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Reviewed: 09/22/00 | Updated: 09/22/00

You will laugh when you win, you will cry when you lose, and you will have a nice day!

Ever wanted to play a great sports game? Mario will help you. Yep, it is a very fun, face paced game by the same wonderful that brought you Mario Golf. So you already know it is good, right?

Graphics 9.5/10
Very nice looking graphics. Mario and his friends have never looked better. The charactors look perfect and so is pretty much everything else. The tennis courts look nice and big. Ever behind the tennis court looks beatiful! The instant replay feature makes even the worst of plays look outstanding. The camera will never be a pain. Overall you will always feel confortable looking at these graphics.

Story N/A
It is a sports game, it does not have a story.

Sound 9.8/10
It is easy to tell Nintendo took a lot of effort into the sound. All the charactors voices are what you should expect from a Mario game, and that is good. The music, is easily the best for a Nintendo 64 game. At the beggining of a game, it will play a very energetic song that sounds just about perfect. If you are one point from winning,, it will play a very intense song. This is very good in my opinion.

Gameplay 10/10
Nintendo pulled out all the stops to make this game fun. They took no prisoners. The result: One of the most fun games out there. You can compete in a tornament. You can challenge your skill in a Bowser course. You can humilate your best friend, in a one on one or a team mode! But I must tell you what a typical tennis match is like. Ok, so someone serves the ball. You hit it and they hit back to you. But you hit the ball with a power shot. The ball flys right past the opposing player, and you get fiveteen points, (you must get over fourty to win). Then an instant replay screen pops up so you can view you humilating play in a beatiful veiw. Some plays can take a long time to win or lose. And how could I forget the team mode? You can play team style, two vs. two. Now you can humiliate BOTH of your friends! In conclusion, your gonna have a lot of great memories playing this wonderful game.

Contols 10/10
It is perhaps the best controls for a game. All you have to do is press ''A'' or ''B'' to hit the ball. But remember that Power shot I told you about a while ago? All you have to do is hold ''A'' or ''B'' and release.
The nice thing about this is you could get someone who has never even seen a N64 controller before and they should feel confortable.

Replay Value 10/10
You will never get bored of womping your friends and teaming up with computers. It is just like Super Smash Brothers, it really shines as a multiplayer. So get this game with three friends and you will have a wonderful time!

Challenge 9/10
There are several tornaments to keep you occupied for a long time.

Buy or Rent?
Buy it right now! You will have loads of fun!

Overall 10/10
This is one of those games that make me proud to own an Nintendo 64. I like this game so much, I won't ever let it out of my sight! And you will too after you play this game!

Rating: 10

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