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Reviewed: 09/05/00 | Updated: 01/28/02

A quick paced multiplayer frenzy for gamers of all ages!

This is a true game of class.From the makers of Mario Golf, this is Mario Tennis.I guarantee, unless you for some reason don't like extremely fun,fast paced games you will love it.Let's look at all of the main aspects:

Graphics:Awesome, to say the least!The characters are beautifully animated and all totally unique.Each and every one of them has a different winning animation, losing animation, trophy animation, and the list goes on!They aren't blocky either.Waluigi looks good and evil, just like he should, and each character even has their own unique rackt design.

Audio:Very nice.The characters sound really funny, and they all have individual personalities.The music is great too.It get's really intese when you get to a champoinship point, and they turn on the match point music!There's lots of great music from other games too, like the origianl mario music(great!).One thing that I didn't like though:Half the time that Luigi hits the ball he taunts you with a sneering ''OH YEAH!''.That got on my nerves more than once.......

Secrets:Well, this section will be short, as I don't want to spoil anything, but I assure you, there are more secrets than you can shake a stick at.In fact, I calculated that it would take at least 929 matches to perfect the game, and that's not including secret things!

Control:Very nice.I love it, because it's so simple to pick up, yet extremely difficult to master.My only complaint is all of the A and B combos.There are 6 different shots you can make with just those buttons..........But like I said, it takes a long time to master.

Online compatibility:The online tourneys are pretty fun, but then again, most people cheat, so unless nintendo comes out with a solution for cheaters, they won't be too much fun, but it's really fun for the first few days, before people started getting impossible scores......

Multiplayer:Simply awesome!It can get very intense when you get into a heated match with 3 of your buddies.It's fast paced like you wouldn't believe and you can play it for hours upon end!

It's fun for the whole family!Anyone can pick this game up.I had my grandma playing it, as well as my little sister(9).They had the hang of it within 5 minutes!

The inevitable question:Rent or buy?
My answer:I would say, if you're the average teen like me, you probably don't have the money to just go out and buy a game(I've been saving).But if you've got the money, by all means, buy it!If not, rent it while you save money to sustain yourself.

Well that's all I have to say.But seriously, this is one heckuva great game!

Rating: 10

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