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Reviewed: 07/07/03 | Updated: 07/07/03

Perhaps the most colorful N64 game in a LONG time...

Most of the Nintendo 64's less serious titles have been shut out by many of today's FPS and fighting players. Games like Goldeneye, the Turok series, Perfect Dark, and the Legend of Zelda series have taken eyes away from the well known pink puffball. Though LOZ contains similar types of puzzles and features, old-time fans seem afraid to try something new. Make no mistake, Kirby is not new, but its feel in this game is much different than when we see Kirby collide in Pinball or embark in his adventures. A 3-dimensional graphic, 2-dimensional world including over 50 powers for Kirby and teasing puzzles is not what Kirby fans usually see.

Some may not have believed how easy the first player adventure mode is, but a tall background of multiplayer and first player extras keep it inside the fence. The minigames are indeed challenging and stimulating to the mind's coordination and speed. The first player mode contains many powers and combination powers that can be made when Kirby fuses his swallowed enemies together. Sometimes having a specific power is essential to completing a level and unlocking secrets beyond colored walls. Searching and gathering all 100 crystal shards throughout the game grant a special option once done. At the end of each one player level, Kirby faces a picnic mat and turns with a pattern for you to have him jump on one of the treats on the mat to receive. Health and life recovery/upgrades are available while a card with a ''?'' mark labeling it is called ''Enemy Info''. At any time on the menu, you may go see which random enemy you've picked up and you may view their physical appearance, special powers, and ID number in the catalog. To get back to the multiplayer, there aren't as many characters as you could have hoped for, only four to be exact. The requirement to play each difficulty to continue unlocking multiplayer extras keeps the gamer's momentum flowing and inspiration building.

Graphics and Sound
Just about every color in the rainbow is expected in each of Kirby's eye popping levels. Excellent movement and animation graphic layouts keep its storyboard essence alive. The music is very catchy and uplifting to all gamer's play, but some tunes may be very annoying, especially when you can't pass a part of a level. Sounds scattered around are sharp and clear to all movements involving noise whatsoever. The only con I have here is that I wish the characters could actually talk to bring more life to the game's reach.

Suitable for any skill, its ease, yet occasional difficult puzzles and obstacles are the most unique I've ever seen. The originality is in full bloom here, you won't find any other game close to imitating Kirby's fast paced journeys. Control response and timing is flawless, but Kirby's extremely low dense body can cause many fatalities for days of playing. It can get very frustrating when one simple enemy continues to exterminate your life each time. Powers that enemies hold raise difficulty slightly due to the need to swallow the enemy to gain its abilities. Frequently, a crystal shard can be right under your nose and the ability to reveal it is right behind your back. The minigames have sketchy controls, but only to make the event any harder than it's supposed to be.

Kirby brings a significant flavor as well as story and extras in this Titanic-sized adventure. Over 10 hours of play at least should be mentioned for the average player to complete every aspect of the game. This title is for all ages, serious players, and all humans with a heart.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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