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    Knife/Bow-Only Challenge Guide by HurrikaneX

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 10/01/15 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    By Ben Heins ----- www.benheins.com
    Version History:
      - 1.0 (4.10.07): Submitted "Knife/Bow-Only Challenge Guide."
      - 1.1 (9.21.15): Changed copyright information, added speedrun by EvilGames,
    			and fixed minor errors.
    Knife/Bow-Only Challenge Guide © 2007, Ben Heins.
    Turok: Dinosaur Hunter © 1997, Acclaim.
    Please feel free to duplicate this guide anywhere, as long as I am credited as
    its author and it is not used for profit.
    I. Introduction a.k.a. Why Should I Ever Attempt This!?
    II. The Rules
    III. Strategies Needed
    IV. The Weapons, Or Lack Thereof
    V. Life-Saving Tips
    VI. Journey to the Hub Ruins
    VII. The Jungle
    VIII. The Ancient City
    	- BOSSES: Assault Trucks & Longhunter
    IX. The Ruins
    X. The Catacombs
    	- BOSS: Giant Mantis
    XI. The Treetop Village
    XII. The Lost Land
    XIII. The Final Confrontation
    	- BOSS: T-Rex
    	- BOSS: Campaigner
    XIV. Speedrun by EvilGames
    XV. Final Thoughts
    XVI. Credits
    To answer your question: because it can be done. Turok: Dinosaur Hunter is the
    original game (and one of the most fun) in the series, so here is a more
    challenging way to replay it. Yes, you will only be using two weapons. Groan
    now, because during the game, you will not have time to complain while running
    through the levels at break-neck speeds.  :)  While it is true that this game
    can be beaten without ever picking up a new weapon, it is also worth noting
    that only the most skillful Turok players should attempt the Knife/Bow-Only
    Challenge. It will require speed, agility, accuracy, and lightning-fast
    reflexes - but most of all, it will require brains and guts. If you are smart
    enough to know where, when, and how to get through difficult situations with
    minimal damage - and are ballsy enough to pull it off - then you will come out
    of the jungle alive.
    - Use only the Knife or Bow. No other weapons.
    - You may pick up and use Tek Arrows.
    - In the event you do pick up a different weapon, DO NOT USE IT.  :)
    - Know how to strafe effectively (C-Left; C-Right) to dodge attacks.
    - Know how and when to use the sidejump (double-tap C-Left or C-Right) to
      avoid hairy situations.
    - When "sprinting" is mentioned in this guide, it means exactly that - run as
      fast as possible through an area because you will be under very heavy
      gunfire. Also, this implies that you should not stop to attack any enemy,
      because if you were to do that, you would probably lose more health than you
      ever dreamed of. Kill them if they're practically kissing you - that's the
      rule.  :)
    - Know how to use logic. If an enemy is raising their pistol to you, you should
      be two steps ahead of them, strafing their gunfire. Don't be an idiot when it
      comes to this challenge - if something is coming at you, avoid it at all
    - Not to be repetitive, but know how to use your guts. There are many, many
      situations you will come across that will have you racing through an area
      dodging 10 or more enemies at once and praying to all that is holy you are
      not killed. Your blood will rush; your head will spin. Expect it, and handle
      it the best you can.
    - Knife: Extremely handy and very effective in close-range combat. If something
      gets too close, hack it up. By the way, it is completely useless during Boss
      fights, so don't even bother.  :)
    - Bow: Your only long range weapon. Normal Arrows are nice (see note in "Life-
      Saving Tips"), but Tek Arrows will prove to be your best choice. Also, they
      are your only decent projectile to use when fighting Bosses. While powerful,
      Tek Arrows are kind of hard to come by, so conservation is essential.
    - Play the game on EASY! It will still be very difficult.
    - Please do not fall asleep while reading through some of the dryer passages in
      this text - I know the language gets rather redundant, espcially since I have
      no clue what some of these enemies are called; but this game is VERY intense
      with this challenge in reality. Forgive me. :)
    - Use your Map. Often. I won't always tell you when, but you should probably
      keep it on 90% of the time so you know where the heck you're going.
    - Mortal Wounds can be acquired by killing multiple humans with the Knife. They
      are extemely important to your survival. When you get a Mortal Wound, not
      only will you receive full health, but Turok's maximum health capacity will
      be increased by 5 (his max is 120). You need these!  :)
    - All you need in Levels are Keys, Tek Arrows, Health, Life Force, Mortal
      Wounds, and Tek Armor. Everything else does not matter.
    - REMEMBER: Normal Arrows can kill most things in one shot if timed right,
      except Bosses and bigger enemies. Pull back the Arrow until a white
      sparkle comes out of the tip, then release. This could be the difference
      between life and death if you are totally out of Tek Arrows.
    - Don't be Rambo.  :)  You will be dodging over 75% of all enemies you
      encounter. In fact, the only enemies you will kill most of the time are
      either blocking something directly, triggering an event when they die, or
      right in front of your face.
    - Enemies are confined to "zones." This means, if you run far enough away, they
      will not follow. Remember that at all times.
    - Enemy gunfire can be avoided easily by confusing enemies (unless they are in
      a sniper position high up; in that case, strafe and sidejump). Get in their
      face, then strafe away, etc. This also works well for non-projectile-firing
    - If you are totally surrounded with no way out, Tek Arrows are your friend.
      This should not happen, though, if you follow the guide.
    - Gunfire can be hard to avoid at times, so taking a bullet or two will not
      kill your day. Several, however, will.  :)
    - Yes, Bosses will take forever to kill. Remember, ammo will respawn in Boss
      arenas; but also remember it will take many Tek Arrows to kill these guys -
      especially the third Boss. If you're going to lose a life at any point, it
      should only be during these fights.
    - Generally, you will be O.K. on Health and Life Force. I will mention where
      the least-risk items are, but if you feel you can get more dangerous items,
      by all means, go for it. The good news is, you will probably get an extra
      life every level - maybe even two.
    - Good news: No hunting for Chronoscepter pieces.
    - Bad news: No Chronoscepter.
    - I will give you the most accurate directions and descriptions I possibly can
      to get through the levels in the fastest ways possible. If you know of a
      better route, please visit www.BenHeins.com and send me an e-mail! I would be
      happy to hear other strategies.  :)
    - Save every chance you get. You shouldn't need a back-up file, but it may be
      wise in the later levels.
    - Never underestimate the Knife.  :)
    - Relax. If you cannot get past a certain obstacle or are having a very hard
      time, turn off the game and breathe. Re-think your strategy and try again
      later. It is a good idea to do "drills" i.e. running through segments until
      you come out with a good amount of Health rather than in a near-death state.
    - Most importantly, HAVE FUN! This will be very difficult, but it will also be
      envigorating because you will be playing with only two weapons -- a true
    This is your training ground. Here, you will use all the skills you will need
    for the rest of the game and will learn how to get around using only the Knife
    and Bow. Good luck, and congrats on setting out on a challenge like this! You
    will find this level just as easy without guns.
    	1.1 - (2 Keys)
    	Run forward, over the bridge and up the wall, collecting all the Life
    	Force. Here comes your first enemy! One slice, and he falls. Muhaha...
    	Grab the Key, then hit the switch on the left and enter the gate.
    	Avoid the Pistol and knife Bambi for a few quick Health. Kill all the
    	enemies in this next area except the Raptor, and take out the Grenadier
    	in the alcove with the Health. Follow the Life Force trail. Take an
    	immediate left, knife the Gunner, climb the wall, knife the next
    	Gunner, and collect the Key.
    	Jump down and continue. Plow through the next guy and run straight,
    	hacking up enemies and avoiding gunfire. Get the Life Force in the
    	middle of this area, then go up a ramp on the left or right wall.
    	Gather three more Life Force and kill a Boar up here. Go straight and
    	dodge the Raptors, then warp.
    	1.2 - (Save Point)
    	Run forward, hack both enemies, and jump up the path of rocks. Head
    	through the Checkpoint and leap to the wall. When you're at the top,
    	grab the Tek Arrows and shoot three of them at the Purlin to kill it.
    	Dodge all the enemies in this next area, climb the wall, collect the
    	Blue Health (+25), and run up the wooden bridge, knifing the Gunner
    	along the way. Jump to the Save Point and save.
    	Having fun yet?  :)
    	Follow the Life Force trail up the wooden bridge and take out the three
    	enemies in this next area quickly. Hop across the lava and warp.
    	1.3 <1.1 Revisited/New Path> - (1 Key)
    	Hit the switch and enter through the gate on your left. Dodge both
    	Raptors, climb the ladder, then run up and knife the Gunner and
    	Grenadier. Climb up another ladder.
    	Sprint through this next area and leap onto a platform on your right
    	after the bend. Take out the two Grenadiers and grab the Key. Continue
    	racing down the path, avoiding the Purlin and climbing up the wall to
    	the cavern.
    	NOTE: Whenever you enter a cave or temple or a confusing place, flip on
    	your Map! I won't remind you of this all the time because generally it
    	is a given, but when you need it the most, I'll mention it.
    	Ahem... turn on your Map.  :)  Follow it through the cave, avoiding
    	Leapers by strafing and jumping, all while sprinting to the exit. You
    	can collect eight Health and a few Life Force along the way in little
    	alcoves. By the way, watch out for the big bastard Leaper.  :)  Warp.
    	Jump down and collect the Health.
