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Create-A-Wrestler FAQ by 6SM

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/18/2001

CAW GUIDE Calendar of Updates:
26/8/2001 - v1.0 -- First version.

1. Introduction

2. Tips For Using CAW

3. My own CAWs:
    a) Kurt Angle
    b) Steven Richards (RTC)
    c) Chris Jericho
    d) Rikishi Phatu

4. Credits, Acknowledgements & Legal Stuff

1. Introduction
Well, this is the first guide I've ever written, and luckily it is about one of
my most favourite games, namely WWF Attitude for the Nintendo 64. It is also
about one of my favourite aspects of that game, the create-a-wrestler (or CAW)
facility. I believe that Acclaim, the company who made WWF Attitude, was one of
the first, if not the first, to have CAW as an option in their games. The
predecessor of WWF Attitude, WWF Warzone, was certainly the first wrestling
game that I ever played which gave you the option of creating your own fighter
and putting them into battle with the characters already on offer in the game.
CAW allowed you to create whoever you wanted. If you wanted Bill Clinton to
challenge Steve Austin for the WWF Championship, then all you had to do was
create the former President in the CAW section and there you had it! Of course,
creating politicians and strange creatures is all very well, but where the CAW
option really shines in my opinion is the fact that it gives you the chance to
create actual wrestlers past and present. You can keep your game up-to-date by
creating new additions to the roster, and also make your dream
cross-promotional match-up a reality (well, almost) by creating wrestlers from
other federations. WWF Warzone gave you this opportunity, and introduced the
wrestling game fan to a new dimension in wrestling games. However, WWF Attitude
expanded on this vastly.

WWF Attitude had a CAW section which was in my opinion about 10 times better
than the one Warzone had. Where Warzone gave you the choice of giving your
wrestler one of several faces, Attitude allowed you to create literally
hundreds of different faces, choosing from a large selection of eyes, noses and
mouths. Warzone allowed you to choose a moveset for your wrestler from all of
the wrestlers already in the game, plus a few more bonus ones, but Attitude
gave you the option of selecting individual moves for your wrestler, including
finishers, trademark moves and taunts. WWF Attitude offered up the best CAW
ever seen in a game, and in my opinion it still has the best CAW of any
wrestling game I've played, and that includes the CAW in Acclaim's next two
games, ECW Hardcore Revolution and ECW Anarchy Rulz. It allows you to create
wrestlers who exist in real life to a very high degree of accuracy, and there
is nothing like producing a good CAW and thinking "this character really looks,
feels and acts like the real person". It doesn't happen too often, but when it
does, it fills you with a great deal of satisfaction and pleasure. There is
something about WWF Attitude's CAW section that makes it so easy and fun to
use, and it remains my first choice for CAW.

In this guide I hope to give you tips which I have learned over many many hours
of using WWF Attitude's CAW section. I will also endeavour to put as many of my
own creations in this guide aswell, as I have a large number that I made
entirely from scratch and have wanted to share for a while. I hope you enjoy
using my guide, and that it helps you to create some fantastic created

-- 6SM (Six Seconds Magic)

2. Tips For Using CAW
This section is split into several sections, for the different sections of
creating a wrestler, i.e. clothing, moves, etc. I will try to go through my
tips for making CAWs in an orderly and logical fashion.

- The first and last name of your wrestler don't have any effect in the game,
only the alias. It is therefore up to you if you want to put in the first and
last name of your wrestler, but I feel that if you are making a real wrestler,
rather than a fantasy creation, that it is good to put in the first and last
name of the wrestler if you know them, as it makes it more "authentic".

- Here is what the various attributes mean:
   * Strength - How much damage your CAW does to its opponent per move.
   * Toughness - How much damage your CAW takes per move.
   * Speed - How fast your CAW moves around. This affects walking, running,
climbing the turnbuckle, climbing the cage in a cage match, blocking and
   * Recovery - How quickly your CAW gets up after being knocked down and
stunned, and how quickly your CAW recovers from being made dizzy standing up.
This also reduces the chance of your CAW being knocked down/made dizzy, and
also how quickly you regain health.
   * Charisma - How often the audience cheers for your CAW (makes your CAW's
name flash, allowing it to do more damage). Your CAW can also do a move more
times consecutively/more often before the crowd begins to boo it.
   * Mat Skills - How much chance there is of your CAW making its opponent
submit. Your CAW can also keep non-submission holds on its opponent for longer.

- All of the attributes are important in their own ways, but here is a rough
guide to which attributes are the most important to making a CAW which will be
successful in the game:
   * Strength= ****
   * Toughness= ****
   * Speed= ***1/2
   * Recovery= ***1/2
   * Charisma= **1/2
   * Mat Skills= ***
Of course, this varies depending on who you are creating, but that is a general

- Most "realistic" CAWs will need at least 6 strength and 5 toughness to be any
good in the game.

