Review by Ramza FFT

Reviewed: 08/06/03

Mario and Co. serve up an ace!

I am not a big tennis fan at all, however, when I heard that Mario and the crew were starring in a tennis game I knew I had to give it a try, and I am happy to say that is does not disappoint.

Gameplay – 10 – This is the best tennis game I have played, never mind that it is my only one. This game is packed with things to do. If you are playing single player there are many different modes including exhibition, tournament, and special game modes. If you choose to play the tournament mode there are three tournaments that you can enter that get harder in difficulty as you progress past your opponents. There are also fun mini games which include ring shot, score points by hitting the ball through rings on the court, Piranha challenge, a fast paced game where you must hit back all of the balls being served by three people, and bowser stage where you take on opponents but with a twist. All of these games are fun and challenging and the mini games really add a lot if you are tired of the standard games.
Now if you have a buddy or two or three be prepared to lose four hours at a time out of your life for playing this game. The multi player mode includes 1 on 1 and doubles. The speed of the game is non stop fast paced tennis action. [rant] This game is so fun you will forget about sleep and play all night, heck you will probably even forget about your job, food and anything else important to you while you are playing, or maybe that was just me because I am so hopelessly addicted to this game. Well thumbs literally started to hurt after playing this game for five hours straight [/rant]. If you can’t tell what I am getting at, it is that this game is so fun you need to play it.

Controls – 9.5 – The game controls are near flawless and really allow for easy learning as well. The A and B buttons control the different types of shots you can hit including, smashes, drops, top spin, back spin, and a few more, allowing you to really place what kind of shot you want to hit. The only problem is trying to decide what type of shot you want to hit in the short amount of time you have to decide. So I just hit the ball away from my opponent which is always a good choice.

Graphics – 9.5 – Some of the best on the system. The characters are crisp and detailed. The courts are busy with action in the background, including a service speed radar. What really impresses me the most about the graphics though is the detail that went into the little things like make contact with the ball or hitting the ball through the rings, the little graphics displays add a very nice touch to the game.

Audio – 9.5 – I hardly even notice the audio because I am so engaged while playing the game. But when I do here the audio there are clear background songs going on, and a multitude of small sound effects going on all the time. These including individualized character “grunts” when they hit the ball, some are quite humorous.

Overall – 10 – This is easily the best sports game I have played on the N64. It is also one of the best games I have played on the N64. If you are looking for a game that will give you none stop hours of excitement then look no further than Mario Tennis 64.

Rating: 10

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