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Reviewed: 09/14/00 | Updated: 09/14/00

Video game tennis at its finest

I really liked this game. I felt as if it was a good attempt at a sports game by Nintendo, and I am glad that they hired Camelot to make this game. I was a really big fan of Mario Golf, and I was hoping that Mario Tennis would have the same kind of impact on me. And for the most part, it did, as I feel as if this is one of the all time great sports games out there.

If you have a Nintendo 64, you should definitely purchase this game. I bought a Nintendo 64 to play Mario Golf, and I bought this game after renting it, mainly because it is so much damn fun to play! It is definitely one of the all time classic video games, and is a lot better than any other tennis game I have ever played (not like there have been a lot of them, I admit).

Graphics - 9.8/10
The graphics in the game are top notch, I really liked the graphics in the game. Camelot did a good job with the graphics, as the characters look great and are well animated. They look just like I thought they would. The ball animates well on the tennis court, as it has a streak behind it that changes color depending on the power. However, you can sometimes lose the ball and can't see it because of the background of the court. The backgrounds are well varied and unique, to say the least.

Music and Sound Effects - 9.3/10
I really liked the music in the game, and this is a big shocker to me because I have never really liked much music featured in Nintendo 64 games. I did like the music in this game, however, and felt it fit the feeling of the game perfectly, since the music did sound childish, although not to the point of inducing insanity, like certain other Nintendo 64 games (Yoshi's Story). Sound effects are awesome, I especially liked the voice acting of the characters.

Gameplay and Control - 9.2/10
This is the greatest tennis game I have ever played, and it will always remain one of my all time favorite video games. There are a sheer amount of options in the game, ranging from exhibition to tournament, single player to four player, singles and double matches, it is awesome. There are a lot of characters to choose from, as well, ranging from Mario to Donkey Kong, and it is cool because each character has their own strengths and weaknesses. It really is an awesome idea that was implemented well. Control in the game is solid, even with the analog control of the Nintendo 64 controller that I hate.

Overall - 9.1/10
Definitely an all time classic.

Rating: 9

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