- Some of the taunts from the game are, for some reason, not available for you
to give to your CAW, such as Goldust's taunt and Headbanger Thrasher's taunt.
It is possible to use these taunts however. Select the moveset of the person
that you want to have the taunt of, then put the moves that you want to use
over all of the moveset's moves, apart from the taunt.
- I have found that these moves are good moves to put in the Damage 5 and
Damage 4 slots of the moveset:

* Ready Moves: Japanese arm drag, snapmare, running knee hit, chin crusher, leg
scissor stomp, small package, shortarm clothesline, single arm DDT
* Tie-up Moves: low blow, three knee combo
* Behind Moves: reverse DDT
* Ground Moves at Side: mount punches

Of course there are others, and any move works okay, but these seem to me to be
the best ones to use.

- Here are what the personality options do:
   * Crowd - The options are cheer or boo. This is just what the audience do
when your CAW makes its entrance.
   * Fighting style - from what I can see this has no effect on the game
whatsoever. It doesn't change your CAWs posture, how they perform moves or
anything. Just choose the fighting style of a wrestler in the game similar to
your CAW. (If anyone does know what Fighting Style does to your CAW, please
e-mail me and let me know!)
   * Theme song - Which song plays when your CAW comes down to the ring and
when they win.
   * Entrance - How your wrestler enters the ring.
   * Run-in partner - Who will run out and help your CAW in a match if it is
losing by a long way. If you can choose a wrestler who is associated with your
CAW then do. If that isn't possible then choose whoever you want.
   * Voice/grunts - What noises your CAW makes when it is hit, and what it will
say at the start of matches and when it taunts its opponent.

- Basically, the personality options have little effect on how good your CAW
will be as a character to use in the game, but some of them, such as entrance,
theme song and voice/grunts, can make a realistic CAW that much more accurate.

- As you can't adjust the height of your CAW, the best way to show a big
wrestler is to give them the male muscle body.
- The best way to make a wrestler have black skin, asian skin, brown skin, etc.
is to edit the colours of skin colour 1, as some of the other preset skin
colours seem to mess up sometimes, which can be very annoying. I have had some
items of clothing removed from the selection menus because I used a preset skin
colour other than skin colour 1. A good black skin colour made as an edit of
skin colour 1 is (0,10,12), for example. It looks fine and doesn't mess
anything up.
- If you are giving your wrestler sunglasses and don't want its eyes to be
seen, select the eyes as "small eyes"; no matter what sunglasses you choose
only the sunglasses will be seen.
- If you want to make your wrestler have stubble on their face, select beard 1
and find a colour similar to the CAW's skin and hair. Get it right and it will
look excellent.
- The lipstick mouths can be used as normal mouths by simply adjusting the
colours to a natural looking lip colour.
- Your CAW can't have more than two of any of these things on their head/face:
beard, mask, headgear, sunglasses, facepaint, tattoos, i.e. you can have
sunglasses and facepaint, but not sunglasses, facepaint and a beard, for
- On the upper body, your wrestler can't have more than two of any of these
things: jacket, vest, chestgear.
- If making a piece of clothing, hair or anything black, DON'T set the numbers
to (0,0,0). it looks very unrealistic and strange when in the game. Instead,
make the last number something between 3 and 10 (varies from one thing to
another). That way it looks a lot more realistic, and generally better.
- In the lower body accessories, be careful when applying the "flood"
accessory, as it will get rid of any pants or shorts you have put on your CAW
and the colours you have set for them.

- Use spaces to position your writing, making it further left or right on the
chest/back/buttocks and further up or down on the arm sleeves/pant legs.
- If you go to "next line" on the input text screen and you go past "delete" to
get to it, then you try to put in a letter on the next line, the game will
think you are pressing delete and will take you back out of the input text

- Remember: CLEAR gets rid of all clothing, hair, accessories, etc. you have
put on your CAW, and leaves eyes, nose, mouth, body type, skin type, skin
colour, and all personality, name, attributes and moves settings. RESET clears

Those are all the tips I have for making CAWs. Hopefully they will be of some
use to you. Below are some of the CAWs I have made in WWF Attitude. Enjoy!

