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Kirby & Nintendo 64 Make For A Potent Combination 09/24/12 ChronoCactaur
Kinda easy, but... 08/09/00 conkermaniac
Could have been a bit better of a Kirby game. *new* 01/14/20 Dogleader
WHAT? I beat the game already? 05/20/02 Doodleheimer
Perhaps the most colorful N64 game in a LONG time... 07/07/03 EliteMan
The powerpuff ball hits N64 08/21/00 Funk Punk
A fun game, but kind of easy. 07/20/00 GrimWolf
Kirby games aren't supposed to be this easy... 08/03/00 Haunter12O
Kirby is back on the N64! 06/30/02 HM64Schezo
N64 classic gaming at its best... with Kirby! 07/03/00 Ja-Px
I Can See Clearly Now The Rain Is Gone 02/07/08 joeyissoweird
The first Kirby game for the N64 is nothing but a disappointment. 07/13/00 MasterReviewer
Great game! Great new powers! 07/24/00 MBat
This game is proof that 2D games will never die. 01/31/05 Megaman1981
This game is as good as it was back in the summer of 2000. 02/27/08 Megaman1981
It coulda been a contender 08/21/00 nabuch
Just make this game a little bit longer and it's perfect!!!!! 07/12/02 Odwolda
A must have for all Kirby fans!! 04/30/12 platinumkiwi
A great game...if you're under 12 02/16/07 quadgunnar2007
A ball of pink fluff in a world of wimpy enemies. 11/20/01 SeanKelson
A MUST PLAY; perfect, accept for the difficulty. 07/04/00 StarGlider
WAY to easy to be a great Kirby game. 07/31/01 TedizTrooper
The pink-powerpuff sucks in the Nintendo 64... in a good way! 08/12/09 Tenshi No Shi
The posessed pink vacuum cleaner bag is back!!! 07/01/00 ThunderJackal
Kirby's back in style on the N64! 07/03/00 Tighter
Ripples of Joy 03/03/08 TruTruSky
A pink ball of fluff full of power! 11/09/10 xXhakuhyouXx

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CGRundertow KIRBY 64: THE CRYSTAL SHARDS for Nintendo 64 Video Game Review
CGRundertow KIRBY 64: THE CRYSTAL SHARDS for Nintendo 64 Video Game Review from CGRundertow

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