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Reviewed: 07/03/00 | Updated: 07/03/00

N64 classic gaming at its best... with Kirby!

Finally, Kirby 64 s out. (as of June 27) Was it worth the wait? Is it good? Let's take a look...

Gameplay: This is what Kirby games are known for: Gameplay. Kirby 64 offers some of the best classic- action/platform gameplay the N64 will ever see. Let's start with Kirby's copying ability. You'll see that Kirby can inhale enemies. Some of the enemies, (and some objects) that you find hold one of seven powers: Needle, Spark, Burn, Ice, Stone, Bomb, and Cutter. I will not spoil any of the 35 possible abilities; you will have to go and see. Using these abilities, Kirby will travel through several planets, each with three or four levels each. Aside from the boss level, there are 3 shards located in eack level, except for boss levels, in which there is only one. You don't need all, but you do in order to get the better ending. At the end of each level is a tiny mini-game. You can travel back in forth in case you miss any. In fact, you must; certain abilities are required on a level, and the levels don't have all of the abilities. Sometimes, as the story proceeds, you will be able to take control of some characters. They will also help you on your quest. There are three addicting mini-games that are fairly fun and simple that'll last for quite awhile. (4-players) Unfortunately, Kirby 64 has no 2-player co-op mode, and it is overall, quite short and easy.

Story: Some Dark Matter guy wants to take the shards for his own good. He is VERY clever indeed. Simple.

Graphics: Very smooth. Excellent 2.5D in-game graphics and fully 3-d cut-scenes.
Score: 10

Audio: Great music, classic sounds.
Score: 10

Replay Value: Short, but with mini-games. Rent first; you can't beat this game in a day, about 100% of the games in two days. Multi-player games, though, add extra RV.

Overall: A short but fun game that is great for children, although it is too easy for the more experienced gamer.
Rent/Buy= If you are an independent gamer, RENT. If you get together with friends frequentlt, Rent before you Buy. Hardcore Kirby fan? BUY!
Score: 8

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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