3. Creations
These are "Create-A-Wrestler"s (CAWs) for WWF Attitude. I made them on the N64
version, but they should also work for the PSX version. With some minor
adjustments, they can also be used on ECW Hardcore Revolution and ECW Anarchy
Rulz. Here is the key for the movelist menus:

Ready = A
Running Attacker = B
Whipped Opponent = C
Tie Up = D
Behind = E
Ground Moves at Side = F
Running Opponent on Ground = G
Ground Moves at Feet = H
Ground Moves at Head = I
Corner Moves = J
Corner Running = K
On TB Opponent Standing = L
On TB Opponent on Ground = M

 ..::KURT ANGLE::..
Body Type - Male Average
Skin Type - Ripped
Colour - 0,59,50

Eyes - Default (60,55,45)
Nose - Wide Nose 2
Mouth - Closed Lipstick 5 (6,34,44)
Hair - Short Hair 2 (10,10,10)

Shirt - Tanktop - T Singlet (92,50,50)
Elbowpads - Bright 2 (53,75,40)
Wristbands - Leather (0,0,90)

Pants - Stripes - Spangled (95,50,50) Length=15
Kneepads - Generic (55,75,45)
Boots - Pretty Boy (95,40,50)

Font - Large
Alignment - Verical Text
Layer/Colour - 0,0,40
C2 - **USA (*=space)

First: KURT

Strength: 8
Toughness: 7
Speed: 6
Recovery: 7
Charisma: 4
Mat Skills: 6

Finisher: High Angle Suplex [A]
Trademark: Overhead Belly To Belly Suplex [A]
Damage 9: Shamrock Ankle Lock [H]
Damage 8: Moonsault [M]
Damage 8: Bridging German Suplex [E]
Damage 7: Belly Belly Suplex [J]
Damage 7: Powerslam [C]
Damage 7: Tackle With Punches [B]
Damage 6: Beast Choker [E]
Damage 6: 2x Underhook Suplex [A]
Damage 6: Fisherman's Suplex [A]
Damage 6: Big Head Punch [D]
Damage 5: Floatover Suplex [D]
Damage 5: Kneedrop [F]
Damage 5: Elbow To Groin [H]
Damage 5: DDT [A]
Damage 5: Enziguri [A]
Damage 4: European Uppercut [D]
Damage 4: Running Knee Hit [A]
Damage 4: Reverse DDT [E]
Damage 4: Small Package [A]
Dizzy Punch: Haymaker
Dizzy Kick: Dropkick
Pose: Here I Am

Crowd: Boo
Fighting Style: HHH
Theme Song: Slaughter
Entrance: Taka
Run In: Edge
Voice/Grunts: Whatever you want! (I chose Mr. Showtime)


Body Type - Male Average
Skin Type - Ripped
Colour - Skin Colour 1 (6,50,55)

Eyes - Concerned Eyes (55,78,52)
Nose - Average Nose 4
Mouth - Smile 4 (6,31,53)
Hair - Long Hair 5 (14,50,52)
Beard - Sideburns (12,36,42) *Note: Put the Beard on BEFORE the Hair*

Elbowpads - Generic 2 (0,0,10)
Wristbands - Leather (0,0,10)

Pants - Design - Leaves (80,25,50)
      - Logo - Lightning (95,60,58)
Boots - Braun (0,0,35)

First: CHRIS
Alias: JERICHO or Y2J

Strength: 8
Toughness: 7
Speed: 7
Recovery: 5
Charisma: 6
Mat Skills: 6

Finisher: Elevated Crab [H]
Trademark: Moonsault [M]
Damage 9: Dragon Suplex [E]
Damage 8: Hanging Brainbuster [D]
Damage 8: Dropkick [L]
Damage 7: Russian Leg Sweep [E]
Damage 7: Reverse Tiger Suplex [A]
Damage 7: Flying Head Scissors [B]
Damage 6: Hurricanrana [J]
Damage 6: Shoulderbreaker [A]
Damage 6: Leglock Chokehold [I]
Damage 6: Bulldog [E]
Damage 5: Double Arm DDT [A]
Damage 5: Atomic Drop [D]
Damage 5: High Leg Clothesline [C]
Damage 5: Enziguri [A]
Damage 5: Flying Clothesline [B]
Damage 4: Flip Over Neck Whip [I]
Damage 4: DDT [D]
Damage 4: Snapmare [A]
Damage 4: Roll Up Pin [E]
Dizzy Punch: Thrust To Throat
Dizzy Kick: Dropkick
Pose: Look At Me

Crowd: Cheer
Fighting Style: Edge
Music: Marc Mero
Entrance: Goldust
Run-In Partner: Whoever you want!
Voice/Grunts: Shamrock


Body Type - Male Average
Skin Type - Plain
Colour - Skin Colour 1 (3,50,50)

Eyes - Angry Eyes (10,25,25)
Nose - Thin Nose 4
Mouth - Closed Lips 10 (7,32,53)
Hair - Flat Top 1 (10,10,15)

Upper Body:
Shirt - Plain - Collar Shirt 3 (0,0,60) Length = 25
Wristbands - Leather (0,0,10)