    	Run forward, up the stairs, dodging the Raptor and knifing the
    	Grenadier at the top. Grab the Spiritual Invincibility and get back
    	outta there, following the wooden bridge, then go right, through the
    	Checkpoint. Everything's moving in slo-mo, so don't worry about enemies
    	for now. Move forward on the next wooden bridge, hang a left at the
    	perpendicular one, go straight, find the nearby ladder, and kill the
    	Gunner near it with your Knife. Climb up.
    	Jump to the next platform and hack up the Grenadier and the Gunner
    	before the slo-mo wears off. Then follow the next few platforms (with
    	Life Force on them) to warp.
    	Knife the Beetles if they get in your way. Head forward and take the
    	second left into the water hole for a Full Health. You probably won't
    	need it with all the Health you're collecting from knifing off baddies,
    	so take the first left instead and warp.
    	1.6 <1.4 Revisited/Underground Path> - (1 Key)
    	Run forward, slicing at Leapers (if you don't kill them, that's O.K.).
    	The Key is on your right, and the exit is on your left. Get the former,
    	and enter the latter.  :)
    	1.7 - (1 Key)
    	This next part is confusing.
    	Go straight and left, then right to go through the Checkpoint. Follow
    	this hall to the end for a quick six Health, then turn around and take
    	the next right, around the corner, and take an immediate left. The next
    	right turn is where to find the Key guarded by a Gunner that you should
    	seriously consider killing.  :)
    	Continue down the hall, taking out all three Soldiers and collecting
    	the Health. Go into the only other room in the hall, kill the Gunner,
    	and exit.
    	1.8 - (1 Key)
    	Run forward through the Checkpoint and kill all three Soldiers, then
    	head down both tunnels to your left to collect 10 Life Force and a
    	refill of Tek Arrows. Now head up the ladder (go right and across the
    	ladder bridge for a risky four Life Force) and around the corner to the
    	left; knife the Grenadier and climb the next ladder. Now fall down the
    	Kill the Beetles along your way and gather the Life Force. At the end
    	of this area, before you exit, make sure to pick up the last Key (you
    	may be lucky enough to nab an extra life here, too).
    	1.9 <1.8 Revisited/Upper Level>
    	Immediately kill both Soldiers. Exit.  :)
    	1.10 - (Goal; Save Point)
    	Charge forward and dodge the Bio-Purlin's fireballs, then strafe around
    	it and cross the bridge to reach the Hub. Yay! Save first, then enter
    	Level 2.
    	NOTE: You could enter Level 3 and complete it successfully, but I would
    	recommend getting a little more practice in Level 2 first.  :)
    Like the first level, you're still learning here. This level isn't particularly
    difficult, but it will keep you moving much more than before. The good news is
    that it's not a lengthy level at all.
    	Run up the bank and hack up the two Soldiers. You can pick up some Life
    	Force here and a few Health from the Boar, also. Sprint forward, dodge
    	all three Raptors, and climb up the wall. From the wall you can snipe a
    	gunner using a Tek Arrow.
    	Go forward, dodging the same Raptors again. Hack off the running
    	Soldier, then the Soldier stationed near the Health. Oh, and... do grab
    	the Health.  :)  Continue up the wooden bridge, jump, and knife the
    	Gunner for more Health. Jump again, then head left through the tunnel
    	instead of straight. Hack up the Soldier there and the one below the
    	ledge near the exit. Exit.
    	2.2 <2.1 Revisited/Upper Level>
    	Slash the Gunner quickly, pick up the 40 Life Force, and return to the
    	2.3 <2.1 Revisited/Continuation> - (2 Keys; Save Point)
    	Go left and out of the tunnel (originally the straight path) down the
    	wooden bridge. Book it to the left of the dilapidated house and left
    	around the bend - then go straight. You'll have three Gunners come down
    	and ambush you, so jump and dodge through them and continue through the
    	Take an immediate left, dodge the Raptor, and dive into the water. Swim
    	to the left, but instead of going up the embankment, go into the tunnel
    	nearby (Map time!). Go right, right, left, right, left, and straight to
    	get out alive and fast.
    	Run through the cave, knifing the Beetles, and at the end will be a
    	Key. Huzzah!!
    	Jump down and hug the left wall while running forward to get out of the
    	area. Hang a left, dodge a Raptor, and avoid a Purlin and a Gunner. Go
    	left when the ground slopes down and pass by the two houses on the
    	right. There is a Gunner, a Raptor, and a Campaigner Soldier guarding a
    	Save Point, so pull out those Tek Arrows and let loose! Save!
    	Hang a left through the bush (grab the Tek Arrows, but avoid going
    	after Bambi!) and dodge everyone. Pass through the Checkpoint. Continue
    	on (hang a right if you see more Tek Arrows in the middle of another
    	dilapidated house) and dodge the two Raptors; strafe the Purlin that
    	jumps down. Head up the hill instead of going left. Knife the Gunner in
    	the corner and the Grenadier on top of the hill, and continue.
    	Keep dodging and sprinting through the green-looking ruin structure.
    	You'll get ambushed by 3 Soldiers; cut through the middleman
    	(literally, hehe) and hang a right to pass through the Checkpoint. Keep
    	Book it through the little canyon here so you don't get sniped. You'll
    	pass four Life Force with Explosive Shells in the middle (landmark). Up
    	next is a Bio-Purlin, so dodge it, and dive into the pool on its left
    	for 10 quick health; the pool on its right has five Life Force. Anyway,
    	avoid its fire and keep going.
    	There's a bunch of Raptors here, so run forward, generally, until you
    	see a purple Life Force on your right and a trail of yellow Life Force
    	on your left. Take the left, but drop down to the platform the palm
    	tree is growing on and enter the cave.
    	This one's pretty linear and is packed with Beetles. At the end, you'll
    	have to jump to a second cave, so do so, and grab the Key. Now jump to
    	the platform with the purple Life Force you initially saw and head back
    	down the path of yellow Life Force, knifing the Gunner nearby.
    	Go left at the top of the hill after you've dodged some serious
    	unfriendly fire. There are two more Soldiers at the top, so dodge them
    	and follow the small land bridge to the exit. Whew!
    	2.4 - (Save Point; 1 Key; Goal)
    	There is a Gunner and a Grenadier here, both of whom you should
    	consider killing with the Knife.  :)  After they're dispatched, whip
    	out the Tek Arrows and snipe the Campaigner Soldier standing next to
    	the Save Point. Save!
    	Follow the yellow Life Force to the next area with two baddies that are
    	crushed by rocks. If one escapes, do the dirty work yourself.
    	NOTE: Rocks can kill you, too!! Walk carefully in these areas or you'll
    	probably have to reset!
    	Continue forward and dodge the three Raptors. There is 25 Health to the
    	left if you are skillful enough to dodge the trap that's set up.  :)
    	Anyway, keep going. Scale the cliff and head left around the bend
    	through the Checkpoint (I'd recommend knifing off both Gunners). You
    	will run up a hill that emerges in the middle of another land mass with
    	a Raptor. Jump onto the right side and about-face. Run. There is Life
    	Force in the pool on the left. Keep running, up the temple's steps and
    	hit the switch in the middle. When you come out of there, turn right,
    	then right again to go inside the temple and pick up the Tek Armor.
    	Run around the right of the temple, dodging the enemies, to a small
    	rope bridge guarded by two Gunners. Knife 'em, cross the bridge, and
    	take out the Gunner at the end, too.
    	You'll see a Bio-Purlin guarding a cave, so dodge it quickly and
    	carefully. Sprint through the cave (MAP ON!), jumping and strafing all
    	the way. In the first part, head right to enter a giant cave area
    	filled to the brim with Leapers. Hug the right wall and make sure to
    	dodge the big Leaper. Again, hug the right wall, and you should be out
    	of there in no time flat (there's eight Health near the exit).
    	Jump off the cliff after exiting. If you swim left, you'll come upon a
    	hole with Life Force (again, if you're lucky, you should be getting an
    	extra life). Continue on through the Checkpoint and jump up to knife
    	the two Grenadiers, then hug the right wall of the area until you come
    	upon an even bigger hole. Swim down and dodge the Leapers underwater.
    	When you surface, navigate through the watery cave area by hugging the
    	right wall (again). Upon exiting, immediately run toward the Bio-
    	Purlin, dodging its fireballs (there's 5 Tek Arrows to the right of the
    	tree behind the bush); head left, knife the gunner quickly, and jump
    	up the posts as fast as you can.
    	Congrats!! There's the exit portal! But wait, there's more...
    	Jump down and slash the two Grenadiers quickly, then head to the far
    	right, around the bend, dodging a Raptor along your way. Run down the
    	side, through the bushes, and kill the Gunner that's guarding the Key.
    	Grab it and haul ass back to the portal.  :)  Save in the Hub.
    Here, you're faced with a little more difficulty. The level itself isn't too
    challenging, but you will be sprinting through most of it while dodging heavy
    gunfire. Stay on your toes and follow the guide! Another tough spot is your
    first Boss - if you haven't learned to be accurate with your Bow yet, you
    better sharpen up before meeting him!
    	3.1 - (Save Point)
    	Run forward and dodge four Raptors; go left up the steps. Turn right
    	and dodge all enemies, then jump into the water. Collect the Life Force
    	and swim to the next area, hacking both Grenadiers apart and walking up
    	the steps.
    	When you get out of the staircase, run to the right and left of the
    	small building; dodge the enemies by running fast as hell. Make sure to
    	get across the tiny little wood bridge on the first shot, then sprint
    	up the nearby stairs on your right and through the Checkpoint to
    	On the right there's a small, raised platform with some Life Force, and
    	if you follow the small pool and swim through the tiny hole, you'll get
    	a Backpack (you don't need it, but the Life Force is nice). Anyway,
    	from the Checkpoint, go straight and follow the small bricks to the
    	next staircase, dodging minor gunfire.
