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Reviewed: 10/14/00 | Updated: 10/14/00

Price of renting Mario Tennis:$5.Price of a controller:$30.Breaking a controller while playing Mario Tennis:Priceless

I never liked Mario Golf, and I still don't. I rented Mario Tennis because I thought it was going to be different from Mario Golf even thought they're made by the same company. Boy was I wrong!

GRAPHICS-6/10:The same as most N64 game's graphics that don't use a expansion pack. Crappy. These graphics look like the same from Super Mario 64. The only things that are 3D are the people playing tennis and the stuff on the court.

SOUND-7/10:Some good sound bites but most aren't that good. The only good ones are when you win a trophy.

MUSIC-5/10:Music what music? Oh that corney kiddie kind that plays during the match. I barely hear it.

GAMEPLAY-6/10:Pong meet tennis. Tennis meet Mario. Mario meet pong. That's what it basicly is. Pong undercover as tennis and put in some Mario stuff and you get Mario Tennis.

A.I.-7/10:Sometimes the A.I. are hard has hell and sometimes the are really easy. Wait to you get to the Star Cup. You'll start breaking controllers and will be starting to get pissed off.

DIFFICULTY-9/10:This is what the most annoying thing about Mario Golf and Mario Tennis. It's hard as hell!

CONTROL-5/10:This is what makes Mario Tennis so hard. The stupid controls!! Somestime you character will charge up when your about to hit the ball and you miss the ball. It sucks!

REPLAY VALUE-3/10:With this hard of a difficulty and hard controls you probably don't want to play it anymore. Or if your into getting all the secrets no matter what it might last you.

OVERALL-6/10:This game isn't good. Well it's my first Nintendo 64 game reviewed and so far the Nintendo 64 reviews aren't looking to good yet. I'm going to review The World Is Not Enough, I hope. It better be in or the review will be delayed. The game looks good so it should get a good rating by me.

Rating: 6

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