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Reviewed: 09/02/00 | Updated: 09/02/00

Greatest multiplayer game EVER

Wee wee! The best part is multiplayer, but the rest is fun, too.

Modes: There are various ways to play the game. The five main modes are Exhibition, Tournament, Piranha Challenge, Ring Shot, and Bowser Stage. The four special modes are Tiebreaker, Demo Mode, Short Game, and Ring Tournament. That's mad variety!

The strangest mode is the Ring Tournament. In this game, you enter a code found at and get points in a Ring Shot match. You then get a result code, which you enter at the website and your score is posted along with everyone else who has entered. This is kind of pants, because there are scores in the 9,000's at the top. It's hard enough getting 1,000 points! Jeez!

Characters: Mario Tennis has 14 playable characters from the world of Mario when you begin. There are two mystery characters you must unlock. They all have different attributes, which provides great variety in gameplay. There are fast characters, such as Yoshi and Baby Mario. There are powerful characters like Wario and Bowser. Other characters are average or can control their shots well. The characters are very lively and dance about just like their character would. The new character, Waluigi, is a lanky fellow whose eyes glow when he wins. That part always freaks me out.

Graphics: The game looks fabulous. The lighting effects and character animations are a delight. Each character has a celebration dance when they win and they are so lovable. Except Waluigi sometimes. He's scary.

Challenge: This game is very challenging. The easy mode is as it is supposed to be, easy. Once you get higher up into the Star Cup, it gets to be intense. The computer characters would dominate me and I found myself in a bitter rage, hurling controllers and collapsing with anger(isn't that silly?) But I became better and finally triumphed with most characters. Beating the Star Cup with every character is indeed difficult.

Sound: Whenever you restart during the Piranha Plant game, a high pitched Mario voice squeals ''Ready..GO!'' Hearing this phrase repeated every few seconds (I restart a lot because it's challenging) made my head hurt. The other irksome sound is the beeping on the Bowser Stage when you get an item. It seems too loud. Aside from those two problems, I found the sounds pleasant. Especially the music on the Mario stage. I like that song.

Happy: The characters are all happy and the courts are bright. There are some exceptions, like the Bowser Court and Waluigi. But even Waluigi is merry when he wins a cup. He dances.

Multiplayer: As if all this isn't enough, multiplayer kicks buttocks! It's the best part of the game. Get a bunch of people and play this game. It's better than single player because the computer never talks to you. It's so lonely.

OK, I encourage everyone to buy this game. You can play it for hours. If you get some friends, you can play it forever!!

Rating: 10

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