing
constantly at its head. Like before, once you drain its energy it will
retreat away leaving you a bonus behind.

Head through the Firefly Ruffians by slicing rapidly, and get ready to shoot
any Target Bonuses that appear on your way to the next carriage. Here you
will fight another seemer...

Jelly Seemer / Ruffians Commander - 120
Run back and forth in time with the Jelly Seemer's projectiles to
avoid them. When it shoots the huge charged shot, roll or jump at the last
second. Keep shooting at it and it will eventually die.

After it's dead, slash all the Firefly Ruffians that appear on the way to the
next carriage. Here you will find Rock Mole Ruffians, shoot at them when they
are at a distance or when they are on the roof, to knock them down and for
major points. Then when they get close, slash at them to remove their hard
shell and then to destroy them. Make any Bat Ruffians that appear a priority,
as there sonic waves can be annoying. After a couple of waves of the Rock
Mole Ruffians, another Mole Seemer will appear.

Mole Seemer / Ruffians Commander - 50
Keep a stream of fire on it, if it guards its face. Jump to the far side
where his face is exposed to continue causing him damage. Eventually it will
retreat and give you a Bonus.

More waves of Rock Mole Ruffians are to be destroyed. In the next carriage
slash out all the close chairs, and whack any of the white orbs the Hyena
Ruffians shoot out into the chairs out of your reach for bonuses. Make sure
you slash any pouncing Hyena Ruffians before they self-destruct. You then
will run forard to face another Mole Seemer.

Mole Seemer / Ruffians Commander - 50
Keep a stream of fire on it if it guards its face. Jump to the far side
where his face is exposed to continue causing him damage. Eventually it will
retreat and give you a Bonus.

In the next carriage the roof will explode and a wall of pulsating rocks will
fall down, time for another boss...

Birth Model / Ruffian - 1150
The birth model will regenerate at a constant rate, replacing every blob you
destroy. But keep a stream of gunfire on it anyway to rack up major points.
There are two special blobs that will appear every so often, one is a
defensive arm that will produce a stream of blue electricity, you can only
avoid it by rolling through it. And the other is a purple eye that will
shoot a laser at you. To destroy the defensive arm, whack a yellow orb into
the blob it's originating from (it's always on the bottom row). The key to
destroying the Birth Model is to hit the yellow orbs into the purple eye
blobs that appear, when you do this it will start a chain reaction destroying
all blobs above, below and in-line with the purple eye you blew up. Do this
until there are no more blobs and only the original blob is left. To destroy
it shoot where it is connected to the roof and then run away from its bombs
while shooting at it. Repeat until it's dead.

 S T A G E  3 - 1  - A Beach in Hokkaido
Saki's back, except different... ewwww... Anyway dispose of any Flying Fish
and Clam Ruffians that appear, the Clam Ruffian will give you bonuses. Beware
the huge Ruffians which will emerge from the sand trying to swallow Saki.
Soon a Seemer Ruffian will emerge from the sand...

Octpus Seemer / Ruffians Commander - 300
Firstly shoot at its arms and then at the Target Bonuses that appear in
their wake. Whenever the head of the Octopus err... Octpus gets close,
slice it up with your sword. At all costs avoid the projectiles shot from the
arms, they have a nasty electric aftermath. Soon the Octpus Seemer will die
and you can hit the Target Bonuses that appear.

Follow Airan's lead to avoid being swallowed by the huge gulping Ruffian.
After you reach the boardwalk there will be a pack of Dog Ruffians, slice
away at them for big points. Some small Spider Ruffians will appear, shot
them all before fighting the bigger Spider Seemer...

Spider Seemer / Ruffians Commander - 100
Keep shooting it while walking back and forth in time to avoid the web shots
coming from its spinerettes. Try using Lock-On so you don't have to worry
about aiming while avoiding the web shots. After you drain its energy it
will drop down and burrow into the Northern Sea Restaurant.

Shoot the shelves and collect the Bonuses inside. Now for its second phase of

Spider Seemer / Ruffians Commander - 120
Make sure you kill as many little spiders as you can in this battle, whilst
you keep shooting the Spider Seemer. The blue-green ones explode in proximity
to you, the red ones shoot fiery embers at you and the big black ones have a
giant flame-thrower attack. If it shoots a web at you, quickly roll out the
way as they will become electrified soon. Eventually it will explode only
leaving the core which will scuttle away.

Shoot the suspicious trash can, and then you will have to fight the...

Birth Model / Core of the Spider Seemer - 600
Keep shooting at it and whack any of the chunks it produces back into it,
avoid the blue electricity bolts it produces by rolling and/or dodging. Soon
it will jump onto the stoves, this is a bit tricky, you must shoot the hot
plate the Birth Model is going to jump on (signified by an orange cross).
After about two simmers and one fry ^_^ it should be toast... literally.

 S T A G E  3 - 2  - The Ruffian Nest
This level is different to all the others because it's side-scrolling. Run
ahead, destroying the Ruffian Soldiers that litter this area. Shoot the green
floating Ruffians for Bonuses. If any Ruffian Soldiers get too close slash
them. After a while you will begin to see large Snail-Lizard Ruffians, shoot
the two shells on their backs for Bonuses, then keep a steady stream of
gunfire into their body or stand next to a brown floating Ruffian and slash
to cause a Counter Attack that will most likely destroy anything it is aimed
at. Further on a giant Lizard Ruffian will appear, run like hell!!! Slashing
any Ruffians that get in your way and jumping to collect any Bonuses in the
air. Soon you will get to an area filled with Storage Boxes and the giant
Lizard Ruffian will thankfully run away. In this next area you have to be
carefull of two things, the Ruffian Soldiers in the foreground and background
which can shoot at you unexpectedly, and the Dragonfly Ruffians which have
lasers on their tails, they are best destroyed with sword swipes or with the
Counter Attacks produced by the brown floating Ruffians. Eventually you wil
meet up with a boss....

