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Reviewed: 09/22/00 | Updated: 09/22/00

After a long time, a fun tennis game

Of all the popular sports, tennis has to be one of the least represented in the virtual world. There haven't been too many tennis games released and the few that have haven't been that good. Maybe that's because tennis is generally a slow, boring sport.
Mario Tennis changes all that and brings a very fun tennis game to the table. As the name indicates, it is a Mario based game. That means that the characters all come from the Mario universe and the game has a distinct Mario feel to it. You can play as Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Donkey Kong and a whole bunch of other characters. Each character is unique and can do things differently than others. For example, Bowser has the best serve, while Baby Mario can run down every ball you hit. This makes having so many characters meaningful.
The career mode isn't really great. You compete in three tournaments. Each match is a best of 1 set until the finals which is a best of 3. Every set has only 2 games instead of 6. This makes the tournaments zip by and the career mode can be beaten pretty quickly. After each tournament win, you see a funny skit with your character and the trophy.
There are other modes such as Bowser Stage and Ring Shot to give the game some replayability. The Bowser Stage allows you to pick up power ups and use them against your opponent. The court also tilts in different directions.
The best part about Mario Tennis is the multiplayer. Eventually the computer becomes boring to play, but playing against a human opponent is always fun. 4 players is just a blast.
Overall, Mario Tennis, although not too realistic is a surprisingly fun tennis game to play.

Graphics: 8.
The graphics are pretty good and the animations are smooth. One complaint I have though is that sometimes characters don't swing their racquets when hitting a ball.

Sound: 7.
The sound effects are pretty funny and the music is also decent.

Gameplay: 9.
Only 2 buttons are used to execute different shots. This may seem complicated, but it really isn't and makes the game fun to play. The game is pretty hard against the CPU when you raise the difficulty.

Replay Value: 9.
Multiplayer games always have high replay values and it is the best part about this game.

Overall: 8.
It may not be realistic, but it is fun and that is what counts.

Rating: 8

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