    	Hang a left at the top of the stairs and jump to the rooftop with the
    	Grenadier (kill him). Pick up the Tek Armor and Life Force, then return
    	to the top. There are two small huts on either side of the big pyramid
    	in front of you with Ancients inside to knife for some Health. Now run
    	around the side of the big pyramid in front of you, dodging some
    	Ancients, and run to the top for 16 Health. Now head back down and go
    	straight. You'll come to an opening with two pools on either side. Go
    	in both for Health and Life Force, then climb up the small palm tree on
    	the left or right of the opening to get the Spiritual Invincibility.
    	Quickly run inside the temple and knife the two Gunners and the
    	Campaigner Soldier guarding the Save Point. Save, then exit.
    	3.2 <3.1 Revisited/First Upper Level> - (1 Key; Save Point)
    	Jump left to the Life Force and get it all. Then, run left along the
    	long path, avoiding every single enemy that drops down, including the
    	two Purlins. Get the Key in the hut. Turn around and look - they've all
    	disappeared!  :)  (Behind the hut is some Health, by the way.) Now run
    	back along the ledge and leap to the rooftop on the right for some more
    	Life Force.
    	Now drop back down to 3.1 and run to the Save Point. Save, and exit
    	(yet again).  :)
    	3.3 <3.1 Revisited/Alternate Path> - (1 Key)
    	This time, go straight instead of left and pass through the giant gray
    	Sprint straight up the stairs, dodging Raptors. Strafe left at the top
    	to avoid gunfire, then sprint directly through the first big hut to hit
    	the button with 25 Health on top of it, coming out of the other side
    	and slicing up the two half-naked Soldiers (1 Gunner; 1 Grenadier) that
    	drop down quickly. Then, jump up the small palm tree to the left of the
    	green platform (stairs). You'll be receiving multiple shots from the
    	bastard Campaigner Soldier (hate those guys...) on top, so take him the
    	hell out. Hit the switch he was guarding, then turn around and go down
    	the green stairs that just dropped.
    	You'll have to knife three Soldiers pretty quickly here and run through
    	a Checkpoint. In the pools on the left and right before the Checkpoint
    	is some Health (along with some gunfire). You probably won't need it,
    	though, so don't bother. Anyway, run through the Checkpoint and head
    	straight to the exit.
    	3.4 - (1 Key)
    	You'll want to sprint forward and down the bank, dodging the Raptors
    	and nabbing the Key. Sprint to your right, up the stairs, and run up
    	the steps of the temple. At the very top is 25 Health, but you want the
    	second floor. Go down the stairs in the back and use your Tek Bow on
    	the two Bio-Purlins (each takes 3-5 shots). Now head through the tunnel
    	that opened up.
    	NOTE: If you jump and hold forward when inside a cramped staircase like
    	this, you'll sail down to the bottom.
    	Do that on both staircases and then make a quick leap into the center
    	of the next room to the exit.
    	3.5 <3.1 Revisited/New Path> - (Save Point)
    	You're back in 3.1, which means if you go straight past the warp that
    	just opened up in front of you, you can save again. I'd recommend it.
    	:)  Head to the warp.
    	3.6 <3.1 Revisited/Second Upper Level>
    	Run forward and kill the two Soldiers that drop down; dodge the Purlin
    	with high speed. Keep running forward and dodge all the other enemies,
    	including the Bio-Purlin that's guarding the switch you need to hit.
    	Hide in that hut and wait for the Soldiers to be killed by the Bio-
    	Purlin (if they've chased you), then run around the hut to pick up the
    	Health and leap to the ledge to grab some extra Tek Arrows. Hit the
    	switch and sprint back down the ledge to the gate that opened up to
    	pass through. You may have to kill a few Soldiers still. Anyway, run to
    	the exit.
    	3.7 - (Save Point; First Goal)
    	Sprint forward and dodge everything. You'll run up some stairs soon;
    	jump to the center of the pool, avoiding gunfire from the Campaigner
    	Soldiers, and swim to the bottom and through the tunnel.
    	Once on the other side, run up the bank and knife all three enemies (or
    	maybe just the one in the middle where you're going). Hit the switch,
    	jump to the ledge, and repeat until you reach the end of the series of
    	switches. DO NOT FALL.  :)
    	Once on the other side, run up the bank. Dodge the first trap by
    	straddling the left edge, then get the Health inside. Continue on,
    	dodge another trap and get the Health. Continue, and run up quick to
    	take out the Campaigner Soldier in the corner. Continue, dodge the
    	trap, and grab the items in the alcove (including the Tek Armor and
    	Life Force), then move on. Knife the next Campaigner Soldier that drops
    	down, and hit the switch in the middle of three rocks. Grab the nearby
    	Tek Arrows and keep going. Use three Tek Arrows on the Bio-Purlin.
    	If you fall while jumping across the columns, do yourself a favor and
    	reset.  :)  Just jump straight to the temple in the middle of the area
    	and run to the top for the exit.
    	3.8 - (1 Key; Second Goal)
    	Go forward and into the moat that surrounds the	arena. Swim around here
    	for some Health (that you hopefully shouldn't need at all) and a Tek
    	Armor. Now jump down into the arena and run to the fuzzy cylinder in
    	the center to trigger the Bosses.
    	The first Assault Truck is simple: manuever so that it is doing circles
    	around you and not attacking at all. You'll have to be quick to strafe
    	a bit so that it doesn't bump into you when it tries to straighten out.
    	14 Tek Arrows will do the trick.
    	For the second Truck, you'll have to go near an ammo respawn point at
    	the edge of the arena and run around until you get more Tek Arrows. To
    	do this, strafe around so that the Truck is going in circles like the
    	first one, but also so that you can safely nab the Arrows without
    	getting hurt. Be smart, and don't let it nail you with rockets or its
    	hood. 14 more Tek Arrows, and it's outta commission.  :)
    	Ah, Longhunter. This guy's a pain in the ass. Fight him from very far
    	away so that he's not in your face. His boomerangs are a little tricky
    	to dodge, but all you generally have to do is run in reverse while
    	strafing left or right in a circle, all while pegging him with arrows
    	from a long distance. He'll take a few more than the Trucks, but the
    	trick is to get more ammo - because you'll need it. Try to time your
    	movements so that you can pass over the respawn points as you're
    	running backward. If all else fails, haul ass and pray he doesn't nail
    	you with a boomerang. He should be done fairly quickly if you're
    	accurate with the Bow. If not, just take your time. He's not terribly
    	hard, but he can mess you up good if you're too close.
    	After he's dead, jump to the Key and save in the Hub. Whew!
    Don't worry - you're not going through this one the normal, drawn-out way. The
    approach used here is the most logical, so give it a shot.  :)  You'll be
    exiting the level twice to save in the Hub, which will be mighty convenient and
    much safer than the regular route through this level. The problem here is not
    the length of the level, but the intensity. Expect to take a good amount of
    	Immediately do an about-face and go behind the portal. There will be a
    	Gunner around the corner you'll have to take out with speed and another
    	at the bottom of the cliff to the far right side.
    	Once you've dispatched them, swim to the left, hugging the left wall
    	until you come to an area with a deep pool. Dive.
    	There will be Leapers everywhere, so hack and sprint through the cave,
    	hugging the left wall. Go through the exit.
    	There are Tek Arrows in front of you and a Gunner on your left. Avoid
    	the Arrows for now and knife the Gunner. Then, proceed up the side of
    	the walls. Hit the Gunner at the top of the ladder with a Tek Arrow.
    	See that palm tree before the Checkpoint? Gaze over the side and jump
    	down to the cave. Hit the Gunner with a Tek Arrow and collect the
    	Health. Exit.
    	4.3 <4.2 Revisited/Upper Level>
    	Follow the looong line of Life Force (extra life anyone?), then	jump
    	down. You're back at 4.2 - surprise!  :)  Go back and collect the Tek
    	Arrows, then proceed through the Checkpoint.
    	The next part is pretty dangerous, so watch your step. At the end,
    	you'll climb a ladder. Now climb the vines next to it and hack up
    	everyone on the upper ledge. Toward the end of the ledge, you'll see
    	some yellow Life Force surrounding a Power Cell - turn left and kill
    	the Campaigner Soldier with some Tek Arrows and collect the 34 Life
    	Force. Now hop back down the vines and proceed. You'll have to sprint -
    	jump fast across the narrow logs and quickly knife the Gunner that's
    	perched on top of the ledge before he takes away too much Health.
    	Alternatively, you could snipe him...
    	4.4 <4.1 Revisited/Upper Level> - (1 Key)
    	Round the bend and hack up the Campaigner Soldier. Grab the Key! Now
    	we're going to take the logical method of tackling this level...
    	4.5 <4.1 Revisited/New Beginning/Alternate Path>
    	This time go forward and dodge the Raptor instead of doing the about-
    	face. Go across the wooden bridge it's guarding and use 1 Tek Arrow for
    	each of the 3 Ancients along the way from a distance, as they can
    	really mess your day up if they hit you.
    	Hug the left wall when you see the Dimetredon, but don't take the
    	passage (you'll hear three guys jump down if you did). Just continue
    	along this wall and knife the Ancient near the bottomless pit. Hang a
    	left and proceed down the narrow walkway along the side.
    	Now, you'll come to an area with six "frozen" enemies (all of different
    	species) that looks like a trap in waiting. It is. But it's not.  :)
    	Here's what we're gonna do: run forward past the switch to make them
    	all come to life. Now immediately double-back to the narrow ledge and
    	wait around the corner. If a Leaper comes out to play, knife it. If
    	anything else comes around (which they probably won't), use Tek Arrows.
