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Reviewed: 06/28/00 | Updated: 11/20/01

A ball of pink fluff in a world of wimpy enemies.

Kirby 64 is an OK game. It features everyone's favorite ball of pink fluff: Kirby. The game has many many many downfalls though. It does have some great parts to it as well.

Graphics (8/10)
The graphics are smooth and clear. The graphics don't really stand out that much though.

Sound (6/10)
The sound isn't remarkable, but it's still pretty cool. It has a few catchy pieces, but a lot of aggravating music. It features several sound effects that don't really make the game any different.

Play Control (8/10)
The play control is simple and very easy to learn. There are some annoying parts to it though.

Challenge (2/10)
Seriously, the challenge is meant for a 4 year old. Kirby 64 is the twin of Yoshi Story when it comes to challenge. The game is simply not meant for anyone above a rookie. Maybe a medium player could enjoy the game. The challenge just makes the game boring.

Storyline (3/10)
It seems games today all have horrible storylines. A substance called Dark Matter is after a crystal to gain some kind of ''ultimate power.'' How many times have we heard that?

Battle System (6/10)
Just a standard battle system that you'll see in most action games appears in Kirby 64. It's very basic system.

Game Length (4/10)
This game is not long at all for what it could be worth. I don't know what uses up the space on that cartridge, but it sure isn't game length.

Replay Value (1/10)
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards is simply not meant to be played more than 1 time. The replay value is plain old crummy.

Gameplay (4/10)
The game is pretty fun. Uh... About as fun as Yoshi Story. In general, it's the twin of Yoshi Story when it comes to fun/gameplay. OK, a bit better than Yoshi Story. It's a little below average when it comes to fun, but not boring enough that you'll return it once you test out the first few levels.

Originality (8/10)
Kirby 64 has the original Kirby system of mixing and matching moves. Quite creative. The game's general system isn't too original though.

Overall (3/10):
If you want under 15 hours of gameplay and are willing to let $50 slip out of your pocket, then buy the game. Otherwise, I say it's a waste. I don't recommend buying Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. I don't care how well the game's been anticipated and advertised. If you liked Yoshi Story, you might enjoy the game. The game is an identical twin of Yoshi Story.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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