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Reviewed: 01/28/09 | Updated: 04/30/12

A must have for all Kirby fans!!

Kirby is one of my most favorite video game characters of all time. I first realized of his existence in Super Smash Bros. He was my favorite character to be. Kirby 64 was the first real Kirby game I ever played. Lemme tell ya, it's a heck of a lot of fun!

It may be in 3D, but Kirby 64 still plays like a 2D platformer. Of course, Kirby can suck up enemies, and learn their moves. A new trick though is that you can combine abilities to form new ones! This was used before in Kirby's Dream Land 3 by the way. Most levels are short and easy, while others are long and complicated. In the levels are these blue crystals you need to collect. There are 3 crystals in each level, except the boss levels. You need to collect the crystals to beat the game 100%, and to get to the final boss. I, actually, have never beaten the game 100%. Oh, well. Anyway, there's also parts in certain levels where you hop on King Dedede's back, and beat things up with his hammer. There's this artist chick named, Adeleine who draws healing items, and 1-Ups for you sometimes. And everytime you beat a level, you end up at this picnic, and have to jump for a prize like a Maximum Tomato, an enemy card, a 1-Up, and some other stuff.

The story in this game is a bit on the dark side for a Kirby game, in my opinion. It really creeped me out at some parts as a kid. Dark Matter (a reoccurring villain in the series) has come to Drizzle Star for some reason. And this fairy named, Ribbon, flies off the planet on a huge crystal. A few smaller Dar Matters fly after her, break the crystal, and send her flying towards Pop Star, where Kirby lives. A part of the crystal hits Kirby, followed by Ribbon. She asks Kirby to help her find the crystals, and save her planet. Kirby of course agrees, and the quest begins! Not too bad for a game like this. Most of the cutscenes in the game are pretty entertaining.

The graphics are all 3D. They're what you'd expect out of a Kirby game, colorful, cartoonish, yet at times detailed. Most things are simple looking too. This definitely doesn't have the best graphics on the N64, but you still have to appreciate them for a Kirby game.

Kirby's always got some great tunes. Most of the music is very light-hearted. Other times it can seem kind of creepy. Even in the sound test Kirby gives reactions to the music. He usually has a smile, other times he'll have huge, surprised eyes, or closed, scared eyes. Overall, anyone can enjoy this music. Unless your emo or something.

Replay Value & Other Stuff
If you didn't beat the game 100%, then this game will give you plenty of replay value. You can also play mini-games with a friend, or by yourself. the mini-games are the only multi-player option in the game. You can watch the cutscenes in the theater. And listen to some music and SFX.

Closing Statement
Like the teaser says, this is a game for any Kirby fan. Even if you a long time fan, or just starting off. The game a good enough difficulty to keep young gamers occupied, and old gamers challenged. This is a very solid platformer, and great game.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (US, 02/25/08)

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