    	Once you hear the noise stop, run back out. There will probably still
    	be some left, so loop around the area to get them fighting again. The
    	likely survivor will be the Purlin, so take him out with a Tek Arrow
    	(he'll be pretty beaten up by now). Easy, right?  :)  Anyway, press the
    	switch and exit - but don't miss the Life Force!
    	4.6 - (1 Key)
    	Immediately run up the stairs, do an about-face, and sprint outta
    	there, dodging the Beetles. There will be water between you and the
    	Ancient Lord, so strafe-jump across it to the far left or right corner
    	of his side where you can get some Health and some cover. Hide behind
    	the column nearest him and launch a Tek Arrow, dodge, then fire, dodge,
    	then fire, etc. (use three Tek Arrows to kill him). Then do it again to
    	the next Ancient Lord. By the way, there's some Life Force in the
    	Pull out your Knife and sprint around the next room, killing all the
    	Ancients. Beware of the blowgun guys hiding in the corners! Then, run
    	up the steps and nab the Key. Get the hell outta there!
    	4.7 <4.1 Revisited/Alternate Path>
    	You'll be facing lava with Dragonflies (the most annoying enemy EVER).
    	Well, screw that - do an about-face and run. Head right as soon as you
    	can, then backtrack across the wooden bridges, dodge the Raptor, and...
    	4.8 <4.1 Revisited/New Beginning/Alternate Path>
    	Yee-haw!! Confused yet?  :)  Don't worry, it looks much more confusing
    	in print than it is when you're playing!
    	Dodge the Raptor again. There's 10 Health at the end of the wooden
    	bridges in the water, and now's a good time to get it. Head the usual
    	way, hugging the left wall - but when you get to the cliff's edge, hang
    	a right instead of a left.
    	Dodge another Raptor, and hack apart the two Gunners that drop down.
    	Continue on, and take out all three Ancients with your Knife, starting
    	with the blowgunner on the right. See that Ancient Lord on the top of
    	the column? You guessed it - Arrow his ass.  :)  Since you're probably
    	out of Tek Arrows, use about seven regular ones; also, strafe left to
    	right and forward to back to avoid his spells and the respawning
    	Ancient's attacks. Hop up to the Priest's ledge once he's dead to
    	activate the gate - you probably don't need the Full Health. Also,
    	there's four Life Force nearby.
    	Pass through the gate and knife the Gunner that comes running uphill.
    	Veer right as soon as you can. Dodge the Raptor (again!?) and take out
    	the Bio-Purlin with a bunch of normal Arrows (watch out for the
    	Raptor). Once it's dead, the gate will drop, and you can exit.
    	4.9 - (1 Key)
    	There's a maze below you. But, here's a trick: jump ON the wall below
    	you to the right from where you're standing. Then, walk	along that wall
    	and jump to the top of the next wall. Finally, hang a right toward the
    	giant tree. Drop down there, and you'll have to off two	Campaigner
    	Soldiers. Peek out from behind the tree, and target Arrows for the one
    	on the left (use the tree as cover), then knife the one on the right.
    	This will probably hurt.  :)
    	Anyway, enter the tunnel they were guarding. Keep that Map on - we're
    	sprinting.  :)  In the first open room, go straight while dodging all
    	the baddies (there's 25 Health in the first pool that you'll probably
    	need). Run through the next area FAST (nab the five Tek Arrows in the
    	third pool you see), and you'll hear the music change. Another Bio-
    	Purlin is standing in your way. Pull out the Tek Arrows, my friend.
    	Enter the gate once you've done the dirty work.
    	O.K., Knife time and more sprinting.  :)  Kill the three guys that jump
    	down in front of you, then head left and up the stairs. Kill the two
    	Grenadiers, then enter the room with the swinging weights.
    	NOTE: If the swinging weights hit you, you're basically dead. Unless by
    	some miracle you can jump back to the platform, consider this an
    	instant reset - sorry!  :)
    	You're gonna have to time your sprint through the weights carefully
    	enough and fast enough so that you don't die and the two Campaigner
    	Soldiers that drop down in front of the Key don't get enough time to
    	get a shot off. Good news, though: once you get the Key, they
    	disappear. Sweet! Get out of the temple and the maze safely. Exit the
    	way you came in.
    	4.10 <4.1 Revisited/Backtrack> - (Goal)
    	Run back through both gates (you can safely take out Bambi near the
    	cliff now, hehe). There is 25 Health in a dilapidated house that is
    	along the wall on the right (which is now on your LEFT) of the wide-
    	open beginning area, guarded by a Gunner. You'll find it.  :)  Anyway,
    	use the portal, and get the hell outta this level. Save in the Hub.
    This one's a little less stressful than The Ruins. The main source of stress
    here will be the Boss. But the level itself involves a ton of sprinting with a
    few rough spots thrown in just to keep you in check. This time you'll only be
    exiting the level once to save in the Hub.
    	5.1 - (1 Key)
    	From the start, jump off the cliff to the left of the temple's
    	entrance (use the Map). Hug the wall and you'll land by a cave with a
    	Tek Arrow refill in it. Climb back up and enter the temple.
    	At the bottom of the staircases, you'll want to hit the switch on the
    	right after dispatching the Ancient with your Knife. Enter the door and
    	take care of the next Ancient. Move forward some, hit the Ancient Lord
    	with three Tek Arrows, then enter the door that opened up behind you
    	where he was facing.
    	Knife the two blowgun dudes on the staircase (you may be hit, but
    	that's O.K.). Nab the Life Force, too (extra life??). When you enter
    	the next room, head straight and follow the three white Health icons
    	into the next hall. Knife all along the way.
    	You'll come to a Checkpoint with a room with small wooden bridges and
    	swinging axes. All I can say is, you better make it across both of
    	these rooms.  :)  Hit the switch first, then traverse the bridges (get
    	the 25 Health after the first room; take the left path in the second
    	room). At the end will be some Tek Arrows for your accomplishments.
    	Anyway, keep going straight, hacking all the way (Mortal Wounds,
    	anyone?). You'll come to a wide-open room again with a single white
    	Health in front of you. There's a bunch of items along the perimeter
    	you should collect, including some Life Force, and a super-strength
    	Ancient Lord in the middle you should kill. Use about 6-8 Tek Arrows on
    	him and grab the 25 Health he drops. Get the Key in the middle. Score!
    	Enter the other corridor in the room and continue.
    	After a bit of killing and some deadly gear traps, you'll pass a
    	Checkpoint and come to the room where you killed the first Ancient Lord
    	in the level. Now...
    	5.2 <5.1 Revisited/New Beginning/Alternate Path> - (Save Point)
    	Re-enter the beast, but this time, hang a left where you originally hit
    	the first switch in the level (leading to the room with the first
    	Ancient Lord).
    	Knife the blowgun dude and grab the 25 Health on the statue; hang a
    	right. Run down the halls, hacking away. You'll hit a switch soon,
    	which leads to a room packed with Leapers.
    	Sprint across the water, grab the Health and Tek Arrows dead ahead,
    	then turn around, run left, and enter the tiny crawlspace on the floor
    	near the staircase. You'll come to a room with a bunch of Health and a
    	Minigun above a switch (which will be the first weapon you are
    	forced to pick up so far). You know what to do.
    	Once you enter the next hallway, you will be bombarded by Ancients. Go
    	left and haul ass, my friend. When you come to the Y-intersection with
    	the Ancient Lord and two other Ancients, go left, and up the stairs in
    	the next wide-open area (there are two Ancient blowgunners waiting in
    	ambush; knife both quickly). Hug the right wall and sprint. You don't
    	have to snipe the nearby blowgunners, but you DO have to jump through
    	the fire (that's right - if you jump over the fire while sprinting you
    	will receive zero damage even if the fire is coming at you full-force).
    	You'll be able to duck into a room on the right shortly after the
    	series of fire obstacles, so do so. Climb the wall for a Save Point,
    	then hop down the trail of Health to exit. You'll be back here soon. ;)
    	Go forward and hit the switch with the purple Life Force on it. Head
    	left and hit both switches, then take the left path. You'll get some
    	goodies and loop around to the other side of the main room. Take the
    	path on your right.
    	Sprint through this entire tunnel. You'll come to a loop soon on your
    	Map with four switches - hit all four, then continue. You'll run
    	through some tunnels, then you'll hear a Purlin bust through a wall
    	(you can see on your Map where it'll come through - it's a small
    	section). Remember the first time that happened to you? Crapped your
    	pants, right?  :)  Anyway, head through the wall it opened up, dodging
    	its fists, and run straight to pass by an Ancient Lord for a Spiritual
    	Invincibility. Hang a right (from that point) and sprint some more.
    	Instead of going the way the Life Force arrow points near the statue
    	with 25 Health, go left (get the Life Force, though) and hit the
    	You're back in the main room now. Go left and trigger the next switch
    	with purple Life Force. Now we're going to cheat, folks.  ;)
    	From the switch you hit, strafe-jump left to the platform near the
    	bubbling oil with the stockpile of Health (basically, right below the
    	first switch you hit in this room). Now, jump on the first two pillars
    	that have risen up while looking down to time your jumps correctly.
    	Jump to the switch on your left with purple Life Force. Now they're all
    	raised. Yay!  :)  Return to the warp through which you entered.
    	5.4 <5.2 Revisited/Backtrack> - (Save Point)
    	Climb up the wall and save. Re-enter the warp.
