Why is the game booting in Black and White?

  1. I'm trying to play the Japanese version of Yoshi's story on my Pal N64 using the Passport plus 3. It boots and works perfectly bar one problem, it is completely in black and white, which although funny at first, means I really have no idea what I have to do. I'm using a boot code because my passport plus didn't have NTSC (or whatever letters it is) programmed in already but it did have the US one. The code I've got is something along the lines of E1100C03 00000085 (that could actually be the right code but I'm trying other games at the moment so can't check.
    Is there a reason it would boot in black and white? I'm using Mario 64 Pal as my boot game which is the only one that has worked with any of my Japanese games. If anyone could give me an alternative boot code I'd appreciate that too.

    User Info: Oscarthecheshir

    Oscarthecheshir - 2 years ago
  2. Finished trying other games, Pokémon Stadium (the original) also boots up in mono colours, Banjo Kazooie doesn't boot, Pokémon Snap doesn't boot and Chameleon Twist will boot sometimes then immediately fail, all have been tried with several differ codes. If it's similar to Action Replay is their like a Master code that makes other codes work?

    User Info: Oscarthecheshir

    Oscarthecheshir - 2 years ago
  3. Yeah, HDTV but I'm using the scart lead that came with my GameCube, I've moved it to a different TV slightly older model but basically the same and it seems to be in colour. Funny that this is the TV boots my GameCube in a bright white shade but the same cable works fine for N64s. Some Japanese ones are booting black and white still.

    User Info: Oscarthecheshir

    Oscarthecheshir - 1 year ago


  1. Is this on a tv? If so black and white colors can come from plugging av cords into the component slots. If not I don't know much about emulators and foreign games.

    User Info: FatCarpet94

    FatCarpet94 - 1 year ago 0   0

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