Review by joeyissoweird

Reviewed: 02/07/08

I Can See Clearly Now The Rain Is Gone

Honestly, the only games I remember playing with Kirby in it are Kirby for the Game Boy, Kirby for the NES, and this one. And I've only beaten one. Guess what that is? Wrong! The one for the NES. But, I don't need to beat this game in order to have fun and review it. All levels all have the same goal, and the graphics are amazing. This game was left in this house when I moved in, as well as other Nintendo 64 games because I was a Hurricane Katrina victim. Wow, I really do feel glad that I left that hurricane, look at this game!

Graphics 10/10
When have you seen any Kirby game with this much 3d graphics? I can now see what those monsters truly look like. The birds look all great, the game is all colorful, the monsters look beautiful even though inside they want to kick the snot out of Kirby. Kirby, watch out! I'm not sure if there's a sequel, but if there is I'm buying.

Gameplay 10/10
This is a platform game like the old Kirby games with one exception. That exception is that if you keep going right, sometimes you go the other way. For example, a house. Remember those nasty bosses you had to fight? Now they're your friends. This game is so cute. You beat a boss, and then that boss becomes all sad and happy and then joins you for a picnic. I swear, if Kirby existed, I would be going to bed with it.. him.. her in my arms. Screw teddy bears.

Sound 10/10
Introducing new songs for Kirby. Keep your NES cartridge of Kirby, because you might never hear those classics again. Introducing, the Kirby Album. With your favorite songs sadly not featuring Pete Wentz. I think you should get what I'm saying. The sound is rockin' awesome! The quality is pretty nice. You may still find some classics in the song collection in this album (game).

Overall 10/10
You're never going to see a great game like this again, probably. I've enjoyed the graphics, the sound, and the gameplay for this game. It's all fun. Don't worry, not much has changed about the NES game. Just pretty much the graphics which is extreme hardcore 3d. You should pretty much play this game. Perfect Dark won't do you any good. Gimme that. ;Throws in trash; There you go.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (US, 06/26/00)

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