    	5.5 <5.3 Revisited/New Path> - (Save Point)
    	The reason I had you do that was because sometimes these columns can
    	lead to serious problems. Take your best shot and reset if you fall so
    	you don't lose too much Health. There's a Full Health at the top, but
    	you probably won't need it.
    	You'll pass through a Checkpoint and hit a switch near some Life Force.
    	Into the next cave we go! SPRINT!! At the first semi-intersection-type-
    	thingy, go straight. At the next one, go left. In the giant open area,
    	hug the left wall to find the way out. Here's the tough part: you're
    	going to have to knife this next Ancient Lord, somehow, so you can save
    	all 15 Tek Arrows for later (trust me). Kill all the surrounding
    	Ancients, and hack up the Lord while running circles around him. Once
    	he's dead, the door will open, and you will probably have lost a decent
    	amount of Health. Go in, save on the left, then warp.
    	5.6 <5.1 Revisited/New Path> - (1 Key; Save Point; First Goal)
    	Welcome to the jungle! In this area, your main concern are the damn
    	annoying Dragonflies. Knife 'em while running along the wall to the
    	right (the stone one). You'll come to some stairs; go up. Before the
    	Checkpoint, head left to get 25 Health (which you might not need
    	anyway), then pass through the Checkpoint.
    	Go straight for some much-needed Tek Armor, then up the steps for some
    	Health. Before you jump in the water, make sure you know where you're
    	going. See that wall with the Life Force? Climb it. Easier said than
    	done with all these Leapers around, but go ahead. By the way, press
    	jump repeatedly when you're trying to climb this beast from the water,
    	or else you'll get nowhere. At the top is a Key, and near it is a
    	switch. Grab the Key and jump to the switch; the water will drain. Jump
    	down and run around, knifing Leapers and collecting Health, then head
    	through the passage that opened up. Grab the Life Force and squeeze
    	through the crawlspace to - duh duh duhhhhhh! - the first Ancient Lord
    	room! Welcome back!  :)
    	Go into the water and swim aaaaaall the way down and out the other side
    	of the tunnel. Save, then exit.
    	5.7 - (1 Key; Second Goal)
    	BOSS: Giant Mantis
    	Run forward to summon the Mantis.
    	Okay, the first part is the hardest. You're going to have to unload all
    	15 Tek Arrows on this thing, or else you'll have to reset (regular
    	Arrows do jack, as does the Knife). Aim carefully. You'll probably get
    	hurt A LOT. Anyway, after you've landed all 15, it'll flash green and
    	start rampaging around the arena, knocking down all four walls.
    	Good news: now the respawning ammo/health depots are open. Load up on
    	Tek Arrows, then run around, collecting four Health per circle (this
    	will probably take a while since it likely hurt you pretty bad). When
    	you're done, turn around, strafing and running backward around the
    	arena a la Longhunter's strategy, and hit the beast continuously. When
    	you need more Tek Arrows, get them.
    	To avoid its attacks, you'll have to keep a pretty good distance and
    	strafe around corners effectively. This may be tricky, but it's the
    	only way to avoid serious injury. If you can't time your strafes right
    	to pass over the ammo/health depots, as with Longhunter, turn around
    	and run forward to the depot, praying the Mantis doesn't get too close.
    	It will flash magenta after one half of its energy is drained and red
    	when it's almost dead. Make damn sure you stock up on Tek Arrows and
    	Health before you land the final blow because you can't restock at the
    	depots after you kill it. As I mentioned earlier, though, the hardest
    	part will be the first 15 Tek Arrows. After that, it's not bad at all.
    	When it dies, grab the Key and save in the Hub!
    This level is long and fairly intense. Your hardest challenge will be the next
    one, but here you'll find a fair share of hair-raising moments. Keep your wits
    about you and stay on your toes - it's a long, uphill battle... literally.
    	Run forward and dodge the dinosaurs. Knife the two Grenadiers and the
    	Gunner in the corner on the right; collect the Health. Run and dodge
    	some more dinos and a Purlin. Pass through the Checkpoint and veer
    	right off the side. Jump down to the log sets; knife the Grenadier on
    	the ledge, then jump to the next ledge. Sprint through the next few
    	ledges, collecting the Tek Armor, and dodging all enemies' attacks. Be
    	sure to watch your step! You'll come to a piece of land with a hole in
    	the middle and a Campaigner Soldier that drops down in front of you;
    	run straight and jump between the two palm trees to fall to the next
    	ledge (don't fall in the warp hole!). Use your Map and jump down the
    	ledges to the exit.
    	6.2 - (1 Key; Save Point)
    	Run forward and slash the Grenadier and Gunner. Jump down and get the
    	Life Force at either end of the platform, then kill the Bio-Purlin with
    	Tek Arrows (grab the Life Force nearby - extra life yet?).
    	In the water, swim to the right, weaving around the land masses, and
    	coming up for air occasionally. Move to the right, around the last
    	piece, and you'll discover a tree-elevator-thingy (it's pink on your
    	Map).  :)
    	Go forward along the catwalk, hacking up Ancients and a Gunner along
    	the way (the Gunner is where the line of Health is, so beware). Two
    	Purlins will drop down where the Tek Arrows are. Lure them away from
    	the passage on the left, then head down it by dodging them both. Move
    	forward along the catwalk, take out a Grenadier and Gunner, and you'll
    	come to an area with an Ancient Lord. Kill him with three Tek Arrows,
    	then proceed through the gate that lowers. You'll have to off another
    	Gunner-Grenadier combo, then dodge a swing trap at the top of the
    	NOTE: In order to dodge these traps, move slowly forward, and when you
    	here a "click," run backward at full speed.
    	Once you're in the first "village," go into the first hut on the left
    	and knife the Gunner for some Health. Continue upward, take out the
    	Ancient and Gunner, and head into the third hut on the left (two up
    	from the one you just entered) for some Health. Continue, and you'll
    	pass an Ancient Lord. The hut on your next left has some Life Force, so
    	nab it and keep going up to the Checkpoint. Two Gunners will drop down
    	in front of you and a Grenadier will drop behind you. Knife 'em all. :)
    	Now kill the Grenadier behind the post in the middle of the
    	intersection by the stairs. Take the catwalk by making a right at the
    	You'll have to knife a Campaigner Soldier and two Grenadiers, which
    	will probably take away a good chunk of Health. Three Ancients will
    	then drop down, which are easy to dispose of with some fancy footwork.
    	Now, there will be an Ancient Lord at the top of a crest which you will
    	be forced to run past. Dodge him, grab the 25 Health behind him, and
    	get pelted by the trap head-on while sprinting away. Ouch.  :)  Oh
    	well, it hurts less than the Lord's attacks would have. Keep going.
    	You'll come to a large hut with a Campaigner Soldier in front of it.
    	Dodge his gunfire and him, get the 25 Health behind him, veer around
    	the left corner of the hut, and knife the Gunner there. Sprint through
    	the hut, nab the Key, and go out the other side to where you entered
    	this platform. Dodge the Campaigner Soldier again and head back the way
    	you came.
    	Good news: There's a shortcut back to the Checkpoint area.  :)  Jump
    	over the side of the path you're on when you see a bunch of Ancients
    	swarming below you on platforms. Sprint through this area to the left
    	to find a switch lowering a gate (if you see two Ancient Lords, go the
    	other way!!).  :)  This path will take you back to the Checkpoint. This
    	time, however, go left (pretending you just passed through the
    	An Ancient Lord will drop down; jump over his head and sprint down the
    	stairs. Knife the Gunner, then jump down to the platform and take out
    	the other Gunner behind the post. Now jump up the rocks (I HATE this
    	part...). Again, I would strongly recommend looking down while jumping
    	and waiting until the column you're about to jump to comes to a total
    	stop. At the top, you'll grab some Tek Arrows and meet a Bio-Purlin.
    	Avoid his big ass and jump down the hole.  :)  You don't need what's on
    	the edges. Grab the 12 Health that's laying around at the bottom, and
    	use Tek Arrows to wipe out the Bio-Purlin blocking your way out.
    	At the next intersection, go straight. Two Soldiers drop - knife 'em.
    	The hut on your left has a Gunner with Life Force. Kill and grab.  :)
    	O.K., now we're sprinting again. Dodge the Campaigner Soldier that
    	jumps down, and go right, around the hut and inside, where an Ancient
    	Lord will start firing at you. There's a Save Point, so haul ass to it
    	and save, then re-load your game and run into the warp. Whew! (There's
    	some Health in a nearby hut with an Ancient in it, but it's a little
    	6.3 - (Save Point; 1 Key)
    	Hang a left, knife the Ancient, grab the Health, and sprint through the
    	area, avoiding the Dimetredon. You'll be sprinting along a small ledge,
    	and you'll likely lose a lot of Health along the way. Jump to the first
    	hut's platform you see, and hack up the Ancient outside of it. Grab the
    	25 Health, then proceed inside the hut to kill another Ancient to get
    	some more Health. Get out of the hut area safely and dodge the Purlins.
    	A Campaigner Soldier is waiting below, as is a normal Gunner (kill the
    	Gunner only to save time). Jump to the platform and off the next two
    	Gunners along with the Gunner up on the nearby ledge guarding the
    	Health. In the next area, avoid the two Raptors and the switch, and
    	hang a left. Avoid everyone in the entire village until you come to a
    	bigger hut. Inside is an Ancient Lord guarding a Spritiual
    	Invincibility and some Health. Get everything quickly, then sprint back
    	and hit the switch mentioned earlier. Weave around the three Purlins,
    	grab the Tek Armor, and knife the three Soldiers on the catwalk.
