1. Chuck Romberger Additional Programming
  2. Nina Stanley Art Director
  3. Louise Bell Artists
  4. Dalma Bolech Artists
  5. Vadim Grigoriev Artists
  6. Michael Groark Artists
  7. Shao Wei Liu Artists
  8. Aaron Merriman Artists
  9. Nels Potts Artists
  10. Leonid Starkov Artists
  11. Brian Steffel Artists
  12. Lance Page Audio
  13. Michael Mendheim Creative Director
  14. Egan Hirvela Designers
  15. Mike King Designers
  16. Colin Munson Designers
  17. Neil Musser Designers
  18. Nels Nelson Designers
  19. Brad Santos Designers
  20. Pat Williams Designers
  21. Tim May Director
  22. Nicholas Beliaeff Executive Producer
  23. Lance Charnes Lead Artist
  24. Benjamin Cholewinski Lead Designer
  25. James Farley Level Layout Director
  26. John Baker Music
  27. Barry Blum Music
  28. Brian Min Music
  29. Erich Waas Producer
  30. David Lucca Production
  31. Chris Bannock Programmers
  32. Pete Wiseman Programmers
  33. Jim Cummings Sarge/Thick/Plastro/Soldiers
  34. Flint Dille Script
  35. Dan Geisler Technical Director
  36. Susan Blu Vikki


Data and credits for this game contributed by Blueberry Buttface, chickenman77, KeeperBvK, KFHEWUI, LordAndrew, oliist, and shimarin.

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