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Reviewed: 09/28/00 | Updated: 11/09/02

Another great party game for the N64

The Nintendo 64 is a party machine. Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Smash Bros, Mario Party, Tetris... If you want a 4 player party game, then bring your 64. Well, add one more to the huge list: Mario Tennis.


Much like Smash Bros., MT's polygon models are quite simple. Who needs complex models that will slow the game down? Effects are ''smashing''. (Sorry, I had to use that pun early so I didn't have the urge to use it later.) Animation is really good, with facial expressions and everything.


The controls are so simple, yet so deep... I'm not Tennis expect, so I'm sure pressing A or B makes a diffrence, but you can just press anything you want, really. By pressing B then A, you'll gently pat it over the net. Press B then A, then you'll make it go higher. (I really wish I knew the correct terms, sorry Tennis fans...)

The programmers went the extra mile to add little things in the game. Like victory dances when you win the cup.

To sum it up, really sraitforward. But, each character specializes in something, so chose your character for the right situation, making it deeper. Action is very fact paced. (Don't blink.)

SOUND 8/10

Unless your on a special court, music isn't ''standard Mario music.'' In fact, it's quite good, in a cartoonish kind of way. Some tunes remind me of the old Ninja Turtle game for the NES! (ahh, memories. I should write a review for that game....)

Character have voices. The odd part is, they repeat themselves alot, but you don't really notice. I love Baby Mario's ''WACK!!'' as he hits the ball. Owww.....hes so cute...the way he hold his racket...he thinks he's a real tennis player.

STORY 0/10

Mario- ''Let'sa all play tennis!''

All- ''Yeah!''

Waligi- ''Not so fast!''

Luigi- ''Oh no, it's a newly created bad guy out for my blood!''

Yoshi- ''Yoshi!''

Mario- ''Instead of fighting, let'sa play tennis!:

All- ''Hooray!''

-they play tennis-

Coin Block- ''Mario hit that ball so hard, I though coins were gonna pop out!''

OK, thats enough...


This game IS replay value. Will it ever get old? Yeah, in 2003 (And my that time, we'll have Mario Tennis Cubed.)


Why not a 10? Because this is a party game, not a in depth game like Zelda or Mario 64. It's not really a game you can review, you just have to play it. And the best part, it's even fun with one person! It's Mario Tennis! YAHOO! Everybody River Dance!

Best rental sence Smash Bros.

Rating: 9

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