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Reviewed: 03/03/08

Ripples of Joy

When I bought Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, I was expecting something like Super Mario 64. When I learned it was a side scrolling platformer from playing the first level, I was disappointed. After playing a few levels, however, I thought that it was amazing. This game is a great game and I have a reason to give it a 8/10.

Story - The story starts on Ripple Star, a heart shaped planet by Pop Star, Kirby's planet. The fairies living on the planet are minding their own business when one day, an evil being known as Dark Matter shrouds the planet in darkness. One of the fairies, known as Ribbon, is told to escape with the crystal, which is what Dark Matter is after. As Ribbon flies through space, she is attacked by Dark Matter. After sustaining some damage, the crystal smashes and Ribbon falls unconscious. She awakens on the planet Pop Star with one of the crystal shards and Kirby comes over to her with another. Together they set out on a journey to gather the crystal and stop Dark Matter. On their journey they make allies with Waddle Dee, Adeliene, and a reluctant King Dedede. The cutscenes throughout the game are cute and funny, and I think it is a good thing you can watch them all again. The only problem is that the story is not told to the player by text or sound, just video. 7/10

Sound - The music in the game is very upbeat and catchy. The music reflects the mood of the scene it is playing in very nicely. Some of the jingles are remixes from previous Kirby games too. 9/10

Graphics - The graphics for this game are beautiful. The backgrounds are nicely detailed, the scenery is colorful, and the characters have plenty of animations. The cutscenes are beautifully animated. I also found it near impossible to see the polygons making up the characters. Some of the background is in 2.5-D which takes away from the game's feeling a bit. Also, when Kirby cries if you miss an item, it looks fake. 8/10

Play Time/Replayability - This game is moderately short overall. The main quest takes several hours, and collecting all the crystals takes one or two more hours afterwards if you did not get them all. The levels start out short but get longer later in the game. Near the end the levels are quite long. The game also throws in some multiplayer minigames to play when you're bored. The game does not have much replayability otherwise. 7/10

Gameplay - Gameplay is perfect. The movement is smooth, and the gimmicks give so much enjoyment. Normally in Kirby games, Kirby will take an enemy's ability but can only use one at a time. In this game, Kirby can combine the abilities of two enemies and get a completely new power or have two of the same ability to get a better version of that ability. These combo abilities range from shooting missiles from Kirby's mouth to turning into a fridge and throwing out food. The boss of a star is always extra hard, providing a challenge for even the best of players. Like I said before, the game gets harder as you progress, which adds even more of a challenge. Another awesome part of the gameplay is sometimes playing as Dedede or sledding downhill with Waddle Dee. Along with all this is Kirby's ability to float. However, this game limits the floating time so one cannot skip over a level. 10/10

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards is my second experience playing a Kirby game. And I can say one thing about this game, it is addictive. The game is quite short, but still worth buying or giving as a gift.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (US, 02/25/08)

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