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Reviewed: 04/21/01 | Updated: 04/21/01

Serving Yet Another Winner For The N64! Way to for Nintendo!

Me, well, I'm not what you would call the best tennis player in the world...actually, I'm nowhere NEAR the best, so, of course, by putting 2 and 2 together, I figured I would stink at this game, but boy was I wrong! I mean, the game is overall, outstanding! But, don't take my word for it! I'll go into detail in each department!

Graphics- Nintendo always has been known for it's great graphics and this game definitely lives up to those standards! Of course, you're not going to want to be looking at the background while a 102 MPH is coming flying at your head, so, let's be glad Nintendo kept the background entertaining, but simple! I especially love how the ball changes color for the different technique swings you use!

Play Control- This is what I was afraid of at the start- confusing play control, just like most sport games. *sigh* I never can play sport games because of the complex control play. Wow, was I surprised! I mean, these play controls are so simple, a child could use 'em, yet they're so in depth that you never stop learning ''cute'' little tricks to pull on your rivals. You know, ALL Mario sport games play this great!

Sound- I can't say too much in the sound department. It's not bad, of course, but there's not much to say! Well, first off, I LOVE how each character makes their own sounds and noises out on the course, and if you shut off the lights, you can also believe you're actually there, watching a tennis match- that's how realistic the ball going back and forth and the crowd cheering you on are!

Satisfaction- Well, this is a sports game, so is it supposed to be fun, but, is it? Well, DUH! My motto is: ''If it bears the name 'Mario' on the title, this is one GREAT game!'' And, you know what, the motto NEVER fails! With new characters to earn, new courts to earn, trophies to win, and friends to crush, this game will keep you going to the wee hours in the morning (and long after that!)

Note: When I first played this game, my thumb hurt for the next few days, so I advise all of you to, sorta, ease into the game and take it easy! You can win without getting your thumb sore- trust me!

Well, that about sums up my review! I can't really point out any bad points, except for, maybe, the fact that you're thumb may hurt after a while, but that's it! Oh, and try to get used to one or two characters, because, I found out, each character is TOTALLY different! Each one is suited for a different person! Like, my favorite character is Paratroopa (YAY! GO PARATROOPA!), but I don't know anybody else who's good with him! I guess I just like how he handles it there on the court! And speaking of court, why are you sitting here reading this? Come on! Take it to the tennis court and show 'em what you're made of! Once again, Nintendo, you did a GREAT job!

Rating: 9

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