Lower Body:
Pants - Plain - Jail (0,0,8)
Belts - Leather (55,50,50)
Shoes - Undertaker (0,0,20)
Accessories - Socks (0,0,75)

Font - Large
Alignment - Vertical Text
Colour - (0,0,5)


Strength: 6
Toughness: 6
Speed: 7
Recovery: 6
Charisma: 1
Mat Skills: 5

Finisher: Sweet Chin Music [A]
Trademark: DDT [D]
Damage 9: Tackle with Punches [B]
Damage 8: Bossman Slam [C]
Damage 8: Moonsault [L]
Damage 7: Cross Body Block [B]
Damage 7: Half Crab [H]
Damage 7: Fall Forward Powerbomb [A]
Damage 6: Piledriver [D]
Damage 6: Swinging Bulldog [J]
Damage 6: Blatant Choke [I]
Damage 6: Arm Drag [C]
Damage 5: Sleeper Hold [E]
Damage 5: Bulldog [D]
Damage 5: Mount Punches [F]
Damage 5: Elbow to Groin [H]
Damage 5: Single Arm DDT [A]
Damage 4: Running Knee Hit [A]
Damage 4: Reverse DDT [E]
Damage 4: European Uppercut [D]
Damage 4: Leg Scissor Stomp [A]
Dizzy Punch: Big Wind Up
Dizzy Kick: Sidekick
Pose: Get Through Me First

Crowd: Boo
Fighting Style: P Bearer
Theme song: Whatever you want! (I chose Judge This)
Entrance: Bossman
Run In: Whoever you want! (I chose Val Venis, although he's in the wrong
Voice Grunts: Whoever you want! (I chose Al Snow)


Body type - Male overweight
Skin type - Fat
Colour - Color 2 (11,50,39)

Eyes - Angry eyes (10,25,25)
Nose - Wide 4
Mouth - Default (0,23,53)
Hair - Medium length 3 (15,33,55)
Beard - Goatee 4 (15,100,75)

Elbow pads - Gold (0,0,5)
Wristbands - Studs (0,0,10)
Accessories - Jewellery - Collar (0,0,5)

Shorts - Men - Plain (0,0,10)
Belts - Sash (0,0,30)
Kneepads - Generic (0,0,5)
Boots - Wall (0,0,25)


Strength: 8
Toughness: 8
Speed: 3
Recovery: 6
Charisma: 4
Mat Skills: 5

Finisher: Butt Drop [M]
Trademark: Running Butt Bump [K]
Damage 9: Inverted Piledriver [D]
Damage 8: Samoan Drop [D]
Damage 8: La Sillia [L]
Damage 7: Leg Drop [G]
Damage 7: Side Belly To Belly Suplex [A]
Damage 7: Splash [M]
Damage 6: Sweet Chin Music [A]
Damage 6: Boston Crab [H]
Damage 6: Choke With Boot [J]
Damage 6: Mount Punches [F]
Damage 5: Reverse DDT [E]
Damage 5: Leg Scissor Stomp [A]
Damage 5: Big Head Punch [D]
Damage 5: Senton Splash [F]
Damage 5: Headbutt To Groin [H]
Damage 4: European Uppercut [D]
Damage 4: Choke [A]
Damage 4: Running Knee Hit [A]
Damage 4: Low Blow [E]
Dizzy Punch: Haymaker
Dizzy Kick: Shuffle Side Kick
Taunt: 24K Gold

Crowd: Cheer
Fighting Style: Mark Henry
Theme: Mack Attack
Entrance: Mark Henry
Run In: Whoever you want
Voice: Whatever you want (I chose Slaughter)


4. Credits, Acknowledgements & Legal Stuff
Everything in this WWF Attitude guide was written by me, 6SM. If you want to
reproduce any part of this guide on a website or in any other publication,
please contact me via e-mail (bishibashichamp@aol.com) and ask me first. If I
discover that any part of this guide has be reproduced on a website or in any
other publication without my consent, I will do all I can to have it removed.
If you contact me beforehand, I will definitely consider allowing you to use my
guide in full or in part, as long as you credit me fully. "WWF Warzone", "WWF
Attitude", "ECW Hardcore Revolution" and "ECW Anarchy Rulz" all belong to
Acclaim, and all registered trademarks, copyrights and stuff like that belong
to them. I am in no way associated with Acclaim, I am not employed by Acclaim,
I have no contacts within Acclaim. I have no credits or acknowledgements to
give, as all of this guide was made by me, so the only credit is to myself,

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions regarding this guide, please
feel free to contact me via e-mail at: bishibashichamp@aol.com. I appreciate
any positive comments and suggestions, and will try to answer any questions as
quickly and fully as I can.

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