    	You'll have to off some more Soldiers and (try to) dodge a trap. In
    	this next village, take every pathway up and to the right side. If
    	you've done this correctly, you should be interrupted by an Ancient
    	toting a blowgun soon. Kill him, turn right, knife the guy in the hut,
    	grab the Health, and continue up the path behind that hut, killing the
    	enemies along the way. At the next platform, there are Tek Arrows
    	behind the post - grab 'em, and head down the path to take out the
    	Campaigner Soldier. SAVE!
    	Round the corner and kill the Purlin with a few Tek Arrows. Once you
    	get past the gate, jump over to the ledge on your immediate left and
    	run into the cave, hacking the Gunner and grabbing the Life Force.
    	There's a bunch of Leapers, so kill 'em all, and once you're outside,
    	knife the Campaigner Soldier and head right. Grab the Life Force, jump
    	down, grab some more, and nab the Key on the left. Head down the ramp
    	for a Full Health and some more Life Force. Make a big ass jump to the
    	hanging bridge, climb up, grab the Tek Arrows, and knife the Ancient
    	blowgunner dude.  :)  Run along, past the huts to the left, and head
    	back to the Save Point and save again.
    	This time, run along the bridge to the next ledge. Hack up the Ancient
    	and the two Gunners dead ahead, then go to the left and right, killing
    	those Gunners, collecting the Health, and proceeding up the bridge.
    	Head up the right side of the village (jump when you see the Soldiers)
    	and go into the big hut to exit.
    	6.4 - (1 Key; Goal)
    	Run forward right away and hack up the Grenadier. Now, turn on the Map,
    	and hop down to the ledge directly below the Grenadier for a Full
    	Health and some Life Force. Jump to the ledge and knife the Ancient
    	Lord. Use the same strategy you used back in The Catacombs: Get close
    	and run around him so he can't hit you with projectiles, all while
    	repeatedly pressing Z.
    	Go through the gate that dropped. See the Key? O.K., you want to be on
    	the other side of it, facing the next bridge, so that when you walk
    	backward and grab it, and are able to sprint forward to escape the
    	ambush that ensues once you acquire it. You'll probably have to jump
    	over an Ancient Lord's head to get on the bridge, so do so, and sprint
    	down to knife two Gunners near a big hut. Go to the left of the big
    	hut, down the bridge to another big hut, and knife two more Soldiers
    	plus a Campaigner Soldier. Go inside this one, grab the 25 Health (if
    	you need it) and Life Force, then go out the other side, taking out the
    	Gunner and Grenadier. At the next big hut, kill the two Ancients and
    	grab the Tek Arrows and Life Force inside the hut. Go out the other
    	side, kill the Ancient, and snipe the Ancient Lord to the right by the
    	smaller rope bridge with three Tek Arrows, standing where he can't
    	attack you.
    	Cross the bridge he was guarding, and to your left is the Goal! Oh
    	yeah, and watch out for the Bio-Dimedtredon.  :)
    	Save in the Hub, then proceed to the most hellacious level in the game.
    This level is a bastard. Here, you'll be putting all your skills to the test -
    sprinting, close-range combat, long-distance accuracy, platform jumping,
    endurance, patience, navigation, brains, and guts - it's all here, folks, and
    most of the time you'll be using at least four of those skills at once. This is
    where you will learn if you can truly beat this challenge. If you make it out
    of The Lost Land alive and in good Health with nine lives total, you are
    definitely playing the game right by drilling, conserving, and pressing the
    Reset button whenever you die. If not... Godspeed, friend.
    	Run forward and jump to the nearby platform with Life Force (after the
    	Beetles leave).  :)  If you need Tek Arrows, there are some in a cave
    	guarded by a Demon on your left at the bottom. If you're looking for
    	the exit of this area, run off the ledge you're on to the right and
    	enter the tunnel with two tall rocks on either side. Kill the Demons
    	inside or avoid them entirely (the latter is recommended).
    	Book it outside, around the other Demons, to the left of where you see
    	the Bio-Raptor, past the Bio-Dimetredon, over the trap, and around the
    	bend. Knife the Demon and head into the next cave; pass through the
    	Checkpoint and exit.
    	Okay, first of seven tough parts.  :)
    	You're going to have to kill all the Aliens running around here with
    	your Knife (there are three) and take out the ones on platforms from
    	far away with Tek Arrows (again, three). To hack them up, you have to
    	use a similar strategy to knifing Ancient Lords, only much faster. Run
    	around them, always watching where they're turning, while pressing Z.
    	This will take a bit longer, but as long as they keep turning, they
    	will not fire at you. If they use their jetpacks to escape, quickly
    	find where they land and proceed to mess their day up. To kill the ones
    	perched on platforms, stand far enough away so they cannot attack you,
    	and wail a Tek Arrow at them (one shot, one kill). I'd recommend
    	running around the area starting from the left.
    	After they're all dead, it's time for the first of many dreaded
    	platform jumps in this level. Make damn sure you're looking downward
    	while jumping to ensure you're jumping in the right direction and
    	landing properly. Once you've made it to the top, exit.
    	7.3 <7.1 Revisited/Alternate Path>
    	Go forward and kill the Beetles. The gate will lower, and you'll have
    	to hop up a few platforms. There's a Full Health at the top with four
    	Life Force, plus a Demon firing at you. Dodge his projectiles and run
    	up to kill him. Now jump over the edge to the right of the Demon,
    	following the Life Force, and dodging the other Demons' projectiles.
    	Tought part number two.
    	You're going to run through the Checkpoint on your left and completely
    	dodge a Triceratops. It will be firing god knows what at you, and while
    	it does (and while you're dodging it), you're going to sprint up to the
    	far-right edge of the bottomless pit and jump for the vine wall to
    	climb up. It's hard to describe how quickly you could die here, so just
    	don't think about it.  :)  If you fall, restart.
    	At the top of the wall, three Purlins will drop down, one of which is a
    	stationary Bio-Purlin. There are three looong lines of Health to pick
    	up here: one in the alcove to the left of the Bio-Purlin, one to the
    	right (NOT the immediate right - that's got a Flytrap in it), and one
    	directly behind the Bio-Purlin itself. While you're frantically jumping
    	about, the other two Purlins will be chasing you. They can't get in the
    	alcoves, but best believe they'll try to beat your ass as soon as you
    	get out. Escape their fists of rage by jumping over their heads and
    	through the mess. By the way, if you're in alcoves with Flytraps (there
    	are two total), get the hell out.  :)
    	Once you're finished, haul ass for the far-right corner of the wall you
    	climbed up, and take a huge Turok leap to the ledge on the right. Whew!
    	Head right, avoiding the Bio-Dimetredon. See that Demon? Squish! Don't
    	get too close, or you'll join him underneath the rubble. Same goes for
    	the next guy. Don't walk fast here! You can get seriously messed up.
    	O.K., when you round the corner, you'll be faced with two enemies: a
    	Demon Lord and a Bio-Raptor. Run between them and get them fighting at
    	all costs. This way, one will die (it will likely be the Bio-Raptor).
    	Now whip out those Tek Arrows and kill the Demon Lord.
    	Hard part numero tres: extreme platform jumping.  :)  My only advice is
    	get up there alive, or you'll be restarting!
    	All right, if you made it past that without dying, chances are you'll
    	make it to your first Save Point. But who knows?  :)  Anyway, once
    	you're at the top, time to sprint again. Don't bother with the Life
    	Force (unless you're extremely desperate). Avoid the Demons and Demon
    	Lord, and exit.
    	7.4 - (2 Save Points; 1 Key)
    	You're probably panting by now.  :)  No worries! There's a Save	Point
    	to the left of the warp, but you'll have to take a giant leap to get
    	there (much like the one after the Triceratops - strafe while jumping).
    	There will be five Tek Arrows waiting for you. Plus, there's a Bio-
    	Purlin in front of the Save Point... joy. So dodge its fire, save, and
    	re-load the game. Continue to the right of the warp.
    	Jump the chasm and hack up the stationary Demon, then the two bastards
    	running at you. Good. Now run to the left side and grab the Tek Arrows
    	and Life Force while knifing those stupid little Dragonflies.  :)
    	Continue around the left side and climb up the wall around the next
    	bend of the middlepiece with two Flytraps guarding it. Jump over them
    	to climb up. Dodge the Demon Lord and collect the Ultra Health to the
    	right of him. Run back to where you climbed up, jump down, run forward
    	and to the left. Now go right. If you see a Demon, you went the wrong
    	way. If you see a Bio-Dimetredon, dodge it, and continue.  :)
    	If you want 40 extra Life Force, head to the right after dodging the
    	dinosaur along the ledge. Be sure to take out the Dragonflies. If you
    	don't need it, simply turn on your Map and jump to the ledge to the
    	left of where the dino was (it's directly below the odd-looking rock
    	cluster; or, you could just follow the yellow Life Force). Knife the
    	Beetles in the nearby cave for four Life Force, then continue past the
    	Flytrap (it will likely injure you... take the hit).  :)
    	Continue through the Checkpoint to the treetop area (if you'd call it
    	that) and dodge the Demon Lord near the steps. He may hurt you, too.
    	Follow the path, and at the end, head left for a Full Health (dodge the
    	damn Demon Lord), then turn right and sprint in there, taking out the
    	Demon gunners along the way. When you see the Flytrap, head left to the
    	lava area (use your Map).
    	When you're on the platform with the lava, go right instead of going
    	straight through the Checkpoint. Grab the Tek Arrows, THEN go through
    	it.  :)  Hug the left wall, knifing Dragonflies, and you'll come to the
    	worst damn platform jumping part in the whole game - in ANY Turok game,
    	actually. There's 25 Health along the way, too, on the right wall.