Larva Seemer / Ruffians Commander - 30
Don't attack!, just avoid and run! Shoot the green floating Ruffians in your
way before your reach them, otherwise they will electrocute you. You will
receive Bonuses for your trouble. Once you get to the open forest a brown
floating Ruffian will appear, use it to create a Counter Attack to kill The
Larva Seemer. Shoot the numerous Target Bonuses that appear after its demise.

Make your way past the spiked balls carefully, shoot the floating Ruffian
above for bonuses if you wish. Collect the Life Bonuses guarded by the
Ruffian Soldiers if you're short on life. Run ahead, you will see giant
Scarab Ruffians, shoot them for multiple Commander Bonuses. They shoot green
energy shots at you, return fire or hide behind a tree. Also take out as many
Ruffian Soldiers as you can. Up ahead small Dragon Ruffian will swoop down,
shoot them down before they can breath fire at you. Ahead is a melee of
Ruffian Soldiers accompanied by Centaur Ruffian, shoot as many as you can. If
the Centaur Ruffian throws a red Boomerang at you, hit it with your sword to
deflect it and then jump it. You will soon come to another facility, shoot
the Ruffian Eggs inside for major points, also inside is the last seemer...

Man Seemer / Ruffians Commander - 200
To kill this guy you must slice rapidly while double jumping the wave of fire
it produces. A few shots may help as well. You only have a very limited time
frame to kill this guy to net his bonus.

After you exit the facility, you are greeted by an army of Ruffians.
Basically shoot anything that moves (like you haven't been doing that
before). Eventually you will make it to a auditorium where all the Ruffian
are kneeling in worship of Achi.

 S T A G E  3 - 3  - Battle of the Earth
Basically if you haven't been paying attention, Achi is actually very evil.
And she has been using Saki and Airan for her own cancerous plots. Now she
has turned into a copy of the Earth and she wants to destroy the earth. It
doesn't make sense, but since when have mentally insane megalomaniacs made
sense ^_^

Earth Mimcry / Transformed Achi - 50000
This battle is very chaotic, you must shoot as many projectiles shot out by
Achi to defend the Earth, but once you shoot the projectiles they will
automatically Counter Attack Achi. Basically you must shoot anything that
moves, but beware the large green-brown orbs which will fracture into three
small green orbs if you don't hit them early, the white orbs that will
cause a tornado that will drain the Earth's energy and the large molten
asteroids. To deal with the large molten asteroids, run to the right and
slash the one that is about to hit the earth, then teleport (roll) to the
left and hit the other one, then slash as many of the others that "buzz" the
Earth as you can. After you have deflected enough projectiles, the Earth
Mimicry will make like a Super Nova and blow up.

Enjoy the ending!


Complete the game on Easy to open up the OPT. Menu with the following
options, BGM (BGM) which allows you to listen to every stage's ambient yet
80's sounding background music and Alert Sound (アレト ソウンド) which is the
beeping sound that alerts you of danger, which you can toggle On (オン) or
Off (オフ). To exit the OPT. Menu select Return (モドル) and to reset all
options back to their defaults select Reset (リセット).

Complete the game on Normal to open up the Sub-titles (ジマク)option, which
you can toggle On (オン) or Off (オフ).

Complete the game on Hard to open up the Frame Skip (フレーム スキップ)
option which disables slowdown, you can toggle it On(オン) or Off (オフ)
and the Game Speed (ゲーム スピード) option, which if set on Turbo (ターボ)
makes the game run twice as fast! Leave it on Normal (ノーマル) if you would
prefer to actually be able to see your enemies.


Valgar, for being such a skilled Sin and Punisment player that he was able to
achieve the Perfect Bonus. His highest score on Normal makes my high score of
60616163 points look like nothing.

aliensoldier2 for telling me how to destroy the Earth Eyelid rail gun.

Tomato (me@greng.co.uk) for telling me how the 2 player mode works.

Stephanie (aka Adrenaline) for telling me I suX0rs for not completing this
guide. Then for "encouraging" me until I finished it.

The "Oxford Starter Japanese Dictionary" (ISBN 0-19-860197-2) as it's such a
great reference book for translating Japanese into English. And it uses Kana
Script, not Romaji (which is the devil).

Treasure and Nintendo for making this wonderful albeit short game, they
should have had a English language release of it though :/

CJayC for having a wonderful reward competition called "Contributor of the
Month" which let me buy a copy this game. And for hosting this FAQ on his
wonderful website GameFAQs!


Version 0.5 24/09/01
Absolutely everything completed, except for the WALKTHROUGH.

Version 0.6 11/10/01
Got a new (working) converter!! YAY!
Revised STORY and CHARACTERS translations.
Finished SECRETS section. Started WALKTHROUGH, up to Stage 2-1.

Version 1.0 12/11/01
Finished the WALKTHROUGH.

Version 1.1 28/12/01
Added contributions thanks to aliensolder2 and Tomato.
Fixed a couple of errors.

Version 1.2 24/04/02
Revised STORY and CHARACTERS translations a little.
Fixed a couple of small errors.

Version 1.3 02/02/03
Added information about the Perfect Bonus and the fight with Brad thanks to
the excellent Sin and Punishment player, Valgar.

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