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Reviewed: 07/04/00 | Updated: 07/04/00

A MUST PLAY; perfect, accept for the difficulty.

You have no idea how much I'd love to give this game a ten, really. I am a huge Kirby fan, and when I realised this was coming out, I was a very happy person. I finally was able to rent this masterpiece, and here's what I found out from playing it.

~Gameplay: 7~
The gameplay is quite nice...smooth and simple. The only major complaint here is that sometimes, I have had the problem of pressing down on the pad and making Kirby swallow something instead of walking forward. It's probably just me, though.

What really kills me about this game is how easy it is. I really wish that HAL would make just one Kirby game that was for more advanced gamers...something harder than this. But Kirby was always aimed at kids, and sadly, I doubt that that'll change...

For those of you who think that this game should be 3D--would that really be right? I mean, it wouldn't feel like a genuine Kirby game if it were'nt a side scroller, eh?

Stragely, to me this game has a somewhat different feel then the other Kirby games that I have played. I don't know what it's not really *bad*, but I guess that with Kirby's move to the 64, some things had to change.

~Story: 8~
Simple story, but it's good enough. Kirby games have never had really involved plots, so why should this be much different? Basically, Kirby is trying to collect shards of a broken crystal for a fairy in order to save her planet. Yeah, it's been done in one way or another, but it's kinda interesting just the same.

~Audio/Video: 10~
WOW! I mean, if you thought that graphics in the other K games were whimsical, this is at least as good! WOW!!! I love the beautiful scenery and the pristine colors. The music is very nice! Some of it is new, while some is kind of slowed down versions of older songs from other games. The music is great, though a little sleepy at some know. It makes you strangely tired =) No, really, there's no real problems in this area.

~Replayability: 6~
I haven't played it enough to know alot about how much replay value this game has, but it's so FUN you'll want to keep going back and playing again. The biggest problem, however, is that it's a short game. But still, it's FUN! Plus, there are three mini games that are REALLY FUN! Believe me...they are!

~Buy Or Rent....
Hmmm...well, I suppose that it depends on you. Are you a big Kirby fan who doesn't really mind playing a short, easy game once in a while? This game does have some replay value, and besides--it's a masterpiece! It can be a hard decision, actually. I strongly suggests that you RENT the game fisrt, THEN decide if your destined to buy it. Oh, well...I haven't bought the game yet, and I'm still deciding if I should buy it or not. =) You'll have to decide for yourself if it's really worth $50 to you...

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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