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Reviewed: 07/12/00 | Updated: 07/12/00

Dreamland has never been better!

Finally, Kirby gets his own adventure on the N64, and I must say, HAL did a pretty good job on it. So, let's see why this game deserves a 10, okay?

Plot: 9 How original! Dark Matter from Kirby's Dreamland 2 wants a crystal! A fairy named Ribbon takes it away, but while being pursued by him, she drops the crystal and it shatters into pieces. The only thing they never me is that why he wants the crystal, and what would happen when he grabs it, but trust me, something bad would happen anyway.........

Graphics: 10 Let me say this-when's the last time you saw graphics that were so good that you could just faint? Well, that's what this game's graphics do. In fact, they almost (If not completely) give Rare's graphics a run for their money. The cut-scenes are completely fabulous, from the rushed, yet oh-so twitchy beginning to the funny ending if you collect all of the crystal pieces. Trust me,that ending is drop down hilarious!

The characters look cool and oh-so lifelike! Their movements are very realistic (Kirby eating, Adenline painting, etc.)! Of course, some enemies needed a little work. And the foregrounds and backgrounds are cool, too, but only one problem was involved in the graphics-why the pop-up? Why, I can see this on Whispy Woods (That tree guy) and some backgrounds, but everything else looks very realistic. Great job, HAL!

Sound: 10 Yet another memorable soundtrack! It's something about them and their music that makes it blend in very smoothly with their stages. Why, in one stage on Ripple Star, the music is so creepy it's more scarier than any horror movie (Especailly the sixth sense!)! Their music, in short, fits in with each stage's enviroment very well, but one turn-off was the boss just didn't blend in with the battles that a few tracks weren't good because they weren't catchy.

Sound effects are okay, they're just the same ones from the same Kirby games along with some new ones, and as for voice samples, the last time I checked, I only hear Kirby's voice. The cut-scenes could be better with the voices (I'm not sure why voices aren't in the cut-scenes), but I guess that HAL goes by the saying, ''Action speaks louder than words''. Their movements are simple, so you can understand what they are doing, and the cut-scenes are still cool without the voices.

Gameplay: 10 First off, the game isn't short. Despite the fact that I found all the shards and beat the game in two days (Shocked?), the game isn't short. They have cleverly hid some crystal shards in certain areas, and you'll have to use your skills and put your abilties to good use.

Also, the bosses are a little hard, but Dark Matter......*Whew* THAT GUY IS HARD! mostly if you use your combo abilities (See next paragraph), you'll beat them in no time. However, when you find all of the crystal shards, you'll face Dark Matter in a boss battle so cool, you have to see to believe.

Plus, Kirby can combine 2 powers, making him even more powerful! How original! He can even combine the same ability and double it's power! And some stages had some innovation and creativity in some stages, such as running through a shopping mall stage!

However, a few things could have been corrected, such as:

1. Where's Kracko (That eyeball character who, like Whispy Woods, appeared as a common end of level boss.)? Surely, We could see Kracko in 3D! Well, maybe the next Kirby game......

2. Why is it in 2D? Unless they weren't ready for a 3D Kirby game (And I can go with that) this fun game shouldn't be 2D, because 2D platform games just don't last as long as 3D games. Oh well.......not every game can be 3D...........

3. More special ablities would be better, too, I mean, Kirby Super Star had lots of abilites to choose from, plus, it wasn't always the same move (e.g. turning into a fireball with the fire ability), as you could excute them like a fighting move (Minus pressing 10 or more buttons, it's just 2-4 buttons.)! That would've been fun!

4. More stages! About 10 planets instead of 7, or just a few more stages for a planet would be good. Of course, that'll mean you'll have to find more crystal shards.......

5. He flies for a limited time. Can't he fly forever like in his previous adventures? Oh well.....

Nevertheless, it is a fun game that everyone should be playing.

Replay Value: Depends. Even if you beat the adventure mode, HAL has kept us busy with a few mini games! However, if you considered it a short game, you'll probably just want to replay these...........

Rent or Buy: On one hand, it is short game (In some ways), but on the other hand, maybe it's worth wasting $50. It's all up to you.

Overall: 10 A fun game that should be in everyone's collection!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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