Review by Dogleader

Reviewed: 01/14/20

Could have been a bit better of a Kirby game.

Not that I despise this game, and prefer Kirby Super Star and Kirby & the Amazing Mirror over it, but Kirby 64 isn't as great of a game as I had hoped it would. This is my review of the game to explain why.

Gameplay: 5/10. Kirby games are usually platform based, but this one is mostly linear, which isn't suitable for Kirby. One disadvantage for Kirby is that he can no longer float in the air as long as he wants. Speaking of Kirby, he has a few odd differences for his inhale ability and copy ability; first, he spits the enemy out as itself rather than a star like you would expect. When getting rid of his copy ability, rather than releasing it as a star, he holds the power star with the abilities. His copy abilities also do not give him the adorable hats he's known for or even changing his color, a real letdown. Kirby's attacks, for the worst part, aren't even displayed the expected way, such as kirby throwing some of himself instead of a blade with Cutter. It is nice to have King Dedede as an ally, but he is only playable in a few sections, and besides his hammer whack, he has no other attacks, and cannot puff up or do his large jump move. Kirby also doesn't have the famous Sword ability. In fact, there are only 7 copy abilities available in the game. Weak.

Music: 6/10. Most of the music is okay, with the best theme in the game being 02's boss theme. The Pop Star music is also whimsical and fitting for a Kirby game, and Factory Inspection is a really dramatic tune.

Graphics: 5/10. The graphics aren't too bad for the game's standards. Kirby, Waddle Dee, and some other enemies are all right. King Dedede, Whispy Woods, and the monster Scarfy look a bit off. The Maxim Tomatoes also look different.

Conclusion: Kirby 64 would have been a better game if Kirby's copy abilities work better for him, more copy abilities are usable, the character models look better, King Dedede has more attacks, and the in-game cutscenes (which I forgot to mention), have voices and sound, rather than being entirely silent. The backtracking is also a small issue, since I have to go traveling between levels with combined abilities to obtain a crystal shard, and if I lose the two abilities, I have to go back and get it all over again. a big nuisance.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (US, 06/26/00)

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