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Reviewed: 07/31/01 | Updated: 07/31/01

WAY to easy to be a great Kirby game.

July,2000 A boy was happly returning from his grandma's house with a new game,Kirby 64.when he got home he happly played the game for 2 hours and got to the last level and won the game.The following week the score continued to rise from a mere 36% to a respectable 68% and then 100%.He soon grew bored of the game that he got a week ago.This boy was me on to the review.

Graphics:9 (exceptional)
Wonderful graphics that show that the N64 is able to produce great graphics without the Expansion Pak.Kirby looks round, the other charactors look great, and backgrounds are wonderful. Enemy design is not scary I wondered why the bad guys had to be as cute as Kirby. They're dounright likeable! the reason that the graphics didn't get a ten is because the enemys are cute and the color is almost blinding.

Story:2 (Bad)
all is peaceful and suddenly Dark Matter attacks and tries to steal a giant crystal and they insteat settle for keeping it out of the hand of it`s rightful owners and breakit into los of little pieces It's up to Kirby to find and put together the shards and Defeat Dark Matter. Can we say Lacking? It's your usual save the world story but now you must collect things to do so.

Sound:5 (average)
Nothing special here. Music varies but is VERY forgetable. Music is set for each area and keeps the mood well. Sound Effects are plentiful but some are used way to much. Don't get me wrong the sound test says this game has about 300 sound effects! Too bad we only hear about 20 throught a level.

Control:8 (very good)
FINALLY a game that uses the D-pad for a 2D game. Very basic controls A button to jump, B button to inhale, D-pad to move. Very simple but controling talents gained by enemies is harder than it should be and that drags the score down a bit.

Gameplay:3 (poor)
Too basic. Swallow enemy gain power use power to gain shards and combine with other powers. You go from planet to Planet getting shards to defeat Dark Matter. It's just too tedious to be fun after a while and that's where the game suffers it's big blow. The game offers Mini games for the multiplayer section but these aren`t much. And besides once you get 100% in the game there really isn`t much more to do in the game.

Satisfaction:4 (fair)
Only if you are a Diehard kirby fan will you find any reason to play this after you get 100%. It's just too tedious. Muliplayer is nothing new just some mini games at different difficulty. It just wasn`t fresh and big enough. It could have been great but it wasn`t. A big blow for Kirby fans for sure.

Buy or rent?:Rent
don`t buy unless you find it cheep or worship Kirby like a god.A nice rental though.

Overall:4 (fair)
The game that couldn't with more variety and harder levels it could have been a sensation but the game was meant for little kids or the Kirby fan so unless you are one of the above you won't get much out of Kirby this go around.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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