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Reviewed: 08/09/00 | Updated: 08/09/00

Kinda easy, but...

HAL and Nintendo certainly did a nice job putting together this game. But as Yamauchi (I think it was him) said, ''5 year olds can pick up this game and play it!'' This explains the difficulty of this game. One hardcore gaming session and you beat the game! Unfortunately, I haven't time to have a hardcore gaming session. That's why it's took me so long! On to the scores...

Graphics: 8/10
It is wonderful! You can tell Kirby was meant to be 2D. I love how the game is really 2D, but the gorgeous 3D backgrounds may make some people mistake it for a 3D game! Because of this, the camera sometimes has to revolve to keep it a side-scroller. It makes it confusing sometimes. You may see something in the background, and think you can get it, even though you really can't.

Sound: 6/10
Some of the sounds were pleasant and memorable, but others were just atrocious! A lot of them I found myself humming to myself, but others annoyed me! The SFX were average. Nothing amazing there, but it gets the job done. It's fits the situation perfectly.

Ingenuity: 7/10
Er, I think I was playing Yoshi's story looking at the graphics. The 2D graphics were plainly ripped of Yoshi's Story's 2D with 3D backgrounds idea. But the copy ability was just the most creative thing I've heard in a while. Here's the scoop: if you suck in an enemy with an attack (let's say fire), then spit it at another enemy with an attack (let's say spike), you get a whole new different attack (in this case, fire arrow).

Gameplay: 7/10
The gameplay is fun and delightful...while it lasts! The game is way too easy. The bosses are challenging the first two times you play it, but you should beat it on the 3rd try. And the regular levels are a joke. They are only slightly harder than Yoshi's story. The copy ability is a cool way to kill enemies, but they only make the game easy. Add to the fact that you can game over as many times as you want, and start from where you left off! The multiplayer is kinda fun (see below).

Replayability: 5/10
OK, the one-player mode gets boring after you beat it. Why would you want to go back and play such an easy game over again? It's the exact same thing, nothing different. Then what gets this game a 5 instead of a 1? A pretty good multiplayer. It has three games that are all pretty fun. 100 yard hop: Get to the finish first. Bumper Crop Bump: Catch as many falling crops as possible! The best of all of them, Checkerboard Chase: Knock each other off the platformer. Be the last one standing! These three games are pretty addicting, especially Checkerboard Chase. Try it!

The Final Word: Rent this game. The single-player mode is addictive and brings tons of enjoyment, but you can beat it quickly. The multiplayer mode is also addictive, but it's too simple. Here's my plan for you. If you can rent it for 3 days: spend the first one or two days beating the one-player mode with all the shards. And spend the third beating each other up in multiplayer!

Final Score (an average): 6.6

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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