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Reviewed: 09/10/00 | Updated: 09/10/00

The best sports game on N64 to date

From the makers of the hit game Mario golf comes a brand new Tennis game, sporting mario and his pals. But just how does this game measure up? Read on to find out.

Gameplay 9/10
The gameplay is awesome. Simply put. The beauty of it is that a person who had never even heard of the game could pick up the controller and start playing. In other words, it's easy to learn, but hard to master. The only small flaw that keeps it from being a perfect ten is the charging shot system. More often than not you'll miss a hard shot to the right of you simply because you were charging up for a shot.

Graphics 10/10
This game shows what the Nintendo 64 can do. The graphics are smooth as a baby's rear end, and even with four people on the screen, lava shooting up and shells zinging through the air, I haven't ever seen a framerate slowdown. I have never had a problem with seeing the ball as some people have had.

Multiplayer 10/10
Arguably the game's best feature, Multiplayer really delivers. Grab three friends and serve it up in either doubles mode, Ring battle royale, or Bowser's court. This game ranks right up there with Goldeneye and perfect dark in terms of multiplayer. As always, a good multiplayer feature Skyrockets the replay value of a game, and this game does have replay value.

Replay Value 10/10
If the Outstanding multiplayer mode alone isn't enough to get you to buy the game, the single player will push you over the top. With 2 hidden characters, 5 Hidden cups, and 6 Hidden courts, this game has plenty of secrets to keep the one player mode full of replay value. The tournament mode may be a little on the easy side, but what really gives this game replay value is multiplayer.

Overall 10/10
I wasn't an avid tennis fan when i bought this, but I managed to get a lot of fun out of this game. Even if you're not a tennis fan, you'll get truckloads of fun, playing by yourself or with friends. I can't tell you who this game is for and who it isn't, but here's what i can say-If you're looking for a good time, Look no further than Mario Tennis 64.

Rating: 10

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