Review by spur_555

Reviewed: 12/14/04

This game ipressed me with good gameplay

I miss the classic games and I am glad I can always remember Mario Tennis. Mario tennis is a great game and I am assessing its overall score mainly on its game play. Right now, I can tell you, the creators should have or should made/make a second Mario Tennis on Game Cube. I think it could very well be successful.

Graphics 7/10
Lets admit it, this games graphics aren’t as good as the other games on Nintendo 64. Still the graphics are still good enough to not make the game terrible. Actually, the game is good and I thank mainly the game play for that. But this is the graphic section, not the Game Play Section.

The graphics are good enough to show that the players on the court move swiftly and the special secret courts look very good as well. However the pictures and the players and courts are the tiniest bit blurry, or is that my T.V.? I do not think. Anyway, the overall view of the graphics of Mario Tennis is very are not perfect, however they are most definitely acceptable.

Controls 9/10
Oh boy aren’t the controls good for a tennis game. They are simple the arrows are to move and the A button is flat shot and the B is spin shot and when you push them at the same time you do a real powerful shot. It is so simple and basic. You have to enjoy the controls on Mario Tennis.

Game Play – 10/10
Full marks for game play, I really enjoy playing sport games and tennis is a great sport. People would have had their thoughts, wondering if the game would actually have enough stuff to do and/or if it was going to be to easy or to hard. The game was just right, not to easy, not to hard, as in it was not impossible to win a game of the computer.

There is plenty to do in Mario Tennis. You can unlock secret players and tennis courts by playing the tournament in the game. Also if your not in the mood for some pressure of the cups, you can play single matches and double matches. So there is plenty to do and everything to do is fun!

Sounds – 5/10
The sounds this game are very poor, they are muffled and they same thing when they win the game or point over and over and over again. I am sorry Mario Tennis maybe you could have speeches next time?? However the right the right noises are used when they are smacking the ball.

Life Span – 6/10
Mario Tennis can get very boring after a short time, especially if you find it easy. However it is still fun trying to beat the hardest character on the hardest difficulty and that can take a very long time, however you may find it frustrating trying to beat him/her.

I think if you were to really love this game, you may find it to last four to six months, I don’t know, it all depends on the type of games you like I guess. So yeah it is up to you in the end how long this game lasts in your books.

Replay Ability
Yeah, the cups are fun especially when you verse the hard characters and you are up for a challenge. However like other sport games, once you complete the game it is not the same trying to complete all over again. Similar to most other adventure games.

Overall – 7/10
The reason the overall score did not manage to reach the all mighty and full 10/10 was because of the annoying and poor sounds and also it is a game which will not last for a long time for most people. However Mario Tennis for me is still a fun game and for many others they can admit that this statement is true.

Of Course the characters are all from other Nintendo 64 games and everyone has a favourite, from Courageous Mario to the Strong Powerhouse Donkey Kong. So Mario Tennis has good characters and great controls. So the game is not perfect, but very good.

Rent or Buy
This is a difficult one. I would like to say buy but it is always best to have a test rent before you spend your money. Hey, you wouldn’t want to buy a game, find out you didn’t like it, and find yourself that amount of money short for another game you really wanted to buy.

Now that the Ps2 and X Box are out now, this game should be very cheap, since the Nintendo 64 is now classified as useless and has no quality, so Mario Tennis should be very cheap. I agree it should be cheap, but the Nintendo 64 has some games which everyone will never forget.

Rating: 7

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