Review by daisychan2009

Reviewed: 04/01/11

One of the best N64 games I've ever played that even preceeds the original in every wayl!

I was getting tired of playing the current games so I've decided to give emulations a chance once in a while! And while surfing around the web, I ran into this website by total coincidence which explains in detail what this game is all about! After reading the articles and saw some of the videos, I ultimately decided to give it a try! Well, now I must say that it was one of the greatest things I've done in my life! Thanks to the English patch and the game guides along with others, I was able to play it in English and then was able to finished it just a few hours ago! And I've enjoyed most of it except the last part just before the very long ending sequences! YES, it was the most frustrating part of the game which requires LOTS OF TRIES AND LOTS OF LUCK which I almost gave it up out of frustration! Well, somehow I was finally able to go through it and saw possibly the longest ending sequences I've ever seen! Anyway, while I am not gonna go into details what this game is all about, I can sincerely say that it was a very enjoyable and a very unique experience! And I am 100% positive that you will experience all the emotional moments which any human being could experience through Josette's point of view! And that is one of the main reasons to take my time and review this game based on my recent experiences so that all those people who missed this game the first time around(including myself) could have another chance to enjoy this game as much as I did or possibly more!

Did you guys know that the original game(Wonder Project J) for Super Famicom is actually based on "Pinochio", one of the most beloved masterpiece children's stories of all time and that this game is actually the sequel the original which takes place 15 years later? Coincidentally, this game was released in 1996 which was also 15 years(gasp!) ago! In my personal opinion, it's really a shame that this game was never been released outside Japan! But who knows? Maybe SquereEnix will finally open their eyes after all those long years, decide to remake this game and then ultimately release it here in the near future! At least, that's what I really hope to see! Thank you very much for taking your time to read this.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Wonder Project J2: Koruro no Mori no Josette (JP, 11/22/96)

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