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Reviewed: 08/21/00 | Updated: 08/21/00

The powerpuff ball hits N64

Well, Howdy ya, Funk Punk here with the Kirby 64 review. Finally Nintendo has brought there smiling marshmallow to the 3-d world. While a little late, fans of the series (inculding your truly) will agreed that it been worth the wait. If your new to the series and you deciede to start here, read my review to expect of things to come. But if your a kirby fan a along...well, just read my review.

Eye-candy/9: Impressive, the graphics on this game are very cartoony and colorful. I especially like the FMVs. Nice job Nintendo/Hal. Keep it up.

Noise/9: The muisc is top-notch. You'll love the background music on some of the FMVs and the boss fights. The only thing that might turn off players is that there no voice acting in the game. But it can be put up with, some don't let that bother you.

Skinny/10: Our adventure begins our the fairy planet of Ripple Star where the residents live a happy and peaceful life. That is until Dark Matter comes around, seeking to steal the magic crystal (the source of the planet). One brave fairy, Ribbon, tries to get away with the crystal but ends up getting it shatter and spread across the the solar system. Luckily for her she lands on Popstar and right onto our hero,Kirby. Seeing the fairy could use some help, he deciede to join her on the quest to collect the crystal shards. A very cute and orignal story that you can't help but love.

Core/10: The gameplay in the game is top-notch. Kirby can do all his signature moves: fly, suck up enemies, and steal thier powers. Speaking of which, the powers come in a wide varitey of attacks that range from super-cool (Swiss-Army and Icebox Kirby) to orignal (Fire sword and rock) to sort-of lame (Flaming Ice cube). Now if you read any of the other reviews, you'll notice that they say the game is way to short which I hate to admit is true. But the trying to find the crystals, fighting the bosses, and the Mario Party-style minigames make Kirby 64 worth coming back too.

Bottom Line: Kirby 64 is one great platform everyone sure to enjoy and worht the $50 bucks to get. Sure, it maybe short but it the fun of it the keep you coming back. Of course you can rent it first if you like, but it better it make it a keeper. Until the next review, this is Funk Punk beaming out.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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