    	But before you go jumping, first thing's first: grab the Tek Armor
    	that's further down the	line. Use your Map, round the corner of this
    	platform, and continue straight, jumping across the lava (oww!!). Now
    	go back. Muhahaha...
    	By the way, there is 10 Life Force on the platform on the right before
    	you reach the one that leads to the pillars.
    	Fourth hard part (you knew it was coming): Hellacious platforms.  :)
    	Anyway, now we have to climb. Please, please, please... time your
    	jumps. If you don't, you will fall, and it will hurt. Watch the
    	patterns of the pillars, too, because a lot of them take a bit before
    	they reach Turok's jumping level. Also, if you feel you can't make a
    	jump... you probably can't.  :)
    	Tough part number five. Why so soon!?
    	Once you're on the last pillar, jump left to reach the top. Breathe. :)
    	Congratulations! There are Tek Arrows in front of you, which you
    	shouldn't pick up until you snipe the Demon Lord from afar, across the
    	ravine. He'll be shooting at you, so use the wall as cover. BUT WATCH
    	YOUR STEP!! He'll die after about five shots. Now move forward and nab
    	the Tek Arrows. Jump up the platforms CAREFULLY!
    	Now, see the second batch of Tek Arrows? They're a trap. Pick them up
    	very carefully because there's another Demon Lord around the left
    	corner that you need to dispose of even more carefully than the one
    	before. Use your brains, time your shots, and protect yourself. Climb
    	another pillar carefully (that word was written four times in the last
    	two paragraphs, haha!), then grab the 25 Health before you hit the
    	switch. Face the Full Health on the other side of the ravine, THEN hit
    	the switch. A Bio-Purlin will drop down, so strafe to dodge its shots
    	while firing off Tek Arrows. Remember, it's better to get hit by this
    	guy than to fall off. Try to strafe as much as possible, but don't go
    	too far! After it's dead, pillar-hop some more to get to the ledge.
    	That was ridiculous. Anyway, grab the Key and the Full Health, and for
    	Pete's sake, SAVE! Exit when you've lowered your blood pressure.  :)
    	Short area (whew). Hug the left wall and jump. Kill any Dragonflies in
    	your way. If you've followed that to the T, you'll have collected six
    	Health and should find the exit within plain sight near the cliff. Good
    	news: No more Dragonflies!!  :)
    	7.6 - (Final Key)
    	Final push. Also, the sixth rough spot in this level. Sprinting is key
    	here. By the way... prepare to be hurt.
    	The elevator will take you up to a platform littered with Aliens. Dodge
    	them and their gunfire by strafing and jumping while sprinting (Matrix,
    	anyone?).  :)
    	You'll run up a ramp. Dodge more gunfire from some Bio-Raptors. At the
    	top, grab the Tek Armor (screw the Life Force!) and run forward. The
    	first right you can take, take it, and hit the switch between the two
    	Demons. Now double-back, as fast as you can, to the pillar surrounded
    	by Life Force, and it will be down. Run through the tunnel. If you
    	didn't do that fast enough, you'll have to do it again, but faster. The
    	pillar raises back up if you're not sprinting your hardest.
    	Run up the ramp. You'll have to dodge two more Bio-Raptors, then you'll
    	be out on a catwalk with a Demon Lord staring at you. Not yet, thanks!
    	:)  Turn left on the catwalk for some Tek Arrows, then head straight
    	across (or, from the beginning, right) for some more. Now go dodge that
    	Demon Lord! There's another one right after him, so dodge, and go
    	straight a little more for - duh duh duhhh! - the last Key ever!!
    	Sweet! Grab it and the 40 Life Force around it, then face the Demon
    	Lord and fall off the catwalk to the right. Continue to the right
    	(notice on your Map that your Key is directly above the switch you hit
    	to get up here).
    	Sprint through here, dodging the Demon and the three Bio-Raptors, plus
    	a yellow Robot in the middle of a big room (take the catwalk around to
    	the left/right of the pillar in the middle). In the following hall,
    	there are a crapload of Demons with two Demon Lords waiting for you.
    	Dodge them all, pass through the Checkpoint, and hop into the exit
    	visible on your left. Whew!!
    	Short and sweet. You'll see.  :)
    	7.8 - (Goal)
    	Seventh and final hard part in the level. It consists of ALL of 7.8.
    	Run up and knife the Demon gunners, then take the path and hit the
    	switch at the end (grabbing the Tek Arrows, of course). Sprint around
    	the center, dodging Demons, and go to the center at the top of the ramp
    	with Health. Hug the back wall (where the piece will raise up, allowing
    	you to jump to the middle part with two Robots). Do a strafe-jump to
    	the middle, grab the Ultra Health (YES!!) in between the Robots, and
    	jump off the platform, heading right and across the bridge.
    	You'll see a Demon and a Checkpoint. Go around the former and through
    	the latter.  :)  Sprint forward (the Turrets will likely hit you) and
    	up the ramp. At the top will be some falling platforms that form a
    	Once you've walked up to where the Grenade Launcher is, be prepared to
    	sprint again through a hoard of Aliens. Go directly forward. You'll
    	pass more Turrets and see an Alien in between two waterfalls. Jump over
    	it, onto the platform below, and hit the switch while dodging gunfire.
    	The column will lower and lead you to the Goal. Just dodge the yellow
    	Robot, and you're home free!
    	Save at the Hub, then take a deep breath. Here comes the last level!
    If you've made it this far and have nine lives, you're probably going to win.
    That's the good news. The bad news is, there are some very, very intense
    sections in this level that will heed quite a few drills to get through with
    as little damage as possible. Also, the T-Rex at the end is the toughest Boss
    you'll have to face. My last piece of advice is... you got this. So get through
    it alive.
    	Welcome to the end.  :)  Go forward, and once you see the Triceratops,
    	sprint along the right side of the area, NOT falling into the pits.
    	When you see the wall with all the Turrets firing at you, sprint left,
    	following the wall, to a cave guarded by a Robot. Dodge that bastard
    	and enter.
    	Now for the maze. There'll be a couple of Bots along the way, which can
    	be taken out with the Knife if you feel sprinting is illogical. Just do
    	so at a safe distance. Take the first left and grab the Health. From
    	there, go straight, and when the tunnel splits, sprint right. At the
    	upcoming intersection, make a left. You're going to make another left,
    	but CAREFULLY, because you have to use three Tek Arrows to take out the
    	Pulse Bot around the corner guarding the ladder. When it's been
    	dispatched, climb up.
    	Take out the three Bots in the upper room SAFELY for some Health.
    	Sprint the next hallway, and hang a right when it splits. You'll be
    	dodging a lot of Bots, including some Pulse Bots. When you get to the
    	wide-open room with the red Robot staring you in the face, hang a quick
    	left through the hallway. When you come to the next room with the
    	Aliens, hang a right and head through the hallway that one is guarding
    	(there's some Health in the corners of this room that you should
    	seriously consider picking up). In the next big room, hang another
    	right, dodging the red and then the yellow Robot, into that hallway,
    	and take the elevator up the shaft. Round the corner and hop into the
    	exit (whew).
    	8.2 - (Save Point)
    	This next part hurts. Once you approach the door, it will split, and
    	you'll see an enemy. Use the wall as cover and nail the first Pulse Bot
    	with three Tek Arrows. For the next three enemies (Alien, Pulse Bot,
    	Alien), dodge as quick as you can. You'll likely lose around 20 Health.
    	After that, you'll come to a cave area. Save on your left, then go the
    	opposite way, dodging the Alien and dropping down the elevator shaft
    	(that's a hell of a fall!!).
    	So, now you're gonna deal with some Leapers. They're pretty tough to
    	avoid in this situation, so hack 'em all up, including the big red one.
    	Go left at the intersection to get some Tek Arrows and strafe-jump one
    	time to the platform with two Bio-Purlins and another time to the
    	smaller platform with the switch. There is 50 Health here just in case
    	you need it.  :)  There's also some Life Force below the two Bio-
    	Purlins. The switch is timed, so as soon as you hit it, sprint back and
    	go the other way at the intersection (from where you are, straight). Go
    	forward, instead of into the warp, and drop down the trap that opens up
    	to continue (10 Life Force here, if you need it).
    	O.K., now you'll have to do the very same thing you did to jump to the
    	switch, but this time, there is no switch, and a Bio-Purlin is in VERY
    	close quarters with you on the platform. Time it right, and you should
    	be safe. But don't stop! Keep sprinting to the left of the Alien while
    	trying to dodge its bullets. And again, jump the lava (this time, the
    	Alien will probably shoot you) and dodge; make an immediate left around
    	the corner. There are two more Aliens here; dodge them and sprint
    	forward to a big room. Collect the Tek Armor in front of you and
    	continue forward to dodge another Alien, but quickly go to the left/
    	right once you're through the door so you're safe on the small catwalk.
    	I'd recommend hopping the platforms to collect some goodies, THEN
    	falling to the platform with the Tek Arrows and Health, but if you
    	fall, just follow the Map's indications of platforms on the lava which
    	lead to the elevator, and collect just the Tek Arrows and Health.
    	Continue through the next door.
    	You'll have to jump the next trap. Now you'll be confronted by numerous
    	Leapers that are much easier to dodge, so head relatively straight and
    	you'll pass a Checkpoint. Don't stop sprinting! Dodge the Bio-Purlin
    	and head right past another three (you'll have to do a strafe-jump to
    	get across the small gap in the road) and a final one guarding the
    	passage out of the cave. Once you pass it, sprint straight ahead.
