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Reviewed: 07/08/00 | Updated: 06/30/02

Kirby is back on the N64!

Gameplay- 9

If you've played Kirby games before, you'll know what to expect in this game! In the other Kirby games, you inhale your enemy, and if they have a special power, Kirby will be able to use their power! The same thing goes in Kirby 64 as well, but there is a little more to in in Kirby 64! You can inhale an enemy and get it's power, then you can find another enemy with a special power, and combine the two powers together to get a really neat move!

There are also three, super addictive, mini-games in Kirby 64. 100 Yard Hop, Bumper Crop Bump, and Checkerboard Chase. You can change the difficulty level of the computer if it is too easy, or you can go against friends for an even bigger challange! Another neat little bonus feature in the game is that you can collect enemy cards. There are a whole bunch of enemies in the game, so if you beat the game early, just keep tring to collect those cards!

Story- 8

It all starts out with a fairy named Ribbon. Her planet was being taken over by a dark matter, so she hopped onto an important crystal, and she blasted off into space. When she was up in space, the dark matter started to follow her! Ribbon took a hit from one of the dark matters, then she took another hit! At that second hit, the crystal shattered into tiny pieces, and they were scattered everywhere! Ribbon soon landed on the Pop Star where she found Kirby, who would help her find all of the crystal shards.

There are no words that explain the story, but the cinema scenes are understandable enough so that you won't get confused!

Audio/Video- 8

The graphics in the game are very nice! The game is in a 2-D style, so you don't get to explore other places, but the background and foreground are really nice and colorful. The cinema scenes are just, WONDERFUL! The graphics are best in the cinema scenes. The music in the game sounds very familar to the previous Kirby games as well. You might even hear a familar tune as well!

Replay Value- 8

Well, the game isn't too challanging. It will be most people's complaint about this game... but I'm not complaining about the challange! This is why I give the Replay Value an 8! The levels can be played over and over, and you won't get tired of them quickly! There are many crystal shards to be found, and when you find them all, something special happens! Tring to earn all of the enemy cards in the game might take a while as well, so it will keep you playing for a good long time! Not to mention the fun mini-games!

Rent or Buy?

Well, it really depends! If you are a Kirby fan, I really reccomend that you add this excellent game to your Kirby game collection! But if you are someone who wants a really challanging game, I just reccomend that you rent it.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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