    	You'll have to dodge another trap while hugging the right wall to avoid
    	the lava, and then a second and third trap (the second one is instant
    	When you're through with that, you'll be in another large room. Head to
    	your immediate left/right along the side for some Tek Arrows (hint: get
    	them AFTER this next fight). Jump to the skinny platform that leads to
    	another one, which will lead you to the center area. Once you trigger
    	the two Bio-Purlins to rise up, hop back onto the tiny platform you
    	were just on. The two Bio-Purlins should come within Knife range, but
    	will not be able to hit you no matter how hard they attack. So, fire 10
    	Tek Arrows at them to weaken them, then use your Knife to finish the
    	job. If you're having too much trouble, fire off all your Tek Arrows.
    	Once they're dead, hop back for the 10 Tek Arrows, and move on. After
    	leaving this room, you'll receive a Full Health and some Life Force
    	(if you need it).
    	Knife the next three Bots, but dodge the Pulse Bot, and sprint forward,
    	collecting the Tek Arrows and hopping into the exit.
    	8.3 - (Save Point)
    	Head forward and hang a right where the first Pulse Bot is. Then, take
    	your first right past the next Pulse Bot and drop down the elevator
    	shaft (weeee!!).  :)
    	At the next intersection (with another Pulse Bot) head left. Dodge the
    	other Bot and go into the next room, facing left. Put Tek Arrows in
    	both of the Aliens guarding the Save Point and save. Drop down the
    	ladder. You probably want that Full Health now, don't you?  :)
    	This part's cramped. Don't round any corners in these halls - just go
    	straight, but sprint. There will be a pack of Bots that'll mess your
    	day up, but dodge them with as little damage as possible. When you come
    	to the wide-open sewer area, go straight, avoiding the Crab, of course.
    	There will be three Bots in this long, spiraling hall that you should
    	dispatch with your Knife. When you come to the catwalk, take an
    	immediate left for Tek Armor, then up the plank for more Tek Armor.
    	Continue, and you'll come to a wide-open sewer area, BUT you're on the
    	catwalk, safe from the enemies below. Run around the entire catwalk,
    	avoiding the other hallway you can take to collect some serious	Health.
    	Now double-back the way you came to the first sewer area (you will have
    	two Bots that respawned, so be careful).
    	Hang a right in the sewer and dodge the Crabs. Once out of the water,
    	watch your Map. The first left you can take is a little alcove with a
    	Pulse Bot guarding some Tek Armor. Use three Tek Arrows to take it out,
    	and nab the Armor! Continue, and take out the Bots that come down the
    	hall. Use another three Tek Arrows on the Pulse Bot blocking hallway's
    	exit here, then hang a left and jump down, following the trail of Life
    	Force. Remember this room? Don't jump off! Collect the Ultra Health and
    	40 Life Force and head to the exit. You should (hopefully) have 60+
    	Armor and a whole bunch of Health now!  :)
    	8.4 - (Save Point)
    	Pass through the Checkpoint, dodge the trap, and avoid the lasers by
    	walking close, then backing away once they're triggered, and sprinting
    	through once they're down.
    	The next part is platform jumping, which is nothing compared to The
    	Lost Land. At the end, you'll have to sprint through the room,
    	collecting the 25 Health, if you need it, then continue sprinting
    	straight. You can try to jump the trap for an Ultra Health and 40 Life
    	Force, but I highly doubt you'll make it.  :)  If you do, though,
    	Continue down the hall. Dodge the Alien's gunfire (kinda hard...) and
    	jump up the gravity pull thingy.  :)  In the next room, go left,
    	dodging another Alien and Robot, and up another gravity pull. Follow
    	the left wall around, up two more pulls, and save near the fourth pull.
    	Then, go up it.
    	There'll be some more lasers - dodge those. Kill the Alien around the
    	bend with a Tek Arrow. Now, you're probably pretty damn low on Tek
    	Arrows, righ? Well, there's five to the left of the red Robot in the
    	next room, along with an Alien guarding them - but guess what? Too
    	risky.  :)  Instead, sprint straight behind the Robot (a well-timed
    	jump, and you'll leap right over it!) and through the door while being
    	pummeled, and dodge the Pulse Bot. Hang a right where it's standing.
    	Now the tricky part. Keep sprinting. Go straight toward the hall with
    	the next Pulse Bot (ouch), but REMEMBER THE OTHER HALL IS THERE.  :)
    	Round the bend to the left, dodging some other Bots. Hang a right where
    	the Pulse Bot is (another ouch), grab the Tek Armor at the end of that
    	hall, and backtrack to go down the OTHER HALL. Navigate through the
    	path, NOT stopping in the little rooms connected. The directions
    	through this part are: straight (from the hall's entrance), round the
    	wall to the left, take the second right, round the bend, and hang a
    	right. Whew.  :)
    	You should now be in a room with many small columns. Hug the left wall,
    	while sprinting, and you'll come to a hall on the opposite side of the
    	room. STOP! Dodge the laser trap carefully and peg the Alien on the
    	other side with a Tek Arrow. Follow the gravity pull to the top hall.
    	Wait for some Bots to charge up the hill to you so you can knife them
    	safely. Then... SPRINT AND JUMP!! Pass through the Checkpoint and keep
    	hauling ass!!
    	Once you've made it out of that tunnel, you'll dodge a Pulse Bot.
    	Sprint through the big room to the middle, collect the Ultra Health,
    	then book it left and out through the door. Nail the next Alien with a
    	Tek Arrow, then go up the next gravity pull to the left.
    	Pass through the Checkpoint - you're almost there!! This next area's
    	tight, so watch the hell out. Remember, you can jump over these guys -
    	there's three - so be safe. Forget the Health and hang a left, dodge
    	another Alien, then sprint AROUND the center of the room, heading
    	straight and up the elevator. Congrats! No more stage enemies for the
    	rest of the game!!  :)
    	Run down the next hallway and gather your nerves. The next Boss is the
    	toughest you'll have to face, but it can be defeated without losing
    	loads of Health... IF you use the correct strategy.  :)
    	8.5 - (First Goal)
    	BOSS: T-Rex
    	O.K., you need Tek Arrows.  :)
    	Run up and around the catwalk on the perimeter of the arena. There are
    	three ammo depots here, so you'll be at full stock by the time you're
    	off the catwalk.
    	With that in mind, you'll be visiting the depots a lot.  :)  You will
    	use around 120 Tek Arrows total during this fight, which means about
    	eight or nine runs up the catwalk. In other words, you'll be fighting
    	this beast for a while.
    	Speaking of the beast, you'll have to continuously dodge its attacks,
    	even while sprinting along the catwalk. When you're fighting it head-
    	on, you must perpetually strafe AND run forward or backward to avoid
    	its many attacks, all while launching Tek Arrows at it. It's hard to
    	do, but if you pay attention to what is going on, you'll be relatively
    	safe. By the way, the T-Rex gets faster as its health dwindles away, so
    	exercise extreme caution. The only difficult part will be leaping off
    	the catwalk and diving into battle again because the T-Rex will be
    	right near the edge of the arena. Lure it out CAREFULLY from the edge
    	so that you can do full strafe circles around it again, then commence
    	your attack.
    	Whatever you do, don't give up. If you die, that's O.K., because you
    	hopefully still have nine lives. If you die twice... you're definitely
    	not strafing effectively. Just try not to lose any more than three or
    	four lives, I'd say, max - just to be safe. It's a hard fight, but the
    	T-Rex can be beaten losing no Health whatsoever... it will, however,
    	deplete almost all of your Armor.  :)
    	BIG, BIG NOTE: Before you land the final blow, REFILL YOUR TEK ARROWS!!
    	8.6 - (Final Save Point)
    	Save. There is 100 Health here if you need it.  :)
    	Now run down the corridor (you'll get a Tek Armor here). Take a deep,
    	deep breath, and exit. Quite literally, if you've come this far, this
    	last Boss should be a breeze.
    	8.7 - (Final Goal)
    	BOSS: Campaigner
    	You'll be surprised to learn that the last Boss is the easiest of all.
    	He's still a bit tricky, but compared to the other three, he's cake.
    	He's fast at first, so that's bad. What you'll want to do is fight him
    	at close range with Tek Arrows while facing him. Only run away to the
    	ammo depots when you're out of Tek Arrows (they can be found all around
    	the arena - no shortage here).
    	Just keep pegging him, and you'll make it out alive. He shouldn't be
    	able to kill you, the mighty Turok!  :)  Plus, he starts limping after
    	a while (pathetic!) even though he increases his long-range projectile
    	attacks. Fight strong, and kill him warrior style - without guns!!
    If you want to check out an absolutely amazing speedrun inspired by this guide,
    completed on HARD (!), visit the following playlist, courtesy of EvilGames:
    Be sure to lift your jaw off the floor.  :)
    This is probably the most difficult challenge to try with Turok, except for a
    Knife-only challenge, which would be far too tedious to be enjoyable.  :)  I
    hope you found this experience liberating and fun - I give you tremendous
    credit for sticking with it and beating this classic game using its most
    primal weapons.
    I'm positive you could beat other Turok games using the same parameters, and I
    hope people write guides for them in the future.
    - David Dienstbier for making such an awesome franchise.
    - GameFAQs.com for hosting this FAQ.
    - CJayC for making this all possible.
    - Dave for cracking me up in the apartment while I'm writing.
    Other Guides by Me:
    * Liberty City Minute/Lowest Percentage Guide (Grand Theft Auto IV)
    Please feel free to contact me directly at www.BenHeins.com!

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